This Is Unfolded Review – Affordable Sustainable Clothing

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I am always mindful when buying clothing and rarely buy myself new clothes because of the impact I know that fashion has on the planet. It is part of the reason that I make my own clothes too, as doing this makes me appreciate the time, effort and how sustainable the cloth is that goes into making a garment. But just occasionally I do buy myself the odd piece. And I prefer to buy ethically, purchasing affordable sustainable clothing if I can.

However this can be quite difficult. It is important to research brands, even if they claim to be sustainable. In recent  years, lots of high street brands have been found to be ‘greenwashing’ – claiming that their practices and manufacturing is far more ethical and sustainable than it really is. 

Are you too looking for affordable sustainable clothing? Well today I have an sustainable and ethical clothing brand to share with you. This Is Unfolded recently got in touch with me and asked me to try some of their clothes to review. So here is what I made of the clothing I received and of their brand in general.

*Ad – I received an Alison Ditsy Print Midi Dress from This Is Unfolded for the purpose of this article and review. But all my views are honest and my own. For more details please see my Disclosure Policy

This Is Unfolded Review – Affordable Sustainable Clothing


Did you know that 30% of clothes made are never sold? Horrifyingly, this means that about 20 BILLION clothes go straight to landfill EVERY YEAR.

This Is Unfolded are committed to stopping this, whilst making a difference in the local communities where their clothes are produced. They do this by

  • only making the clothes that are ordered from the brand.
  • working closely with the factories to ensure garment makers are paid fairly and treated ethically and
  • funding education for children from each item that they sell

And they pledge to do this whilst keeping their clothing inclusive, affordable and fashionable!


This Is Unfolded Clothing Collection

This is Unfolded produce many different styles of clothing, both for women and children. Their ladies collection goes up to a UK size 24, which makes it incredibly inclusive. 

Alison Ditsy Midi Dress from This Is Unfolded.

I was sent the Alison Ditsy Print Midi Dress, which is made from sustainable EcoVero Viscose. This uses less water and supports sustainable forests. The Alison has a button down from, cute ties to the sleeves, and it also has pockets.

At £49, it is also very affordable.

It is comfortable and stylish. At a size 22 and 5 foot 3, it is a little long on me. But it is incredibly versatile. It looks lovely paired with heels and a denim jacket for spring, or can be paired with tights and boots for winter too.

The Alison dress from This Is Unfolded paired with denim jacket and bag

Just a brief look through This Is Unfolded’s collection shows lots of different styles and pieces. From elegant blouses to everyday dresses, they are sure to have something to suit most women. And they also do children’s clothing in ages 3-10 years too.


Removing The Waste That Other Brands Make

Every order This Is Unfolded receives is made to order. This means that the brand match demand and supply, do not over produce clothes, and only make the clothes that have been ordered from them. However, this does also mean that you do have to wait for your order to be produced.

My dress took about 2-3 weeks to arrive, and personally this isn’t a problem for me. Again, it means that I appreciate the order, ensures I thought about the order before purchasing, and it avoids my order being about instant gratification. 

Furthermore, This is Unfolded ensure that as little of the leftover fabric they produce goes to landfill, by using the offcuts as bag linings, or donating to local people in the surrounding Indian community.


They Are Committed To Transparent Reporting Of Their Sustainability

After each collection, This Is Unfolded product an Impact Statement. This says how many items were produced, how much of the collection went to landfill, and how many children have been helped as a byproduct of sales.

Whilst sales have gone up, so have numbers of children helped into education. And zero items have gone directly to landfill from the brand, so the model is definitely working.

Swap What You Don’t Want

What happens if you don’t like the item, or it doesn’t fit as well as you would like? Well, in some cases, a refund is necessary, so This is Unfolded does offer a returns policy.

All in all I am delighted with my dress, I am sure I will be wearing it so much this year, and will probably shop from This Is Unfolded again.

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Looking for affordable sustainable clothing? This is Unfolded sent me a dress to review. Find out more about this ethical clothing brand.


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  1. Stephen Fleming says:

    What an insightful and positive review! It’s refreshing to find an affordable sustainable clothing brand like This Is Unfolded, committed not only to producing eco-friendly fashion but also contributing positively to local communities. The transparency in reporting sustainability efforts and the option to swap items demonstrate a genuine commitment to ethical practices. Your review provides valuable information for those looking to make conscious fashion choices. Great job!


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