Violife Cheese Review

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A growing number of people each year are embracing a plant based lifestyle. Becoming a vegetarian or vegan is so much more sustainable, and even just cutting down on the meat and dairy products in our diet can be a really positive small step to being more eco friendly. Part of changing over to a plant based diet is swapping out regular products for their plant based alternatives. And with this in mind, I was really pleased to be sent a selection of vegan cheese by Violife. Ever wondered what vegan cheese tastes like or how it compares to its dairy alternative? Well, in this Violife cheese review, I’ll give you a little bit of a guide to how you can fit this range into your regular meal plan.

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Violife Vegan Cheese Review



Just recently, I have been suffering with bloating and abdominal pains that my GP has classed as IBS related. My particular IBS story began with having my daughter, and I am still having ongoing issues with adhesions after her birth.

But this year, I decided that maybe my diet needed a complete overhaul to help with my irritable bowel. I decided to take the step of trying a completely dairy free and gluten free diet. And this is where I discovered the huge range of Violife products.

Who is Violife?

Violife is an award-winning company originally from Greece. They have been making vegan food and products well known for being dairy, nut, gluten, GMO, soy, preservative and cholesterol free for over 25 years.

Found in the lactose and dairy free sections, Violife have quite an array of dairy free spreads and vegan cheese to choose from. I had already tried several of these products that Violife have sent me to review. But was delighted to be sent more to try out. This is what I think of their range.

Epic Mature Cheese Flavour Block – Violife Cheddar

Pretty much a staple of any shopping list is a block of cheese. So I think my review should start here.

Violife Epic Mature Cheese Block

The Violife cheddar looks like a regular block, and smells like a regular block too, but if anything it is slightly softer and cuts more like edam than cheddar. It has a taste that is more like cheese triangles than a mature cheddar, but it tastes good. I did attempt to grate it, and the Violife cheddar shreds like a regular edam cheese too.

Violife original flavour grated and epic mature Violife block cheese before and after being cooked under a grill. Shows how the cheese melts.

It will be brilliant in sandwiches, and I had a go at toasting it under the grill. Unlike normal block cheese the block didn’t spread as it melted, but with after a run over with a knife the Violife cheddar spreads just like its dairy counterpart. 


Violife Original Flavour Grated

Second cheese variety that I tried was the grated Violife cheese. I use plenty of grated cheese normally in recipes, so I was keen to see how the vegan cheese compared. 

Violife original flavour grated

Just like the block Violife, I tried it on some toast under the grill. The grated vegan cheese bubbles and browns very similar to a standard dairy type. With a similar mild taste to the Violife block cheese, this would be really integrate into a plant based or lactose free diet without really noticing the change.

Violife Le Rond  – Camembert Flavour

Next on my list of samples to try was possibly the one that I was most excited for.

Violife Le Rond - Camembert flavour vegan cheese

Le Rond is the vegan camembert alternative, and it comes with a leaflet of different ways to try cooking the cheese. Just like its dairy cousin, the Le Rond cheese can be baked, coated in breadcrumbs and fried, covered in vegan pastry, or even microwaved. 

Le Rond Violife serving suggestions

We tried it straight out of the oven, where it baked in around 5 minutes. Serve this with bread and it would make a brilliant sharing starter. And it really does taste like camembert, so it is a great vegan alternative.

Violife Le Rond Camembert flavour vegan cheese after baking

Violife Original Flavour Slices

No cheese range would be complete without a sliced version, so the next sample we was sent was a pack of Violife sliced cheese. 

Violife Original Flavour Slices

These provide a great quick sandwich filler, so are great for dairy free lunches and picnics.

Violife Smoky Cheddar Flavour Slices

But finally, we were sent some of these smokey cheddar slices.

Violife Smoky Cheddar Flavour Slices

And just like a traditional smoked cheddar they are so tasty! I shall definitely be buying these in the future.

What Is In Violife Cheese? And Is Violife Cheese Healthy? Here Are The Violife Cheese Ingredients

The Violife cheese range all look like their regular dairy versions, and smell like them too. Yet they are completely free from dairy, soya, gluten, lactose, nuts and preservatives. As they are all soy free, what are they made of?

Coconut oil is the main ingredient of the Violife product, and this has been proven to have all manner of evidence based health benefits. These include inhibiting the growth of certain bacteria and fungi, and being a great source of antioxidants.

The products are also all reinforced with vitamin B12, which is an incredibly important vitamin our body needs to stay healthy and function well.

And the products also contain other natural ingredients such as not genetically modified colours and olive extract. 

However, just like real cheese, this vegan cheese has pretty much the same calories and fat content. So I would consider it right to use it just like I would regular dairy and cheese products. 

Would I Buy the These Again? What Other Products are in the Violife Range?

As I said at the start, I have been using Violife products as a part of my dairy free diet for a few months now. Some of the other products in the range include

  • A dairy free spread perfect for an alternative to butter or margarine.
  • A vegan soft cream cheese – which is great as a sandwich filling or on crackers.
  • Violife mozzarella slices – which taste just like standard mozzarella and are the best vegan cheese for pizza in my opinion.

I would definitely recommend Violife as a first choice if you are seeking to replace any dairy item with a vegan or lactose free alternative. I think they have the best range of vegan cheeses. And I also certainly think it is the best lactose free cheese on the market, having such a fabulous range for all your needs, be it a lactose intolerance or for vegan recipes.

A Range of Violife Vegan Cheese products

Where To Buy Violife Cheese

Discover their wide range of award winning, delicious vegan products at a supermarket near you!

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Violife Cheese Review - we were sent a range of vegan cheese to sample & taste. What did we think & how do they compare to regular cheese?

3 Replies to “Violife Cheese Review”

  1. Kim Carberry says:

    From my early teen years until I was about 30 years old cheese used to give me migraines so I stopped eating it. I would have loved to have tried Violife back then as an alternative as I loved cheese. It does look and sound so good. x

  2. coldi says:

    I remember a very long time ago when I decided to be vegan at 14 (so about 20 years ago!) the cheese options were the worst, so much so that I just gave up trying to find an alternative! There are so many great options now. I love that there are so many great new products around and that they actually taste nice now!


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