Ways to Boost Your Home’s External Aesthetics

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Ways to Boost Your Home’s External Aesthetics



If you’re looking to add extra appeal to your home whilst increasing the value of your property, then there is much you can consider.  But it’s hard to know where to spend your money when there are so many potential changes you can make.

Here are a few additions you could consider. To improve your home’s aesthetic appeal and increase value at the same time.

Create a box-out extension


Why be satisfied with a conservatory tacked onto the back of your property? When you could create something far more appealing? 

A single-story box-out extension is becoming a popular choice with homeowners looking to add space.  This contemporary box-shaped design allows homeowners to create a light-filled open space, that adds value as well as aesthetic appeal.  This modern style of extension has been successfully added to properties from detached houses to period terraces.

Landscape a driveway

If you’re thinking of adding a driveway to your property as a way to increase value, then putting some thought into landscaping is a good idea. Ideally, you should create a driveway to fit in with the character and style of your house. 

Do consider the pros and cons of what surface you are going to be using. For example, asphalt laid by Minneapolis asphalt experts needs more maintenance than concrete, but unlike concrete, it can withstand extreme changes in temperature without cracking. Considering this will ensure the driveway looks aesthetically pleasing and properly suits your needs.

When thinking about paved, asphalt, gravel or tarmac driveway prices, it’s also worth adding in the cost of any new walling, lighting, and planting required to complete the design of the outside space. Walling or bordering your driveway is often essential to prevent soil erosion and other factors from wearing away the edges of your driveway. 

Add a balcony

Adding a balcony to the exterior of your home will not only boost the aesthetic appeal but will create a nice feature. The addition is certainly something that you or a future buyer will enjoy time and again.

It may be that you can utilise a flat roof to create a modern terraced-style balcony. Perfect for al fresco breakfasts or evening drinks.  Alternatively, simple Juliet balconies and French doors, opening from the master bedroom, will create a nice feature in any home.



Update exterior cladding


Whether you have a home adorned with dated cladding such as old weatherboard, pebbledash, or stone cladding, it’s probably about time for a modern and tasteful update.

There are plenty of stylish options on the market to suit most budgets, with timber, render, stone, metal, and modern synthetic materials all being used to great effect. New cladding such as that provided by a Kansas City siding contractor will freshen up the exterior of your home, and make it look well-cared for.  Something that buyers will be looking for when viewing a property.


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