Why You Should Choose WoodPro For Your Gazebo

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Why You Should Choose WoodPro For Your Gazebo

Brief History

Woodpro was established in 1978 by Bertus Wuestman. He started by working as a thatcher for his father. As time went by, his customers would not only ask for thatched roofs but also log cabins. In the same year, he made a thatched-roof hut. This is where the Woodpro story began. What followed was making many other log cabins together with other different products, which is how the business started growing. It has about 100 workers working in the production and administration sector to ensure that all customers are satisfied with its products.

Key Features

Woodpro is based in the UK, and it has been used to design and make pavilions, log cabins, gazebos, wooden verandas and garages. Of course, you want to use a product that will suit your needs and one that will just take a few steps to be ready for use. Woodpro is here to ensure that all your desires of making an affordable house or shade are met. Woodpro UK has been offering a variety of custom-made designs and sizes for over 40 years now. If you come across any Woodpro product, you will understand that they don’t just recommend their products because they make them but because they make perfect products. They always present their own high-quality products.

So, if you’re looking to travel during the following summer holiday, a summer wooden gazebo from Woodpro is what you should go for. You can choose any sized gazebo according to the number of people that will need to use the retreat. A large enough-sized gazebo will offer cosiness and enough sitting space for maximum comfort. A wooden gazebo with sides offers privacy, at the same time offering security. It will also protect you from too much sun, wind or unexpected showers. Another good thing with the gazebo is they are customized to your own architectural plan and needs.

Why You Should Choose WoodPro For Your Gazebo

Why Choose Woodpro for Your Holiday Gazebo?

Many benefits comes with choosing a gazebo from Woodpro. The benefits are;

They Use High-quality Timber

Woodpro uses kiln-dried wood, which originates from the northern European countries with cold climates, to make summerhouses. They use unique drying rooms to kiln-dry timber to about 14%-16% of moist content to reduce the shrinkage. These climatic conditions make the wood more stable and hence durable.

You can Design Your Own Gazebo Using Their 3D-configurator

The Woodpro established and developed a 3D configurator that makes it possible for you to design your own gazebo in 3D on a computer desktop. You can also place it virtually on your holiday destination with a mobile phone and Augmented Reality (AR).

They Offer Wide Range of Standard Options

To ensure that all Woodpro products are high-quality, the team ensures that they include different features as standard. These features are double glazing, roof shingles, foundation beams treated with pressure and cylinder glazing.

They have a Network of Dealers Nationwide

The Woodpro Company deals with a large dealer network throughout the UK. The network of dealers provides their customers with all the information required regarding their gazebos, garages and log cabins. Therefore, if you wish to check out their products to choose the type of gazebo you want, visit any of their show sites near you.

They Offer Affordable Products with Countless Benefits

They offer pocket-friendly products. These products come with so many other benefits, including;

  • Being high-quality.
  • Free delivery to the UK mainland.
  • A 5-year guaranteed warranty.

The Best Gazebo You Should Choose

As mentioned above, a wooden gazebo can help you make the most out of your garden. Ensure that you choose a gazebo with sides to enjoy yourself while having maximum privacy. You can select your desired design per your planned budget.


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