Travelling alone: a guide for first-time solo travellers exploring the world

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Travelling the world is the most enriching experience you can have in life. You have the opportunity to explore new cultures, values, and incredible people who will stay with you forever. Travelling with friends is fun, but once you find courage, you might want to try solo travelling to explore new realms and connect with your inner self. Being alone for a while can be a therapeutic experience, and finding yourself in a completely new part of the world can help you gain a new perspective on life. If you are willing to take your passion for travelling to the next level, in this article, you can find a guide to make the most of your experience travelling alone for the first time.

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Travelling alone: a guide for first-time solo travellers exploring the world

travelling alone for the first time

Keep in touch with your loved ones 

Travelling alone might not sound like a great idea to your family and friends, so to peace their minds it’s vital to keep in touch with them. Daily calls, text messages and video calls are essential to assure them that you are safe and having the best time of your life. Still, roaming is a big problem when travelling abroad, but with an eSim for the United Kingdom, you can ensure the best internet connection for your entire trip. Consider sending your location from time to time, and share pictures and your activities to let everyone know you are all right. So, understandably, in this way, it can be a stress-free vacation for you and your loved ones. 

Choose a solo-friendly destination 

There must be so many parts of the world remaining yet to be discovered for you, but when you travel alone, things get more complicated, and since safety is your top priority, you must choose a solo-friendly destination where you can experience new things with no fear. For instance, these are some beautiful countries you can explore by yourself: 

  • Bali: It’s a popular destination for solo travellers who are looking for a spiritual retreat. You can heal your body and mind with the traditional Balinese ceremonies and rituals, get to know amazing people who spend their lives helping others, and take home important values and a new perspective. 
  • Costa Rica: It’s considered the happiest country in the world thanks to the friendliness of local people and multiple opportunities for adventures that solo travellers can embrace during their trip. Moreover, it’s considered a safe country for both women and men. 
  • Netherlands: The magnificent Netherlands is a top choice for solo travellers who want to admire breathtaking landscapes and meet lovely people without worries. It’s a safe country with a beautiful culture worth discovering. 

Do your homework on the new culture

Respect and tolerance are core principles you should consider before heading to your vacation. In fact, it’s crucial to get familiarised with the culture of the country you are going to explore and research the regulations, restrictions, traditions and other specific aspects of the country so that you avoid offensive behaviour. What seems normal to us, like gestures and clothing, might be offensive in other cultures, so to keep your experience on a friendly level, it’s important to dig deeply into the local values and beliefs.

Moreover, even if English is globally known, some countries do not speak it oftenly, so try to learn the basic phrases and words you need; learn to say thank you, yes and no to begin with, and once you are there, you can slowly expand your vocabulary when you get in contact with local people, so you must listen carefully as they speak. 

Book an Airbnb experience 

Hotels can make you feel lonely, and there is no joy in returning to your room after a day full of great experiences without interacting with other people. So, an Airbnb is a great accommodation choice when you’re travelling alone. Choosing a shared house is a real experience because you can find apartments, houses or cosy cabins you share with other guests, and commonly, you share some areas like the kitchen and living room where you can get to know other solo travellers willing to meet new people. It would be best to book your room in advance, so that you avoid finding yourself in a situation where you do not find a good place to stay. 

Get to know new people 

Undoubtedly, solo travel sounds lonely and sad. Still, it doesn’t have to be this way. Travelling alone is a great opportunity to expand your horizons and meet your people. Local events, Airbnb, and group tours are just some ways to make new friends. Don’t be afraid to start a conversation anywhere, especially when you see a group of tourists your age. Of course, you must not accept every proposal coming from strangers, so you should trust your gut. If your instinct tells you to go for it, you should consider the idea; otherwise, refuse respectfully. 

Learn to say no and stay safe 

It would be a great idea to ask your accommodation manager for some local safety tips because, even when you pick a safe destination, being alone can be scary. For example, make sure you walk on crowded streets, avoid night walks in isolated areas, keep your money secure and hidden, and walk with confidence so as not to showcase your fears. Also, remember that “no” means no in every language. So don’t put yourself in uncomfortable situations just to be respectful because you can indeed refuse respectfully when you don’t feel safe. 

We hope this article encourages you to explore the world alone with confidence. So, go for that adventure you postponed until now, have faith in yourself and your strengths, meet new people, explore new amazing places and expand your horizons. Travelling alone for the first time is a great way to bring home new values, principles and a new perspective on life. 


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