Unicorn Stuff For Girls – The Best Unicorn Gifts For 7 Year Olds from Wicked Uncle

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I am a huge fan of mindful gifting. And I think that it is so important that when you buy a gift that it is something that you know that the recipient will cherish. To ensure that it is not quickly discarded. One of my favourite places when looking for brilliant children’s gifts is Wicked Uncle. They have such a massive brilliant range of toys for kids of all ages and interests. But today I am going to be talking about some of their best unicorn stuff for girls. CLICK HERE to see some of the best ideas for unicorn gifts for girls that you will find for sale online!

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Unicorn Stuff For Girls – The Best Unicorn Items For Girls From Wicked Uncle

My 7 year old daughter, my niece and all their friends are currently obsessed with unicorns! These magical, mythical, fantasy creatures that present in pretty pastel rainbow shades can be found on everything my daughter owns and wants currently.

So I was delighted when Wicked Uncle gave me the chance to sample and review some of their brilliant selection of unicorn gifts. With a myriad of birthday parties coming up, it is always useful to see and try out the wonderful selection of girls unicorn gifts. And if you are looking for Christmas day gifts or birthday present ideas for unique unicorn gifts for little girl recipients, do go look at what Wicked Uncle has to offer. Here is what I tried out.

Unicorn Colour Changing Umbrella – RRP £15.95

First of the unicorn gifts for little girls that my daughter chose is this magical unicorn colour changing umbrella. When dry, it has a pretty pattern of pastel unicorns, flowers and rainbows.

Colour changing umbrella dry

But when wet, all the colours seem to magically transform into bright vibrant hues. 

Colour changing umbrella wet

We were mesmerised by the changing effect!


Unicorn BookTails Bookmark – RRP £8.95

Secondly, my daughter loves to read and so she chose this cute and practical plush bookmark. You simply pop the head out of the top, and a thick braid marks your pages, whilst at the end a fluffy tail dangles out of the bottom. Such a sweet and unusual unicorn themed gift idea.

Unicorn Bookstalls Bookmark


Pipkits Friendship Charm Bracelet Set – RRP £14.95

Next of the unicorn presents for girls that we decided to try was this friendship bracelet kit. Inside the tub are enough cords, beads and silver plated charms to make six unicorn charm bracelets. Using the step by step instructions, all that is needed is a few knots and you will have made a cute friendship bracelet. 

Unicorn charm bracelet kit

I loved this idea for if you had a small birthday party. Or for play dates where there are a small group of girls. I could just imagine my daughter and some of her best friends making these around the table. How cute!

Fantasy Glitter Tattoo Set – RRP £9.95

Finally, we decided to try this glitter tattoo kit. My daughter loves glitter tattoos, and this kit comes with 3 colours of glitter, a brush and loads of tattoo templates to try.

Glitter tattoo kit

Whilst this is not completely unicorn themed, there are some unicorns in the set of templates, so my daughter thought it would appeal to all her friends, and not just the unicorn loving ones. 


Wicked Uncle has a massive range of unicorn toys for 7 year olds, as well as unicorn gift ideas for girls of all ages. They also have a great price range, and cater for all budgets. So if you are looking to shop for girls unicorn stuff, do go and check out the range here.

With unicorn toys for girls starting at just £6, they won’t break the bank. And are sure to delight any unicorn loving child. 

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