Why Buying a Used Car is a Smart Choice for Families

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If your family needs a new car, whether because your current one is too old or too small for your needs, why not consider investing in a second-hand car this time around? There are a number of excellent reasons why buying a used car is a smart choice for families. Here are just three of them.

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You Can Get a Bigger Better Car

Familiarising yourself with the car controls - buying a used car

Second-hand cars tend to be cheaper than new models, even if they are neither especially old nor excessively used. This is because of the slightly unfair way vehicle depreciation works. New cars lose a chunk of their value the moment they are driven off the showroom floor. This is not as much as fifty percent as is often claimed, but it does mean that anyone selling their car within the first two or three years after its registration will almost certainly lose on the deal.  

This means that if you have a fixed budget for your new-to-you car, you will be able to get a more luxurious model. This could be bigger, perhaps packed with extras, and so on. Better than you otherwise might have thought you could budget for. Shop for your ideal used car in Brighton at KAP Motor Group, and you will soon be cruising along the coastal roads in a much fancier car than you ever thought you could afford.

It’s Eco-Friendly

Raising a family in these times with crises besetting us from all sides can be really hard. The climate crisis, the ever tightening cost of living squeeze, the growing international disquiet that has already seen wars breaking out abroad, all these mean a rising living cost.  But you can make the best of it by recycling and reusing goods whenever you can. And by keeping an eye on the beautiful Brighton coastline to monitor sea-levels. What an excellent excuse for regular trips to the seaside and long walks along the beach!

With everyone pitching in, hopefully dramatic climate change will be averted. And this may help international tensions to ease too – win-win. And part of your efforts can include opting for a used car. These are definitely better for the environment as keeping existing cars on the road for longer means that fewer new ones need to be made. And thus the associated demand on non-renewable resources stays lower too.

It’s Perfectly Safe

And finally, if you have concerns about buying a problematic car, you can set your mind at ease. No more buying a car that seems to be in great shape, but that will degrade within weeks of regular use. This can happen either through design on the part of unscrupulous players or simply accidentally if you buy privately.

Choosing to buy your used car from a reputable dealer ensures that not only has the car been thoroughly checked out before it was advertised for sale. But also that you have some comeback if there are any issues. Unlike buying from a complete stranger.


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