Tips To Create A Bedroom Style For A Restful Space

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Your bedroom can be more than a place to sleep. It’s your personal space to escape to, rest and recharge the batteries. Creating this restful space can be about more than a comfortable bed and cosy linen. It can also be about having a bedroom that reflects your personal style and mood through decorations and other personal items. From your mattress to your decor, here’s how to nail your bedroom style to create that relaxing bedroom space you desire.

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Start With Your Furniture

The right bedroom furniture can make a big difference in how your room feels, helping to create a relaxed mood. A gorgeous bed with cosy bedding is one way to help you snooze off to sleep in peace at night. A comfortable mattress and pillow are essential, but the overall layout and design of your bedroom can also impact your ability to relax and unwind. 

Start with your furniture and plan out the key items that need to be colour coordinated and similar in style. The wrong combination of woods and textures can disrupt the calm energy of your room, so be sure to choose key furniture pieces that work together. From bedside tables to dressers and other storage solutions, there are plenty of options to create a functional space for you. 


Add A Personal Touch With Decor

Styling your bed can help bring personality and fill your bedroom with the things you love. Decorate your bedroom with ornaments, pieces of art and other decorations that make you smile when you see them. Plus, it can help lift your mood when you walk in the room. Why not print out some of your favourite memories and display them in photo frames around your room?

Decorations are a great way to help you create your personal sanctuary, while also expressing your style. The best bit? They can easily be updated when you feel the need for a quick refresh!


Match Your Mood With Colours

Colour schemes can greatly impact the overall look and feel of a bedroom, but can also change from person to person. For some, soothing neutrals like white and creams can offer a calm touch to the bedroom. Meanwhile, others may love the soft gentle hues of blues or greens, which can help create a relaxing space. Then there’s warm colours like red and orange which can add some energy to your space. It all comes down to the mood that you want to create, and what you find soothing. 

There are no shortage of ways to incorporate your chosen colour or colours into your space. For a simple refresh, update your bedding or quilt cover in a colour that you love. If you want to bring in even more colour, go for statement pieces like a piece of art or even a colourful rug. 

Bedroom Updates You Can Complete This Weekend

Create A Clutter-free Space

Do you find that a cluttered bedroom leaves you feeling restless before you settle in for the night? To create a restful space, take a look at your surfaces and see if they’re cluttered by decorations or everyday items. 

From there, you might find that you need to invest in storage solutions like baskets for shelves that also look a lot better aesthetically, or under-bed storage. Take a look at items you need every day, and keep them somewhere within easy reach. From there, you can store away items you don’t need as often like big winter clothing or accessories.

It’s not just clearing things away that’s important, but also considering how much furniture you have in the space. If you have a bedroom on the smaller side then you may want to opt for furniture that fits – like a queen size bed rather than a king. Avoid over-cluttering the space with items you don’t need like extra shelves – you can always add more as you go along!


Don’t Forget About The Finishing Touches

It’s the small touches that can really transform your space. Think about the small things like a candle in your favourite scent or even a diffuser with some of your favourite oils. Scents can help provide a calming aroma that helps soothe the mind after a long day. 

Then, there’s your lighting. Soft, warm lighting can help create a restful space, signalling to the body that it’s time to wind down for the day. From a bedside lamp to soft fairy lights, there are plenty of ways to give your bedroom a warm glow. I prefer battery fairy lights which don’t necessitate the need for a socket, so it is always useful to keep a set of rechargeable battery with charger handy too.

So there you have it, the best ways to nail your bedroom style for a restful space aren’t that complicated at all. You can create a beautiful and relaxing bedroom by using calming colours, adding soft lighting, incorporating comfortable bedding and pillows, decluttering the space, and adding personal touches such as artwork or photographs. 


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