Time For Phonics Review

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Got a small child that is finding it hard to engage with phonics? Struggling yourself to teach a subject matter that is a million miles away from how you learnt it? Then today I have a new resource that may help – and read on to see how you can get free access for 30 days! Here is my Time for Phonics review.

# Ad Disclosure – I was gifted free membership to this service for the benefit of this review. But all opinions are my own and honest. For more details, do see my disclosure policy page


Time For Phonics Review


Time for Phonics review - we reviewed a new resource for phonics learning. Here is what we thought. Helpful for phases 2, 3, 4 and 5 phonics.


I must admit, I do struggle with the whole concept of phonics. When I was a child back in the 70s, the way of teaching reading was miles away from the way that my little girl is being taught. And I did find it all mega confusing when my little girl came home with all the home learning kit.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about some of the best free resources for education out there at the moment, but this week I was incredibly glad to be offered the chance to check out one of the newest ones. 

Time For Phonics is the brainchild of Heather McAvan, and she has created a games site full of fun ways for children to learn phonics. And my little girl tried it out.


What Did We Think?


The website is easy to navigate. We reviewed the parents only section. Though there is also a section available for teachers to subscribe to too. The phonics games cover phases 2,3,4, and 5 in phonics.

Time For Phonics Screeenshot


The games are fun and easy for children to play. Elizabeth really enjoyed playing the games on the site, and we worked through all the stages up to where she has got in her learning. As she learns new phonics, we can play those games too. Her favourite, though, was the space unicorn from the space farm game. 


The Space Unicorn eating a silly word in Time For Phonics

Heather, the creator of the website, says that there are more games in the pipeline being developed to add to the site.


About the Creator Of Time For Phonics


Heather McAvan is the creator of Time For Phonics, and she is no stranger to child education and play. She already runs the very successful educational site Mrs Mactivity.

But she was desperate to engage her daughter with phonics learning. Her daughter simply would not engage with anything that Heather had tried, and so Heather decided to create and launch her own phonics games website.

She collaborated with leading phonics experts to develop the games. And the website is up and running here.

If you go to the website you can currently sign up for 30 days free access. After that it costs merely £10 for a whole year.

I would definitely recommend giving it a try for the trial period, as it is a great resource whilst schools are in lockdown or for homeschooling.

Do you think this will help your little one? I’d love to know your thoughts and whether you have enjoyed my review of the Time for Phonics site? Comment below or do find me on my social media pages.

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Time for Phonics review - we reviewed a new resource for phonics learning. Here is what we thought. Helpful for phases 2, 3, 4 and 5 phonics.



4 Replies to “Time For Phonics Review”

  1. Caz / InvisiblyMe says:

    This ‘sounds like’ a brilliant idea, excuse the pun! I love the colourful nature and the idea of the games, while making the website easy to use. I imagine every extra resource will help during these periods of lockdown and to help children catch up and keep engaged in their learning. Heather McAva has done brilliantly with this, and £10 for a year, after a freebie month, sounds like a bargain. Neat review!

  2. Kim Carberry says:

    I used to hate it when my girls were learning phonics. You are right, it is so different from how we were taught. The games sound like a lot of fun and are a great way for little one’s to learn. x

  3. Carol says:

    Ways of teaching change through the decades. I’m older than you and was taught using phonics and then it went out of style. Sounds like it is back again. #MMBC

  4. Lisa | Handmade in Israel says:

    My kids learnt to read English using the Letterland method. It also seemed bizarre to me at the time, but it worked! They are both fluent in two languages. #MMBC


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