Zimpli Kids Gelli Worlds Fantasy Pack Review

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*This is a collaborative post – for more details, see my Disclosure Page  Our little one has just gone 3 and her favourite games at the moment have a heavy dose of role playing. There is nothing that she likes better than getting her dolls and toys together and taking them on an adventure. They all have names and they all have their own roles to play in my little one’s imagination. So when we were approached by Zimpli we were delighted when they asked us to do a Zimpli Kids Gelli Worlds Fantasy Pack review!

#AD – gifted – We received this set of Zimpli Kids Products to review and sample. All opinions are our own

Zimpli Kids Gelli Worlds Fantasy Pack Review

Zimpli Kids Gelli Worlds Fantasy Pack Review

It is not the first Zimpli product that Elizabeth has tried, just before Christmas we reviewed their SnoBall Play product, and we even got to make an indoor snowman!

Zimpli Kids is an innovative brand that make messy, sensory and educational products for both indoor and outdoor play. They make

  • Gelli Baff and Slime Baff for bath times,
  • SnoBall Play for making snow indoors and outdoors,
  • and even have a Slime Blaster Gun for messy fun play.

Zimpli Kids Gelli Worlds Fantasy Pack

One of their latest products, however, is the Gelli Worlds range. This comes in 2 varieties, a dinosaur edition and a fantasy pack. We were very kindly gifted the fantasy pack to review. As soon as I saw the product, I knew that it was exactly the kind of thing that Elizabeth would love!

Zimpli Kids Gelli Worlds Fantasy Pack

What’s in the pack?

Inside the pack you find everything you need to make your own miniature Zimpli Kids Gelli Worlds adventure.

  • a blow up inflatable tray
  • 8 fantasy toy pieces (including unicorns, fairies and a toadstool)
  • 5 bags of Gelli powder, meaning that the kit lasts at least 5 uses.

Zimpli Kids Gelli Worlds is skin safe, non irritant, non toxic, drain safe and non staining. Which is perfect when you add a toddler into the mix.

Elizabeth loves to pour, so I inflated the tray (which was really easy even without a pump) and let her pour the required amount of warm water. You can add more water to make for a watery mix, but we stuck to the detailed instructions given.

Zimpli Kids Gelli Worlds Fantasy Pack - pouring water into tray

Then we added the Gelli powder. And the fun began.

Zimpli Kids Gelli Worlds Fantasy Pack - powder added

The first thing that Elizabeth loved watching was as the powder turned the water pink, then started to turn to Gelli. She loved the texture, rubbing her hands through the mixture as it changed and thickened.

Zimpli Kids Gelli Worlds Fantasy Pack - texture play

Zimpli Kids Gelli Worlds Fantasy Pack - feeling the texture changes

The 8 fantasy toys was even forgotten about for a while, as the sensations of playing with the Gelli took over. But then the toys were added, and the fairies and unicorns had a little adventure wading through the tray.

Zimpli Kids Gelli Worlds Fantasy Pack - fantasy play

Finally, as the heroes had won the day, Elizabeth turned her focus back to the sensations of playing with the Gelli. The jug that we had used for the water was filled with the pink gel, and then it was poured back into the tray.

Zimpli Kids Gelli Worlds Fantasy Pack - gel and jug play

Cleaning up.

When play came to an end, clean up was pretty easy. The majority of the gel was amazingly still in the tray. This flushed away easily down the toilet. It left no residue or marks. The tray was also easily washed out with warm water, and more warm water was used to wipe down the table top. The Gelli dissolves really well in warmer water. So I found using a tea towel soaked in really warm water got rid of any residue easily. Then all I needed to do was dry the area. No stains or marks left.

The other great thing is that all the kit can be used at least another 4 times. To be honest, the inflatable tray will probably get a lot more use in our house. It is a great size for all kinds of play.

Our Verdict overall?

We loved the Zimpli Kids Gelli Worlds Fantasy Pack. Play lasted a lot longer than I expected, and E really enjoyed the feel of the Gelli. The pack is great value when you see that you get 5 separate sachets of Gelli powder. We will use it again when Elizabeth has her cousin or a friend over to play. And it is a light and small package, perfect for sending as a small parcel if posting or giving as a gift.

Why not check out the Zimpli Kids Website to get your own now? The RRP of the Zimpli Kids Gelli Worlds is £14.99 at present, prices for other products start at just £2.99.

See our review of more Zimpli products here

Disclaimer: As stated above, we were gifted the product by Zimpli Kids, this is a collaborative post, but all are views are our own.

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Zimpli Kids Gelli Worlds Fantasy Pack Review

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27 Replies to “Zimpli Kids Gelli Worlds Fantasy Pack Review”

  1. Tracey Bowden says:

    My niece’s would absolutely love this! They love to play with this kind of thing and this one looks like a great set! #pocolo

    1. Jo Boyne says:

      I think that it is an excellent price for the set. And as I said, I think the tray will get much more use over time…

    1. Jo Boyne says:

      I think that so many little girls love unicorns right now. It’s a lovely theme.

  2. Morgan Prince says:

    This is something LP used to love. He’s “too old” (his words) for that stuff now though. 🙁
    Thanks for sharing with #pocolo

    1. Jo Boyne says:

      Aww. I’m sure there is lots of cool stuff that he is now into! Thank you for reading.

  3. Sam says:

    My boys love this stuff, anything messy and feels yuk is a hit X #triumphanttales

  4. Sheila Yale says:

    My GrandLovies love to play with slime and playdough. This would be perfect and the cleanup sounds easy. Bravo! #KCACOLS

  5. Lana says:

    This is so cool! I think my boys would love this. They are in the “slime” phase right now, so I know this would be right up their alley. I love that it isn’t just a one time use thing. It is great that they give you 5 packets! Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time!

    1. Jo Boyne says:

      Yes, it will get so much more use. And even after the 5 packets are used I can see the tray being used for other things. Thank you for reading.

  6. Jaki says:

    We had some slime stuff from this company a couple of years ago and the little man loved it – I will never understand the obsession!! Kids hey?! Thanks so much for joining in with #TriumphantTales – make sure you come back next week for our special announcement!

  7. Jenna - NorthernBird84 says:

    I love this! What a great sensory toy and you can see she’s really enjoying playing with it. That inflatable tray is great and would be good for water play and making bubbles. Do they sell additional packs of the Gelli so you can use it more than 5 times? #KCACOLS
    Jenna – NorthernBird84 recently posted…Pause for Mind Box Review – Pom PowerMy Profile

    1. Jo Boyne says:

      They sell other gel products as well as slime and snow, so the tray definitely could be reused for those!

  8. Peachy & Clementine says:

    My toddler would absolutely love that too. Anything that she can get her hands into that’s squishy is a hit with her. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time

    1. Jo Boyne says:

      This was a total hit with the squidginess factor. Thank you for reading.

  9. Crummy Mummy says:

    I’m always slightly suspicious of things like this as we have cream carpets and no garden! Well, they were cream…once! #KCACOLS

    1. Jo Boyne says:

      We too have cream-no-more carpets in our living room. We played with this in the dining room because there are wooden floors there! Thank you.


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