Wonderbly “Where Are You?” Book – Our Review

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My little girl loves a good search-and-find book. We have several ‘Wally’ books, and she spends an age looking for all the tiniest details. So imagine her delight when we were sent a book where SHE was the star, and the main thing she was searching for in each page was herself! Well, this week we got to do exactly that with the Wonderbly “Where Are You?” Book. Read on to find out what we thought, plus how you can win one for yourself!

#AD – gifted – We received a Wonderbly ” Where Are You?” book to review for this post.

Wonderbly “Where Are You?” Book – Our Review And Giveaway!

Wonderbly "Where Are You?" Book - we were sent this search and find book from Wonderbly to read and review. See what we thought, and win one for yourself!

You may not be a stranger to Wonderbly. They produce a large range of personalised books for children of all ages. All of their books make your child the star of the story. Which is a great way to inspire self belief, and promote a love of reading. 

The books themselves have themes and adventures centred around friendship and kindness. And they help your child learn important social skills whilst stimulating their imaginations.

The Wonderbly website is easy to navigate, and guides you through the books that are the most relevant to your child’s age.

I chose the ‘Where Are You?’ book as I Ioved the central concept of a child discovering that they can be whoever they want to be when they get older. And it is easy to personalise a book to your own child.


Personalising Your  Book


You can pick from 6 different avatars to choose the avatar that matches your child the closest. 

One of my favourite details when choosing the personalisation in the book was the chance to write a short dedication at the start to my little girl. Although Wonderbly do provide some lovely inspiring words, you can edit these to make it so much more fitting for your own child. Which is such a lovely touch. 

After ordering, Wonderbly give you a chance to ensure you have everything exactly right before they print. And then it was a fast turnaround before the book came through our letter box. 


Our ‘Where Are You?’ Book


Elizabeth reading her Wonderbly book


Elizabeth was delighted when she saw her name on the cover of. And she recognised herself in the avatar straight away.

Within the story she loved seeing herself transformed into

  • an interplanetary vet
  • an intrepid archeologist
  • a spooky ghost-hunter 
  • a fabulous chef and 
  • the most brilliant scientist ever.

but her favourite part of the book was the universe in which she became a intergalactic rock star!


So Much More To Spot


Lots to spot in the book


Although the main onus is on finding yourself in each page, Elizabeth also loved the extra challenges. At the end of the book there are quizzes with even more things to find and count on each page. You could spend ages finding everything. 

From my point of view I loved spotting all the little ‘easter eggs’ that parents would get, but may escape the child for now. As a bit of a geek, all the sci-fi references in the scientist page particularly made me chuckle.

We loved the story. And there are hours of fun to be had between the pages. I can honestly say that I think it is the perfect gift idea for any child.


Fancy Winning One of These Books For Yourself?


Read on as you have a chance of winning a personalised book for yourself or your favourite little one!  


It’s Time For A Giveaway!

The lovely people at Wonderbly have offered one of my readers the chance to win a book like the one featured above! Except yours will be personalised just how you want it! To be in with a chance to win, you enter using the form below – and good luck!

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The competition is open to entrants from the UK only. The winner will be chosen at random after the competition closes – but see the full t&cs below.

Terms and Conditions of Giveaway
  • Giveaway ends at midnight on 19th May 2020 (00:00 on 20th May 2020)
  • There is one prize – which consists of a personalised copy of the Wonderbly “Where Are You?” book worth £21.99
  • The prize is non-transferable and no cash alternative is offered.  
  • This giveaway is limited to UK entrants aged 18 or over. If you enter from out of the UK, your entry will be deleted.
  • By providing your information, you are providing your information to me and me alone. I do not share or sell information. I will use any information only for the purpose of contacting the Winner and will send the winners details to Wonderbly, so that they can send the winning prize.   
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Disclaimer: I received this Wonderbly “Where Are You?” Book for the purposes of this review. But all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Wonderbly "Where Are You?" Book - we were sent this search and find book from Wonderbly to read and review. See what we thought, and win one for yourself!

132 Replies to “Wonderbly “Where Are You?” Book – Our Review”

    1. Rachel says:

      As science was my favourite subject at school, I just found it so interesting. Wanted to make use of the knowledge, understanding and interest in science. Also wanted to help people, having been brought up with a culture / philosophy of caring. So chose to enter nursing.

  1. Susan Smith says:

    I always wanted to be a hairdresser, but i grew out of that idea, when i entered high school, i then thought because im interested in history i thought about becoming an archaeologist, results of exams put that idea out of the window, so i joined the forces instead

    1. Kelly Y says:

      I wanted to be a forensic scientist growing up… watching too much X files

    1. John Taggart says:

      I wanted to be an archaeologist I got my degree and started work, after The first day I realised my career was in ‘ruins’

    2. Amber Spilsbury says:

      I always wanted to be a vet when I was a kid, until I realised it was more that just cute puppies now I’m an accountant ‍♀️

  2. Chris Andrews says:

    What did you want to be when you grew up? . . . a teacher, and l became one too

    1. Jessica Welsh says:

      I dreamed of becomming a clown… but at the same time was immensely scared of all things circus related – I even had a recurring nightmare about Dumbo and the circus mice… Think I was mainly drawn in by the fact that I thought clowns only ate candyfloss… Childhood is such a simple time!

  3. Sadie Maskery says:

    I wanted to be a deep space archaeologist, studying the remains of ancient civilizations in other galaxies. Still do.

  4. Katie says:

    I wanted to be anything but a teacher (both parents were teachers…)

    1. Holly King says:

      I wanted to be an air hostess from a very early age and my dream came true x

  5. fiona waterworth says:

    I wanted to work as a vet, but when I got older I found I could not stand the sight of blood

  6. Victoria Jardine says:

    I wanted to be a teacher, but life didn’t work out like that (and given how the last few weeks of home-schooling have been, that’s probably a good thing!)

  7. Rebecca Sutton says:

    I always wanted to be a checkout girl, as i wanted to play on a till all day

  8. Sophie G. says:

    I always wanted to be an actress to be able to be many people and having many jobs lol
    I have put this dream aside for few years as life has hit hard on me, but when I turned 40, I’ve decided that I might never be a famous and fulfilled actress but at least I can try to do some acting and I am still trying with going to castings and saving money to do some evening acting class. Like Walt Disney said: If you can dream it, you can do it… I guess, we are forgetting that there are different ways to touch our dreams 🙂

  9. Ruth Harwood says:

    I was a weird child – from the age of 13 I wanted to be a clinical psychologist! Before that, I wanted to teach xx

  10. Globetrotter says:

    When I was a child, I always said I’d be a teacher. I’ve had a few different careers, and many jobs, but never teaching!

  11. Fiona jk42 says:

    I wanted to be an archaeologist. I still wish I had pursued that as a career as it is still a subject I’m very interested in. I was talked out of it at school as not being practical and having poor job prospects. I ended going into IT and then finance, neither of which I had a passion for. However, I did meet my husband when studying Computing at uni, so it wasn’t a complete waste!

  12. Claire Murden says:

    When i was very young i had a choice of 3, either a painter, a rock climber or a horse rider. Im none of the above, but still love them all. Well i love horsea, but could never afford to be a rider unfortunately.

  13. Natalie Burgess says:

    A Vet…it didnt happen im a carer but still love my job! Xx

  14. Louise N says:

    I wanted to be a vet growing up. Didn’t happen but I am now training to be a surveyor and love it!

  15. Michelle Smith says:

    I wanted to be a secretary when I was growing up

  16. Dale Dow says:

    I wanted to be a lawyer, I actually read legal books for fun as a teen (oh what a sheltered life lol) I ended up in banking then IT

  17. Sian Buckingham says:

    I always wanted to be a vet when I was little!

  18. Corinne Peat says:

    I really wanted to work on a beach abroad when I was younger and when I was 18 I did just that for two years.

  19. Sally Collingwood says:

    I wanted to be a vet and had my heart set on it, then my mother made me leave school and get a job at 16, so that went out of the window.

  20. Jade Brailsford says:

    I always wanted to be an archaeologist, specialising in ancient Egypt.

  21. melanie stirling says:

    I always wanted to be a librarian. I was head librarian at school but never went on to be one. I still wouldn’t mind doing that now.

  22. Alexa Schoolar says:

    I wanted to be an artist. Even now, I’m attracted to illustrations on bookcovers, anything arty etc

  23. Chloe Billington says:

    I wanted to be a teacher, I even went to university to train to teach but decided against it after I got my degree. I’m not about to open my own photography business!

  24. Lucinda P says:

    When I was little I wanted to run a cafe, I loved to throw tea parties for my teddy bears

  25. Susan Willshee says:

    I love the idea of this book, it’s such a great idea to get children focused on a book rather than a screen for a change.
    When I was little I wanted to be a teacher. I didn’t grow up to become a teacher because there was no way my mum would have been able to afford university for me, but I did become a trainer in the organisation I worked for, so I almost made my wish come true.

  26. Rebecca King says:

    I always wanted to be a nurse and had a group interview for University but nerves got the better of me and i didnt go through with the interview. This is something I’ve always regretted so i will always encourage my children to follow their dreams….

    1. Rosaleen Marmion says:

      I wanted to be a vet, for a long time too until people told me the bad sides to it. I wish I didn’t listen and followed my dream. I’ll tell my little girl she can do anything!

  27. Alana Walker says:

    A few different things! Journalist, gymnast, equestrian to name but a few!

  28. j Matcham says:

    I always wanted to be a nurse but I had learning difficulties in the form of dyslexia and dyspraxia. I was always called stupid and thick and laughed at when I said I was going to uni even by teachers. When I had my first daughter who also had these problems I did everything to encourage her and I realised the best way was to be a role model so I went to college then on to uni. I got a first-class double honours degree. Now I teach and I encourage young people to go after whatever they want. If I can do it so can they


  29. Lisa D says:

    I wanted to be a vet as i had such a love for animals growing up with so many pets.

  30. Emma Walters says:

    a vet! realised how rubbish the pay was for the amount of training and spent 20 years as a vet nurse instead – so much more fun!

  31. Carol says:

    I think personalized books are fabulous for kids. I had one made for my niece some years ago. She loved it. #MMBC

  32. katrina walsh says:

    I wanted to be a vet – no idea how I thought that would be possible as ive only got to cut my finger and I feel faint.

  33. vanessa furze says:

    I always wanted to be a school teacher, as I seemed to be a very bossy child (or so my mum told me)

  34. Tracy Burns says:

    I’d have loved to be a vet but realised I couldn’t stand blood, and would be upset seeing injured animals, so I thought I would work in a bank (weirdly) – I didn’t but had a much more varied career journey, started in a newspaper, then office based, now in my own workshop!

  35. Elisha daniels says:

    I wanted to be an actress but it turned out I had stage fright

  36. Emma England says:

    I always wanted to be a paramedic. I don’t Cope well with blood I later found out.

  37. Helen says:

    I wanted to be a teacher, then a vet, then a journalist. I didn’t end up being any of those!

      1. Paul Meulen says:

        A musician. I did it, toured all over and now I’m retired.

  38. Laura Green says:

    i always used to imagine myself as just a career business woman, but no idea what I was working in! haha!

  39. Simon Knuckey says:

    I wanted to be the KING OF ENGLAND when I was young, I thought what a job this would be

  40. Karen R says:

    I wanted to be a hippy – because they didn’t do any work!

  41. A MACDONALD says:

    A journalist, after I realised that I was too squeamish to be a vet!

  42. Heli L says:

    I remember wanting to be a ninja when I was younger or a child minder like my mum

  43. Pauline Burroughs says:

    I wanted to be a concert pianist unfortunately I never learnt to play the piano

  44. Gill Mitchell says:

    I wanted to be a teacher. Part of me really regrets not doing it as it would be great to work term time only now I have kids!

  45. Marie Rungapadiachy says:

    I wanted to be both a Cartoonist and a Solicitor when I was a child.

  46. Stef Acaster says:

    I loved playing schools and wanted to be a teacher

  47. Pam Gregory says:

    I always wanted to be a hairdresser or make up artist

  48. Tammy Tudor says:

    I always wanted to be a vet, i think I would be too squirmish for that now!

  49. ADEINNE TONNER says:

    When i grew up i wanted to be a popstar or a vet

  50. A.E. Adkins says:

    Train driver, ambulance driver or nurse, later an occupational therapist – never made any of them!!

  51. Jo Taylor says:

    I always wanted to be a writer when young. Creating magical stories and worlds on paper that would come to life when re-read gave me the biggest adventures in my childhood. I may not be a published writer just yet, but that dream has never left and one day I hope to write a beautiful story to inspire children like this book does 🙂

  52. Natalie Gillham says:

    I wanted to be a singer, and I suppose I am just not performing professionally 🙂


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