Why Good Lighting Is an Essential Factor in Home Design Plans

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Creating a home design plan without thinking about lighting is not a good idea when you consider how much light does for a home. Light helps create ambience and the overall mood of a room while also making it look more spacious. Here is why good lighting is an essential factor when planning a home.

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Why Good Lighting Is an Essential Factor in Home Design Plans


Modern designers now confer with lighting experts to see how well to utilise both natural and artificial lighting to get the correct effects. This shows just how important lighting is to a home design plan. Here are some other points that highlight this.

Lighting Can Transform a Space

Lighting is such an important part of designing a space because it can change how we experience that space. Designers can use light and shade to make a room feel comfortable, dreamy, atmospheric or dramatic. Depending on the room and what the homeowner is going for.

Lighting can make a room feel or seem bigger or smaller than it actually is. Darker rooms typically have an eerie feeling that makes them feel smaller due to the claustrophobic effects they induce on most people. Rooms that are lit well, whether using natural or artificial light, feel more open and spacious. This is one of the reasons why most luxurious houses have larger windows that let in as much light as possible.

Lightning Improves Interest and Depth

Designers have been using light to highlight different types of decor light artwork in homes for a long time. While the lighting can help draw the eye towards the decor, it is the darker parts around it that make it truly stand out in an otherwise bland wall.

Designers can highlight interesting objects in the house such as flowers using downlights with a narrow beam to make them seem more intriguing and captivating. They can then combine this with general lighting so the flowers do not become the only thing you can see in the room.

It Impacts How and Whether Different Parts of a Room are Used

Lighting is also a key determinant in where an area of a room will be used and how it will be used. Think about a table that is not illuminated. No one wants to use that table, especially if it sits in the corner. However, illuminating it might make you more likely to use it for purposes such as holding a mug of coffee while you scroll through your email.

Downlighting can really change the way that the room looks

Lighting also increases the utility of different parts of a kitchen. When using knives in a kitchen, we are typically drawn to work surfaces that have good lighting. This is to avoid accidents and for our peace of mind. If you notice some parts of your kitchen not seeing much utility, you should consider whether they are lit well enough.

It Improves Our Mood

Light has a significant effect on our moods. Designers use general lighting to light the home. This includes options like chandeliers, lamps and others that light up our homes. The amount of light plus its colour can influence our moods. And this is why designers use different lights for the living room and the bedroom.

General lighting can create and warm ambience or sensual spaces depending on what you are looking for. Insufficient lighting, which makes spaces feel gloomy and unattractive, will likely lead to people avoiding certain spaces in your home. While making these spaces also feel cramped.

Because you should have different types of lights to create different moods in different rooms, you need to choose the right pendants and ensure they are installed correctly. Fortunately, qualified electricians London can install the lights for you and ensure they are safe. You can find electricians in the area by using platforms that make it easier to find qualified, experienced and highly recommended tradespeople.

Good Lighting Works with Your Colour Scheme, Not Against It

Current design trends heavily focus on using specific colours in specific rooms, with general colour schemes used in general areas. Some rooms might have golden and yellow tones and the lighting used in them should reflect that. Other rooms in the home such as the living area will have cooler tones. Brighter and warmer lights will work best in these spaces.

For warmer-toned rooms, strategically placed lights will help promote the appearance you are going for. You can use hidden fixtures to direct light straight at walls. Or use traditional lamps to provide visual stimulation, depth and focused lighting.

For homes that follow darker colour schemes, natural light as well as lights that simulate it work best. You can also use this type of lighting to illuminate darker hallways. To make them functional without straying from the darker colour scheme you are going for. Regardless, always ensure there is enough light in areas where people could trip such as at the edge of stairs.

Lighting is an important part of home design. While there are different lighting options, they should match your home, what works best for you and how you would like to use different spaces. You can discuss what lighting options go best with which rooms with an interior or lighting designer.

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