Why Traveling In a Motorhome Is a Great Family Holiday

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Renting or purchasing a motorhome and taking to the road is one of the best family trips you can plan. Here are the reasons why travelling by motorhome is the best thing for the summer. 

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Why Travelling In a Motorhome Is a Great Family Holiday


As the summer holiday begins, a lot of families are planning their summer getaways. It’s a time where travelling far may not be as affordable as it once was, and families may want to find an easier alternative to getting from home to their favourite holiday location.

Renting a motorhome or buying a Brooklyn camper van can have so many advantages. See how much freedom you can get by trying a different style of family holiday.


You’re Always Home

When you travel by motorhome, you are always home. If the drive is long, the beds are there for everyone to take naps. There is a lot of space, so the family isn’t all on top of each other. The refrigerator has food, so you don’t have to stop for food, and the bathroom is there as well, so everyone can use the facilities as they need. 

Motorhomes allow you to save a lot of time in stops, they have TVs for your entertainment, and everyone can feel comfortable. This is a lot better than cramming everyone into the backseat with their luggage and expecting them to get along. Do yourself a favour and get a motorhome to keep peace whilst you are travelling. 


You Will Save Money

Although the price of fuel is high, you won’t have to pay for other travel expenses and you will still save hundreds to thousands. Aside from the fuel, and the cost of renting the motorhome, you will not have to pay for hotels, you won’t have to eat out if you don’t want to, and you will save money making lots of stops for snacks. 

If you compare the cost of accommodations of a traditional holiday versus those of a motorhome, you will soon find that you will keep more money in your pocket, and you can use that extra money to have more fun or keep it off to the side as an emergency fund as you are travelling. 


You Will Make Unique Memories

Travelling by motorhome will give you and your family the chance to make wonderful holiday memories. Because there will be more space and more comfort, hopefully, everyone will be in a good mood and you will be able to all get along. Travelling this way is also an adventure for children and they may be more alert and more involved in the actual holiday. 

You will get to stay in motorhome and campervan parks and meet other families on the road from different parts of the country and different parts of the world. Take a look at the Kampafam motorhome travel blog and see exactly how great motorhome travel can be for the family. 


You Are In Control

The best part of motorhome travel is that you are in control of your itinerary and your schedule. You won’t be restricted to airline travel schedules, train schedules, or checking in and out of hotels. When you have your hotel on wheels, you can stop whenever you choose, and you can plan how long it will take to get to your holiday destination.

Having this kind of control over your holiday will enable you to stick to your budget, allow the entire family to weigh in on how things are going to go, and you can still have a holiday whilst you are on your way to your holiday by seeing sights along the way. You can custom make your trip exactly how you want it. 


You Can Pack Whatever You Choose

With so much room in a motorhome, you can bring whatever you want with you. If you are planning on having a golf holiday, you can fit your clubs. Want to have a beach holiday? You can bring all the beach essentials you need. If you are unsure of the weather, you can bring various kinds of clothes. 

At the end of the day, you are now saving even more money not having to hire equipment or essentials for when you are at your holiday destination. You can bring all of your favourite items and be prepared for whatever your holiday may bring you. 


You Can Bring Your Family Pet

This is the biggest one for most people: you can bring your pet. You are now saving even more money on dog boarding and pet sitters. With a motorhome, you can bring the entire family with you, and you can take care of your pet and ensure they are getting the quality care they are used to.


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