Ways To Improve Your Sleep Cycle

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We all know that getting a good nights sleep is good for our overall health. And that sleep hygiene consists of consistently trying to get 7-9 hours a night, in a darkened cool room. We also know that eating too late and not turning off our tech close to bedtime doesn’t help. But what are other natural ways to improve your sleep cycle if none of the above helps? Read on for some helpful aids to good sleep.

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Ways To Improve Your Sleep Cycle


The basic ways to help you sleep are covered in my post here.

  • make the room sleep friendly – cool, dark and comfortable.
  • don’t eat too late
  • don’t smoke or drink alcohol or caffeine before bed
  • get into regular rituals
  • having a shower or bath may help
  • no TV or tech before bed.

But what if none of these work? Here are some other ways you can improve your sleep, by using different products or by inducing your body to calm down and rest properly.

Lavender Oil

Lavender is the perfect sleep inducing scent. A lot of products on the market contain it. But one of my personal favourites is Lush Twilight range.

Lush Twilight

Why not make your own bath bombs using lavender oil?


Changing Your Mattress


Your mattress is one of the most important things in your life. After all you spend at least a third of your life sleeping. So why spend it on an uncomfortable mattress?

Finding the perfect mattress is a very personal thing. I would certainly suggest that you shop around and do try a lot of different types before plumping for the one that suits you best. Maybe even look for a company that lets you try before you buy, or at least has a returns policy, as it can be a very expensive mistake if you get the wrong one!


Meditative Breathing

We are doing Yoga at the moment before bedtime and it is really helping. See more here. But part of the joy of yoga is the meditative or ujjayi (pronounced ‘oo-jye’) breathing.

By focussing on your breathing when sitting with your eyes closed or in a relaxed posture, it can really help to calm  your mind before sleep.

Also, focus on alternate nostril breathing to help relax even more!

Apps such as Headspace, or listening to rain sounds or chill out music can set the mood.

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Weighted Blankets

Specially created for people who move around a lot, weighted blankets can be a godsend if you need to stop fidgeting whilst asleep.

They can help with anxiety, insomnia and a lot of other issues.


Valerian Tea

This one is not for everyone (do check with your GP and check whether you can use this if you take other medicines) but Valerian tea can help calm you before bedtime.

Or try chamomile tea, or a milk drink. I love to grind a little nutmeg into milk to help me sleep. But again check allergies.

Holistic Treatments


Reiki and reflexology treatments are also a really useful adjunct to calming you for sleep. Perhaps look around for a local practitioner who can do this. Or a relaxing massage may also help!


Taking Time To Relax More


Sometimes we just need to take the time to relax more. Just sit back in your favourite chair or hammock and close your eyes. Focus on your breathing for 5 minutes. Maybe even consider buying a special zero gravity recliner – visit link to find out more.

It doesn’t have to be a full meditation, just taking the time to slow down for a few minutes.


Food Supplements

Again – ask your GP or pharmacist before starting a new supplement regime.

People do not always realise that dietary changes or a poor nutrition can ultimately lead to poor sleep. By undergoing nutritional testing, you may find an underlying reason, vitamin or mineral deficiency that needs to be addressed. 

Why not order a test to ensure your body is getting the nutrition it needs? This link will give 15% off to all my U.S. readers.

Magnesium and melatonin supplements are really said to help with sleep deficiency issues. Moreover, there is also research out there to suggest that CBD can help to regulate sleep cycles. For example, if you are someone that lives with anxiety, chronic pain, or stress, the pain-relieving properties of CBD can help you to enjoy a better night of rest. Nowadays you can buy CBD capsules or CBD oils online that are designed to help with insomnia so do not be afraid to compare a few different options.

Also, do you have sleep apnoea? This in itself can cause sleep deprivation. It is certainly worth discussing this as a possibility with your GP or medical professional.

You can mitigate or eliminate the effects of sleep deprivation, which may be caused by sleep apnea. CPAP therapy may be the best fit for your situation with the aid of quality accessories for the CPAP machine and mask. Check out supplies to get the most of this sleep-therapy solution.

Ultimately, a combination of all these should give you the perfect way to improve your sleep cycle. But do see your GP or physician if nothing seems to be improving. If there is a health issue, that should be your first call.

Do you have any other tips on sleep? Have I missed something that really helped you? Do let me know in the comments below. Or find me on social media.

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Ways To Improve Your Sleep Cycle - tried all the usual ways but still not sleeping well? Here are some helpful extra adjucts that may work for you. #sleep #sleepdeprived #insomnia #sleppless #lifehacks #sleeptips #sleeping #insomniatips #insomniahacks #insomniaessentialoils




11 Replies to “Ways To Improve Your Sleep Cycle”

  1. Ryan says:

    Not keeping any devices on your nightstand helps as well. Your brain waves can be disrupted for any magnetic field.

    1. Jo Boyne says:

      Thanks Ryan. Yes, I include this in my ‘no tech’ rule, but it is important to point out the magnetic fields that some tech creates around us.

  2. Crummy Mummy says:

    My sleep cycle is about to go out of the window with the arrival of baby number 4 so will make a note of all of these! #MMBC

  3. Catherine @ Story Snug says:

    For me a regular bedtime helps, I always go around nine o’clock as I was told that the hours that you sleep before midnight are more beneficial and restorative than those after. It often means I’m awake at 5.30 but that’s ok, I just grab a book and read until everybody else wakes up :o)


    1. Jo Boyne says:

      I hadn’t heard that about the going to bed early. However, we are often in bed at about 10, and there is the rhyme about ‘early to bed, early to rise’ so maybe that should be on this list! Thank you for reading!

  4. Kim Carberry says:

    I have made a point of being in bed by 11pm on a school night and I have cut out caffeine and eating before bed and it seems to be helping x

    1. Jo Boyne says:

      Glad it is working. Getting enough sleep can be tough with kids.

  5. Gemma says:

    These are some really practical and useful ideas. I love spraying lavender spray on my pillow and I love Lush, so I may just have to try their Twilight range! I also really enjoy using the Headspace app to unwind before bed.

    1. Jo Boyne says:

      Thank you for reading. Hope some of these suggestions are helpful!


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