What Makes Good Cat Food?

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What Makes Good Cat Food?

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If you want to support the health and well-being of your cat in the best possible way, you should definitely look for high quality cat food. This is because inferior food with ingredients that are unsuitable for cats can sooner or later cause various problems. Such as food intolerances and indigestion.


Cats are carnivores


Cats are obligate or “true” carnivores. In order to provide carnivores with all required nutrients, it is therefore imperative that their food contains a high proportion of animal components.


Plant-based ingredients, on the other hand, should only make up a small part of the food in order to ensure an optimal supply of nutrients and easy digestibility.

Good cat food does not contain grain


Unfortunately, grain has long since become a commonly used component of cat food. This is simply due to its low price. Grain is of course noticeably cheaper than meat. That way the production costs can be significantly reduced through the use of grain.

However, this type of cat food does not provide adequate nutrition. Cereals and especially the gluten they contain can sooner or later cause massive digestive problems in cats. If you want to feed your cat healthily, you should definitely give preference to grain-free food.

Free from artificial additives


Artificial flavours and preservatives are not only added to many groceries for humans, but unfortunately they are also very often found on the list of ingredients in cat food. Quality-conscious cat owners should always ensure that the food of their choice is free of artificial additives. And also ensure food consists only of high-quality, natural ingredients.


Dry food or wet food: which one is better?


When feeding their four-legged friends, cat owners can basically choose between dry food and wet food. It is not possible to say in general which variant is better. While some cats prefer the taste of the moist wet food, others prefer to eat crunchy dry food.


A combination of dry and wet food is often the best choice. In principle, however, both can ensure an adequate supply of nutrients, as long as the chosen food is of good quality.


Cat food in premium quality


The cat food manufacturer ‘I love my cat’ attaches great importance to high quality and an adequate composition of its products. Therefore neither the company’s dry nor wet food contain any grains, artificial flavours or preservatives.

Instead, the products are characterised by their high proportion of human-grade animal components and carefully selected plant-based ingredients such as fruit and vegetables. As a result, the food is not only particularly tasty, but also very wholesome.

Interested owners can get an idea of the quality of the cat food and numerous other products for balanced cat nutrition in the online shop Zooexperte.


The range includes among others the following products:


  • Grain-free dry and wet food
  • Hypoallergenic cat food
  • Healthy cat snacks
  • Food supplements made from natural ingredients
  • High-quality care products for cats


Sustainable products for appropriate feeding


Fortunately, for an increasing number of customers the subject of sustainability plays an important role when choosing products. Environmentally conscious cat owners will not only find conventional food, but also sustainable insect-based food at Zooexperte. The larvae of Hermetia illucens (black soldier flies), which are used as the main ingredient, consume significantly fewer resources than conventional livestock.

At the same time, the insect protein derived from them is characterised by its high biological value. It is easily digestible for cats and provides the animals with all the essential amino acids as needed. This makes the insect-based cat food ideal for reducing the burden on the environment. Without having to compromise in terms of meeting the nutritional needs of cats.

Joy and Leo - my cats - what makes good cat food?

Conclusion: high-quality cat food pays off


It probably goes without saying that high quality cat food is slightly more expensive than a product made from inferior ingredients. However, the small additional costs definitely pay off.

With appropriate feeding you significantly reduce the likelihood of nutrition-related health problems. And thus you make a decisive contribution to a vital and hopefully long life of your four-legged friend.

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