Top 4 Safest Countries To Travel In 2023 

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If you want to start the year on a good note with an incredible journey, you must look for places that can provide safety and security. Therefore, here is a list of some of the best and most protected countries you can go to without worry, the top 4 safest countries to travel in 2023. These places have the best people that will warmly greet you, and the authorities are prepared better than anyone to face problems you may encounter. 

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Top 4 Safest Countries To Travel In 2023


Of course, there are many other aspects you need to consider when choosing a country you want to visit besides safety. For example, the accommodation prices, the local food, the people’s customs and some things you mustn’t do while visiting. Usually, you are provided with security, but you also need to respect the country’s practices and ensure you’re not perturbing the locals so that anyone can mutually enjoy their time. 

Let’s get to the top!




Iceland is said to be the number one safest country in the world. The ranks are recorded in the 2022 Global Peace Index, with a score of 1.107. You can check the GPI for other countries, too, as it provides an unbiased view of the country’s safety. 

Iceland is a safe place for all kinds of people as it’s gender equal. At the same time, if you’re travelling with your child, you don’t have to worry about leaving them roaming around the playground or offering more freedom since kids are always protected in Iceland. The only aspects you need to be careful about include road safety and preparation for going into the wilderness. Iceland is such a great country that you may even decide to move there. 

Having fun in Iceland includes the following activities:

  • Horseback riding;
  • Snorkelling;
  • Ice caving or glacier hiking;
  • Visiting North Iceland;
  • Going on tourist sites, such as Westfjords;
  • Seeing the Northern lights;


New Zealand 

According to the GPI, New Zealand is the second safest country in the world, with a score of 1.269. Here, the crime rate is low, climate change is managed correctly, and people are friendly. However, what makes New Zealand scary sometimes include its earthquake and volcanoes, which are an active risk, especially for the locals, but if you’re only visiting, you should be safe. 

Another aspect you need to consider when visiting New Zealand is the animals. Although most of the wildlife is safe, you should be careful where you’re travelling on your own. The safest city here is Wellington, and some of the most secure islands are the Wairarapa District and Queenstown. 

Here’s what you can do in New Zealand:

  • Visit the set of the Hobbit movies;
  • Sail on one of the islands;
  • Visit the volcano island of Mount Eden;
  • Go on a wine adventure at Waiheke Island;
  • Kayak in the Goat Island or Lake Taupō;
  • Visit the Hamilton Gardens;
  • Go to the Northern Island to boogie board;



Ireland is the third country in the GPI report rated the safest in the world, with a score of 1.288. According to the documentation, the country’s safety has increased recently, and it might outshine New Zealand soon enough if it continues lowering its crime rates. Ireland has one of the smallest spending budgets on defence and minor evasion of international conflict. You can say that people here are pretty peaceful, as they’re naturally courteous and are the most welcoming to visitors and tourists. Irish people are very easy-going, so you’ll have a great time here. 

However, you need to be careful when driving because, in Ireland, you drive on the left side of the road. You might want to avoid accidents, even if you can claim compensation in case of an injury after the accident, according to You also should be careful with rental cars or tourist areas because card theft sometimes occurs, so if you don’t want your belongings to be stolen, it would be best to keep an eye on the location you’re staying at.  

Here’s what you can do in Ireland for fun:

  • Explore the ancient Irish castles, such as the Dublin Castle, the Ashford Castle and the Blarney Castle;
  • Visit the Mother Cliffs and walk around to an altitude of 200 feet;
  • Go to the Bend of the Boyne, one of the most historically significant sites in Europe;
  • Have a great beer-tasting experience at the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin; 
  • Visit the Dublin Zoo to see some of the most exotic animal breeds;
  • Enter the Galway Cathedral, where you’ll see some of the most beautiful rose windows and mosaics;



Denmark is the fourth safest country in the world, rated with a 1.296 score. It is one of the few countries that have increased their defence budgets, so you should be reassured when travelling as regardless of what happens, you’ll return home safely. Although Denmark and Slovenia have decreased in ranking due to violent demonstrations, the country is safe to visit if you avoid visiting right when such a happening occurs. 

Generally speaking, Danish people are well-educated and open-minded people, which is why they’re so straightforward and punctual about their lives. The Danish stereotype shows that they love their close friends and families, but that doesn’t mean they’re not open to living among tourists and visitors. 

Here are some fun activities you should try while in Denmark:

  • Ski in Copenhagen;
  • Visit the ARoS Art Museum and walk through the rainbow rooftop;
  • Explore the Lego building in Billund;
  • Climb above the treetops at the Camp Adventure;
  • Go bridge walking in Middelfart;
  • Watch the starlings across the sky during late August;


Bottom line 

If you’re an adventurer but want to roam safely around the cities, it’s best to look at the GPI report and choose the countries that provide security to all kinds of people. Of course, safety doesn’t mean boring places, as the countries presented above are one of the most beautiful and culturally rich that you must visit in a lifetime. Regardless of the high safety index, it’s best to always be wary of the places you visit and take care of your belongings. 


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