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A question that comes up time and time again in the sewing forums is “What is the best online fabric store in the UK?”. During the pandemic, people have turned more and more to buying fabric online as they cannot buy in person. So here is a list of best places to buy fabric in the UK.


Best UK Online Fabric Store


Buying fabric online may not be the easiest thing. Most sewing enthusiasts like to see the fabric, and feel the quality before they buy. But I have made plenty of online purchases and been pretty happy, so this list contains over 50 places from which I have purchased fabric. I am not an affiliate of all these sites, but I will try to give my honest opinions and tell you a little more about each shop. Then let you decide which is the best online fabric store in the UK for yourself.

If possible, I would always advise you to get a sample before buying if possible. That way you know the feel of a fabric before your purchase what you need. However this isn’t always possible. 

Whether you are looking for expensive fabrics, woven cottons, jersey, deadstock or cheap fabrics, this list has them all. So read on to find out some of the best places in the UK to buy your cloth!

Where To Buy Fabric Online In The UK - here is an ultimate guide of over 50 online fabric retailers - Whether you are looking for dressmaking fabrics, haberdashery, sewing notions, sewing patterns, upholstery, jersey, eco friendly, organic cotton, ethically sourced or deadstock fabric, here is a massive guide to internet cloth sellers in the United Kingdom. Use this list to find the perfect cloth for your next sewing or craft project.


Where To Buy For Your General Fabric Needs

These sites have a large variety of fabric types in stock, and tend to be the larger retailers, so I have classified them as general. However, I will indicate if they have any specialty fabrics in their stock.

1st For Fabrics

This Newcastle fabric emporium is definitely one of the best online fabric stores in the UK. It has a large selection of reasonably priced fabric and haberdashery for most general sewing needs. But they also have Stof of Denmark jersey and Lady McElroy designer fabrics in stock.


Fabworks is based in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, and has a huge range of fabrics of all types. Their prices range from the very cheap to the very expensive, and among their designer fabrics they stock Liberty London and Yorkshire Tweed.


Minerva is an online site with a massive selection of fabrics, notions and patterns for sale. They have Art Gallery Jersey, Robert Kaufman, Liberty London, Rose & Hubble Cottons and Lady McElroy fabrics amongst their designs.

Empress Mills

Empress Mills is based in Colne, on the border of Lancashire between Keighley and Burnley. They have a large range of fabrics and haberdashery available online, but they have a large selection of Lewis and Irene cotton fabrics and they specialise in batting and wadding for quilts and padded items.

Higgs And Higgs

Higgs and Higgs have a huge selection of dressmaking and craft fabrics, plus haberdashery and patterns. They do have a selection of Lady McElroy and Domotex fabrics too, as well as a small selection of deadstock fabrics.

The Cheap Shop, Tiptree

This online and real life store has a massive selection of all kinds of fabric, patterns and haberdashery. But for me they are the best and cheapest sellers of great jersey fabrics.

Fabric Land

Fabric Land has several shops based in the south and south-west of the UK, but its online site has a massive array of fabrics for all purposes, with haberdashery and patterns to match.

Lee Mill Fabrics

Lee Mill Fabrics is a large shop in Swansea that sells a massive array of dressmaking, upholstery and craft material. And their online shop is just as amazing to browse.

Fabric Love

Fabric Love are a small independent shop in Colchester, UK. They sell lots of different fabric types, from cotton to jersey and viscose. And they stock one of my favourite ranges, Rose and Hubble. They also have lots of notions and haberdashery on their site.

My Fabrics

Another huge online fabric seller, I have always had great fabric from this seller. They are great for licensed fabrics, children’s styles and curtain fabrics. However, be aware that whilst they may have a co.uk site, they are actually based in Germany. This means that cloth can take a while to arrive.

B&M Fabrics

Not to be confused with the discount store chain, B&M fabrics are based in Leeds, and they have a real life store and market stall as well as an online site that sells a wide range of fabrics. Their online site actually doesn’t let you buy fabric. But if you go to their Facebook group you can purchase by messaging them. 

Fabrics Galore

This London based store has a massive selection of fabrics, notions ands patterns on their online site. They have dressmaking, soft furnishing and upholstery fabrics, and stock a selection of designers such as Alexander Henry and Liberty London. However, my favourite page on their site is the novelty cotton dressmaking range!

Textile Express

Textile Express have a lovely selection of fabrics for dressmaking, upholstery and soft furnishings. Plus a selection of PVC and Ripstop fabrics.

Cloth Quarter

Based in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, Cloth Quarter have a large selection of fabrics for all occasions, from dressmaking to upholstery.

I Want Fabric

I want fabric is a huge warehouse with thousands of different fabric choices from crafting and leather to upholstery. They do not have dressmaking fabric though… 


Abakhan are a chain of fabric stores in the North West and North Midlands, but their online site has a huge selection of fabrics of all types, patterns, haberdashery and craft supplies. Their ranges start from the very cheap to the very expensive, so they have something for everyone, and are well worth a browse.

Bombay Stores Fabrics

Bombay Stores Fabrics is based in Bradford, West Yorkshire, and is a retail outlet. It does sell beautiful ethnic, dance and bridal fabric, but also has a host of cheap and affordable fabrics on their site. It is perfect for Christmas fabric too.


Backstitch have a physical store just outside Cambridge, but their online shop has a large selection of fabric, notions and patterns.

Little Legs Fabrics

This Preston based fabric shop has a massive selection of fabrics, notions and patterns on their web site, including dance wear, swim wear and upholstery fabric. But for me it excels with its selection of jersey and custom designs.

Sewing Bee Fabrics

Sewing Bee Fabrics have a large selection of dressmaking fabrics, cottons and craft fabrics, including designers Michael Miller, Riley Blake and Elizabeth’s Studio. They also have a great range of PUL and waterproof fabrics for if you want to make reusable cloth sanitary pads or cloth nappy covers.

Tia Knight Fabrics

Tia Knight are a great source for all different types of dressmaking fabrics, with a huge selection of all price ranges.

Kayes Textiles

Based in Southend, this shop has a great selection of fabric and haberdashery for sale online.

Flamingo Fabrics

Flamingo Fabrics have branded themselves as the home of fun, quality and unique fabrics that are great value. They do print their own fabrics, and create custom runs of fabric designs. Their cotton designs come on extra wide size of cloth, so you can usually get more out of a metre of one of their cottons.

However, I have not been totally happy with their jersey quality. I have had mixed results when buying from them. So it may be worth asking for a sample before purchasing.

The Snug

The Snug offer a wide selection of curtain and upholstery fabrics. Perfect for coordinating your home. And they sell fabric by the metre so you only need pay for what you need!

Calico Laine

Now I have not purchased form here, but this Wirral based store has a huge amount of choice on their website, and a lot of very positive testimonials.


Where To Buy Absorbent Fabric Online In The UK


If you are making reusable sanitary pads or pants, you do need absorbent fabric and waterproof fabrics. One of the best places to buy ZORB, PUL and food safe ProCare fabric is

Cuddleplush Fabrics

You can also use their bamboo terry and other absorbent fabrics to make reusable make up remover pads, reusable kitchen roll, and unsponges.


Places To Buy Unusual or Designer Fabrics


The following sites sell a variety of fabrics, but tend to have more unusual (and thus more expensive) selections. They also tend to be the smaller, independent retailers that only have an online presence and not a physical shop space.

They are usually passionate about great dressmaking, and as smaller businesses are my go to for luxury fabrics. Look here to find something a bit more unique and for fabric that you won’t find anywhere else. Also see below for custom fabric sites and Facebook groups that also sell custom made fabrics.

Now, you may have projects that require a special fabric. Or you may be after a particular brand. I make no secret of the fact that my favourite fabrics are cottons and viscose from Rifle Paper Company and jersey by Art Design Fabrics. So where are the best places to buy unusual, expensive and beautiful designer fabric online in the UK?

Frumble Fabrics

Frumble sell a wide variety of fabrics and haberdashery notions. But they do have a more unusual selection, selling a lot of Springs Creative TV and Film exclusive fabrics. They also have large selections of Alexander Henry (they have the largest selection in the UK), Michael Miller, Robert Kaufman, Riley Blake and Cotton + Steel in stock. They are a small, family run and friendly online site.

The Tartan Reel

Another small online site selling a wonderful selection of designer fabrics is The Tartan Reel. Janey has a host of designers on offer, with Tula Pink, Rifle Paper Company, Liberty London, Moda, Art Gallery, Dashwood and Lewis and Irene being just a few in her selection. 

The Crafty Mastermind

Another online site selling more unusual designer fabrics is The Crafty Mastermind. This online store has a host of designer fabrics in stock, such as Rifle Paper Company, Tula Pink, Rashida Coleman Hale and Melody Miller. 

Elephant In My Handbag

Elephant In My Handbag has a wide selection of fabrics and haberdashery to purchase online. But they often have some really lovely and unusual funky prints and prints you won’t find anywhere else. They are another great source for Film and TV exclusive prints. 


Sewisfaction is a small independent online and real-life store in Berkshire. And they have a small but exclusive selection of fabrics, patterns and haberdashery to peruse. 

Sew Me Sunshine

Sew Me Sunshine is also a small independent online fabric retailer. Harriet has handpicked a really pretty selection of fabrics, and sells notions and patterns too. You can also find a small selection of deadstock fabrics on this site.  


Fabritastic also sell more unusual fabrics such as licenced children designs. Again they are a very friendly family run online retailer.

Bobbins And Bolts

Bobbins and Bolts is a real life store in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. But Gem also has a lovely selection of online patterns and fabrics to choose from. She also stocks a lot of haberdashery and patterns, including a great selection of bag patterns.

The Eternal Maker

Is a modern fabric and craft store based in Chichester on the south coast. They stock lots of independent pattern designers, fresh modern fabrics for quilting and dressmaking fabrics such as Atelier Brunette, Lady McElroy, Kona, Dashwood and some lovely organic fabrics.

Sister Mintaka

Sister Mintaka has some lovely fabric, haberdashery and patterns on her site. She sells a range of designer fabrics including Art Gallery, Rifle Paper Company, Atelier Brunette, Cloud 9, Lady McElroy and Liberty London.


Lamazi Fabrics are another designer fabric seller. They have a selection of designer fabrics on their site including Mind The Maker, Atelier Brunette, Art Gallery Fabrics, See You At Six, Rifle Paper Co, Lillestoff and more.

Crafty Sew & So

Is a shop based in Leicester, but their online store has a host of different and unusual fabric and haberdashery items.

Sew Sew Sew

Sew Sew Sew is family run site that has a large selection of dressmaking fabrics. Designer fabrics include Atelier Brunette, Stof, Lady McElroy and Art Gallery.  

Fabric Godmother

Fabric Godmother is another small independent online fabric retailer. She has a host of gorgeous dressmaking fabrics on her site, including a selection of deadstock fabrics. And the biggest selection of patterns I think I have ever seen! But one of her best services is the fact that for a small fee, she will print and send to you your PDF pattern on A0 paper!

Where To Buy Fabric Online In The UK - here is an ultimate guide of over 50 online fabric retailers - Whether you are looking for dressmaking fabrics, haberdashery, sewing notions, sewing patterns, upholstery, jersey, eco friendly, organic cotton, ethically sourced or deadstock fabric, here is a massive guide to internet cloth sellers in the United Kingdom. Use this list to find the perfect cloth for your next sewing or craft project.

Where To Buy Jersey Fabric


Stretch Fabrics are some of the hardest ones to buy online. And most people actually like to feel the jersey that they are buying beforehand to ensure it has the best stretch, whether that be two way or one way.

My guide to stretch fabrics talks more about this.

I would always advise asking for a sample before purchasing online if you can. Or buying a recognised weight/type of fabric. I pretty much know if I am buying organic cotton elastane 95% cotton that is 220 to 240gsm with two way stretch that it will be perfect for making leggings for my little girl or t-shirts.

But here is a list of shops that I have particularly bought jersey and stretch fabrics from, and that I consider to be the best places where to buy jersey fabric online in the UK.

ByGraziela Fabrics

ByGraziela have some woven cottons on their site, but most of their fabrics are jersey stretch fabrics with lovely retro motifs and designs. Perfect for children and adults alike.


I have bought children’s jersey from Caboodle several times, and have always found it to be great quality. You can often find great licensed fabrics on their site too.

Little Legs Fabrics

Again, Little Legs makes it onto this list, as it sells really brilliant jersey fabric, especially in children’s designs.

Rockstar Fabrics

Rockstar Fabrics have some amazing funky and different jersey fabric designs. 

Poppy Bear Fabrics

Emma has a great selection of normal dressmaking fabrics and haberdashery on her site. But her selection of jersey and licenced jersey fabrics is really good.

Jelly Fabrics

Jelly fabrics have a large range of lovely jersey, with lovely designs for both adults and children’s wear.

Cheap Shop Tiptree

This store has already been mentioned in the general section above. But I do think that they deserve a second mention for their brilliant selection of jersey that is a really good quality and has very affordable prices. Particularly children’s styles.

Fabric Styles

Has a massive selection of fabrics, particularly jersey. Some of these are the cheaper viscose and polyester jersey though, and it may be worth asking for samples before buying.



Places To Get Custom Made Fabrics

Sometimes you want a fabric that is just for you. And there are several places online that print fabric to your specifications, or do small runs of a certain design that are quite exclusive. The fabric tends to be rather more expensive, but sometimes this is worth it. Here are the best sites to buy custom fabric online in the UK.


Firstly I do have to mention Spoonflower, even if they are not based in the UK. Spoonflower is the ultimate custom shop for all your fabric needs. You can upload your own design and make the perfect custom make. Or choose from a huge number of other designs on the site, and print it upon an multitude of different types of fabric, from different cotton weights to different types of jersey. 

However, this comes at a cost. Spoonflower is pretty expensive. And shipping adds more to the cost. Last time I ordered, the fabric was OK quality, but the shipping worked out about the same cost as my order. As it is imported form either the US or Europe, I don’t know how Brexit will have affected this.

Little Legs Fabrics

And as I mentioned before, Little Legs does print fabric in custom designs.

There are also several Facebook groups that are brilliant for getting custom made designs and small runs of limited edition fabrics. Just go to the search bar on Facebook and search for these groups:

  • Harvey Jacobs Fabrics
  • Dark Violet Prints
  • Lisa Marie fabrics
  • SSCC fabrics
  • Rockstar fabrics has a group on there
  • Little Legs Fabrics Members group
  • Clarabelle_Fabrics UK pre order group

You usually have to preorder quite a way in advance for these custom prints, but I have had some beautiful fabric that not many other people will have. 

Places You Can Find Deadstock and Ethical Fabric To Buy Online

Actually, I have stopped buying fabric  as I have a fair amount in my stash that I have bought over the years. And I do not think that it is sustainable to keep on buying more and more fabric without using the cloth that I have already bought.

A lot of fabric is made by workers in poor conditions. And it is important to pay workers a fair wage for doing what can be quite dangerous processes when making cloth. 

So my big advice for if you do want to buy fabric and yet are being eco-conscious, is to buy deadstock or ethical fabric.

Deadstock fabric is cloth that the clothing industry has thrown away. And if it wasn’t being resold to small consumers, then it would just be going to landfill. In the end it is so much better to be buying and using this fabric for your sewing projects. And you may be getting designer fabrics from Dolce&Gabbana or Zara at a fraction of what you would pay in the shops.

Buying ethical fabric just means that the people who are making it are getting a better deal. Which is so much better for the planet.

So here are some places where you can buy ethical and more eco friendly fabric online in the UK.

The New Craft House

Only sells designer deadstock fabric. They source their fabric directly from the designers and they currently stock over 300 fabrics of all types on their site. From leather to chambray, they are the perfect place to start if you are looking to be more eco about your sewing hobby.

Offset Warehouse

The offset warehouse sells more eco conscious and ethical cloth. They work with the communities that they buy from, and ensure the people who source, produce and make their cloth are dealt with fairly.

Organic Textile Company

Based in Wales, the Organic Textile Company sources and supplies quality organic and sustainable fabrics. They work very closely and ethically with their partners around the world when producing their range of fabrics. 

The African Fabric Shop

The African Fabric Shop is just outside Huddersfield, and they sell fair trade African fabrics and notions. 

Scrap UK

Scrap sells a host of objects that would have otherwise gone to waste. From roll inners to offcuts, Scrap diverts waste from landfill and sells on for people to upcycle. And often amongst their materials is deadstock fabric. A couple of months ago they had some designer stock, but you often find great bargains. 

Other places where you can buy deadstock fabric online in the UK include these other places:

  • Higgs And Higgs
  • Sew Me Sunshine
  • Sew Affordable
  • Fabric Godmother
  • Rainbow Fabrics

And most of these can be found elsewhere in this guide.

Places Where You Can Find Cheap Fabric 

Sometimes you just want to buy cut price or cheap fabric for your projects. Maybe you want to make a toile of a garment in a cheaper fabric before cutting your expensive cloth? Or maybe you have a bulk project you need to make (such as book bags for school or scrubs for hospitals) and just want a cheap but serviceable fabric to make it up? Well here are some of the best cheap online fabric stores in the UK.

Pound Fabrics 

Does sell fabric that is a pound a metre, but also has some more expensive cloth. I have bought cheap cotton and cheap ponte roma stretch fabric and found these to be brilliant for toiles and bulk projects. Last year when I made NHS scrubs, they were a great outlet. Pound fabric is only online, and delivery can be expensive, so do check this.

The Textile Centre

Another of my go-to places for cheaper fabrics is The Textile Centre. They often have deadstock fabric and designer fabrics such as Orla Kiely. And I love the way that they display the fabric on the site, draped over a mannequin so that you can see it in action so to speak. 

I have bought most types of fabric from them and never really been disappointed. Plus, they often have a sale section and additional %money off.

Sew Affordable

Sew Affordable has a great range of fabrics at very affordable prices. Plus they often have unusual fabrics and some deadstock. I got the fabric for my Agnes top from here, and that was ex designer fabric.


I hope that I have given you a good few ideas for new places where to buy fabric. Have you any suggestions for best online fabric store in the UK that I have missed out? Had any particularly good or bad experiences buying fabric online? I love to hear your stories. Comment below or find me on my socials. 

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Where To Buy Fabric Online In The UK - here is an ultimate guide of over 50 online fabric retailers - Whether you are looking for dressmaking fabrics, haberdashery, sewing notions, sewing patterns, upholstery, jersey, eco friendly, organic cotton, ethically sourced or deadstock fabric, here is a massive guide to internet cloth sellers in the United Kingdom. Use this list to find the perfect cloth for your next sewing or craft project.


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  1. Jenny Smith says:

    I’m not seeing Calico Laine in there. One of the absolutely best places to buy fabric.

    1. Jo Boyne says:

      Added, though I have never bought fabric from there personally and haven’t ever heard of this site. They look to have some great testimonials, so thank you for the recommendation.

  2. Kim Carberry says:

    What a great list. Before now I wouldn’t have had a clue to buy fabric. I would have just ended up looking on eBay x

  3. Cheryl | Time To Craft says:

    What a great list! Plenty I’ve not tired before and I’ll check out the sustainable ones. Like you, I’m cutting back my fabric purchases this year and using what I have already, but after that……#mmbc

  4. Leyla says:

    Would love to be able to find high end couture type of fabrics at realistic prices, London prices are crazy! Do you know of any outlets?

    1. Jo Boyne says:

      I would certainly look at the ‘deadstock’ sites listed here. Sew Me Sunshine had some Dolce e Gabbana fabric deadstock a couple of years ago, and I imagine you can find some real bargains if you look.


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