Why Is Sicily So Special?

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Have you ever dreamed of spending an unforgettable time, in a wonderful place, with the people you love the most? Have you ever wondered how nice it would be to live in a dreamy place? If the answer to the previous questions is yes, then you should know that the place of your dreams already exists, and it is called Sicily. But why is Sicily so special?

Sicily is an Italian region known worldwide for its beauty and uncontaminated nature. Not only foreign tourists try to spend their holidays in this magical land, but also Italians go crazy for it. A stay in one of the villas for families in the heart of Sicily is for sure what will make you happy!


Why Is Sicily So Special? Here Is The Truth!


Why Is Sicily So Special? San Vito Lo Capo


Way More Than A Normal Island

There is definitely a reason why Sicily is considered a magical place. First of all, this region takes advantage of being surrounded by the sea to offer its visitors comfort, leisure, and also a wide range of typical fish dishes. The Mediterranean Sea is certainly one of the main attractions. And the beaches are equally stunning. Watching the sunset from a Sicilian beach is the kind of experience you will never forget!

Many people do not know that Sicily actually has mountains too. Some of the most important are: the Sicilian Apennines, the Madonie, the Sicani Mountains, and many others. Surely, however, everyone is familiar with the famous Sicilian volcanoes: Etna, Stromboli, and Vulcano.


Mount Etna

Also, if by chance you want to take a trip, you can visit the small Sicilian islands: Eolie, Pegadi, and Pelagie. Basically, regardless of what you are planning to do, Sicily can promise you a spectacular holiday.

Sicily is also a place of great cultural interest, with an ancient history that is still witnessed today by the many monuments and archaeological sites. Palermo, the capital of the region, is recognised as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. This region is also well known for its artistic highlights. And those who are interested can witness the famous “Sicilian Baroque”.


Palermo - Sicilian Baroque


Travelling To Feel At Home: A Family Stay In A Sicilian Villa


If you are planning a family trip to Sicily, but don’t know how to match the different expectations everyone has, we have the right idea for you. The best way to enjoy 100% Sicily and at the same time feel relaxed is to stay in a family villa. Right in the heart of this beautiful region.

Booking a family villa means that you don’t have to necessarily go out to have some quality time on vacation. But you also have the chance to spend time with your family, let the children play in the sun, and relax just by staying at your own place.

Villas in Sicily offer wonderful options. They are suitable for people of all ages, even small children. Their accommodations are stunning. And equipped with all the facilities you might need. Some of their villas also have direct access to the beach.


Are you now ready to make your dream come true? Pack your bags and take off for Sicily!


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