What To Dress Up As On Halloween in 2023

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Every year when Halloween comes around, many of us are left with the exciting but a little confusing prospect of working out what to dress up as on Halloween.

The fact that you can be literally anything, from a monster to a doorknob, doesn’t make things all that easy. It shouldn’t be treated as a problem though, but rather as an opportunity to get creative. If you’re looking for inspiration, then you’ve come to the right place – read on for some of our ideas of what to dress up as on Halloween in 2023.

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A comic superhero (or villain)

For big superhero and supervillain fans, there are plenty of options for potential costumes. You can go with a classic option like Batman or the Joker, or if you feel like being a bit more niche, pick a hero from a comic that no one else would have heard from. You can either try to make the costume yourself, from things you find in your home, or you can go to a shop like Fun Place and see what they have that you like the look of.


Another range of classic options is to dress up as a monster. Again, there are so many mythical options to choose between, from werewolves all the way to vampires, and you can get really creative with your outfit. You can take things as far as you like, getting big fake teeth, and painting your face with fake blood and other super spooky adornments.

Funny costumes

Of course, Halloween isn’t all about being serious – it’s primarily a time to have some fun. If you want to make some kind of joke or pun out of your costume, then go for it. You can have a sign on you that makes some kind of pun, or you can dress up as a flowerpot or front door. You can be as ridiculous as you like, as long as you get into the Halloween spirit.

Popular icons

Why not bring one of your favourite icons to life this Halloween? Dress up as Elvis, Madonna, or any one of your favourite fashion icons – you could even go as Julius Caesar in his famous Toga! If you don’t want to buy a costume, this can work pretty well. Just have a look around your home, and see what kinds of outfits you might be able to create with what you already have lying around.


Finally, why not go as your favourite animal? It could be scary, but it doesn’t have to be. If you don’t fancy being a wolf or a bear, then why not be a beaver or a hedgehog? There are literally no rules, you can choose to become whatever you like, and who doesn’t like their favourite animal?

Halloween is a time for everyone to get into the fun spirit, from toddlers to grandparents. Dressing up is one of the best bits about the whole thing, so try to get creative with it. There’s no real limit to what you can be – get your thinking cap on, and we’re sure you’ll have some amazing ideas.

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