Types Of Netting Available For Your Garden

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Whether you are new to gardening or are looking for ways to protect your garden, garden netting is a necessity. Garden netting is a great way to protect your plants, flowers and fruit and vegetable patches from any unwanted pests and animals. Netting is also a great way to protect your garden from harsh weather conditions. There are many types of garden netting available, so you will be sure to find one that is suitable for your needs. But if you are still unsure on what netting to go for, here is a guide to help you out.

Types Of Netting Available For Your Garden


Netting For Your Garden

Bird Netting

Bird netting is essential for keeping birds out of any fruit or vegetable patch. Birds are likely to try and eat the fruit and vegetables that you grow, and they can even destroy the crop before it has the chance to grow. Bird netting is durable and heavy duty, meaning not only does it do a great job at keeping birds away from your patches, but it will also withstand extreme weather conditions. This means it lasts for a long time and rarely needs replacing. Bird netting is also great as it does not stretch or lose its form and comes in a variety of sizes too.


Insect Netting

Insect netting is also another essential item that every gardener should have in their garden shed. It is great for protecting your plants and crops from any insects or smaller pests. Insect netting is also great as it allows sunlight to enter, which is essential for plants and crops to grow. But also gives them shelter on rainier days. Not only can this type of netting last up to 10 years but it is also easy to work with and move. Meaning if it were to get damaged or ripped, it can easily be replaced or fixed with patches and resin glue.


Garden Fleece

Garden fleece is much finer netting than bird and insect netting. But it is also extremely effective at protecting your plants and crops from pests and weather conditions. This type of netting is extremely light, soft, and easy to work with. Which makes it the ideal type of netting for someone who is new to gardening. Garden fleece netting is also quite cheap and easily available to buy and can be found in many places such as Little Fields Farm.


Heavy Duty Netting

Another great type of garden netting is heavy duty netting. This can be used to protect bigger plants or bushes from birds and pests, as well your flowers and crops. Just as the name suggest, this netting is strong and durable. It will typically last for a long period of time. It is recommended that heavy duty netting is secured into the group with pegs. Pegging down your netting will ensure that the netting stays in place. And that it will not get moved by any birds or pests trying to get into your plants or crops.

Make sure to look into your options carefully.

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