Top 5 European Countries to Visit

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You can’t beat a good holiday. And having a vacation booked in can give you something to look forward to over the coming months. You don’t necessarily have to jet off halfway around the world for an incredible holiday and there are many beautiful, interesting and diverse places all over Europe to choose from. Here are 5 of the best European destinations to choose from.
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Top 5 European Countries to Visit




If you are looking for sun, sea and sand then it is hard to beat Portugal. Thanks to its location on the west coast of the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal boasts lovely weather all year round along with sandy beaches, charming fishing villages and historic towns. A cruise to Portugal will be a fantastic way to explore and gives you the chance to enjoy life at sea while indulging in luxury – you can book a cruise from Southampton that will allow you to enjoy all of this.



France is a great option and not just because it is incredibly easy to reach from the UK.  It is a country that has spectacular natural beauty, picturesque towns and cities and, of course, great food and wine. It is also a large country with many different places to consider, so you can always find a destination whether you want to explore one of the fine cities, relax in the countryside or enjoy a beach destination.



In terms of history and culture, it is hard to beat Italy. Again, this is a destination which is diverse with many highlights throughout, including Rome, Venice, Florence and the Amalfi Coast. A cruise could be a great way to explore Italy and allow you to take in multiple destinations. It also has a gorgeous climate and is a great place to visit at any time of the year.



As a slightly alternative destination, Norway is an incredible country and somewhere that everyone should visit at some point. Norway is breathtakingly beautiful with its mesmerising fjords. nd it is also the best place to see the Northern Lights (a bucket list experience for many). Again, a cruise is a fantastic way to see all that Norway has to offer.



Greece is another good choice if you are seeking warm weather and beautiful sandy beaches. But there is much more to it than this. Greece is also one of the most important historical destinations in the world and home to many archaeological wonders. You also have islands like Santorini, Mykonos and Crete to choose from with beautiful scenery and beaches overlooking the Aegean Sea.


These are 5 of the best destinations to choose from for a vacation in Europe. The top 5 European countries to visit. And you do not even have to limit yourself to just one holiday! Europe has it all and something for every type of visitor and the above destinations will all give you an incredible experience.

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