Things To Do In Barcelona With Teenagers

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One of the most vibrant cities in Spain, Barcelona has it all. And if you know where to go, it is perfect for couples and families alike. But in this article, I am going to tell you about some of the best things to do in Barcelona with teenagers.

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Things To Do In Barcelona With Teenagers


Barcelona Sightseeing

We know that traveling and sightseeing with children can be tiring for them, so it is important that we find a space where they can have a great time and have the best memories of these vacations. If you are planning on visiting Barcelona with your teen kids, you are going to have a great time!

Barcelona is a vibrant and friendly city that has something to offer to everyone at any age, and at any time of the year since it has fabulous weather all year round.

Its beaches are extremely fun for anyone no matter how old; there are tons of activities you can experience in the Mediterranean sea, and unlimited touring in the city.

This city is not only the best place to attend a Spanish class Barcelona school, but it is also one of the best places to embark on a family adventure; where both teenagers and parents will have plenty of fun. There are mouthwatering markets, colourful parks, beaches galore and what seems like an endless supply of churros and chocolate. The city is fun to walk and wander. Barcelona’s public transportation, the Metro, is inexpensive and easy to navigate, even with a family in tow.

In this article we will detail how to hit the teen-friendly highlights. Let ‘s get started!

Have fun at Tibidabo!

If you travel to Barcelona you can visit one of the oldest operating amusement parks in the world, Tibidabo, is a perfect place for your children to unleash their adrenaline and have a dream day. 30 attractions include a roller coaster, a Ferris wheel, several bumper cars and the terrifying Hotel Krüeger, the park’s horror house. Adults will also be able to enjoy the privileged views of the city of Barcelona that it offers.

Weekends in Barcelona are extremely fun if you spend a day at Tibidabo. To make sure that the park is open the day you plan your visit, check the opening hours on its website. On the other hand, you can get to Tibidabo by public transport with the T2A bus that leaves from Plaça de Catalunya, or with the Tibidabo funicular. The park also offers a car park at the top of the hill.

Museums for teens

Visiting museums is one of the many things to do with teens in Barcelona. Some of them can be a little boring for the kids, but others can be a great experience. Here are some museums that may be more popular for teens.

Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA)

If you and your kids like contemporary art, MACBA is the best place to visit. It hosts internationally-known contemporary art exhibits you cannot miss!

This is also where the local skater community hangs out. If you have a teen into the scene, he/she can see local kids practicing in front of the museum.

Museu de la Xocolata

Chocolate Museums are for everyone! The Barcelona Chocolate Museum teaches the history of chocolate and offers a playful and didactic space. It allows us to take a tour of the origins of chocolate, its arrival in Europe and its diffusion as an element situated between myth and reality.

In addition to the range of activities on offer, the museum has educational material aimed at kids of all stages. It often has some really interesting-looking workshops and classes, but they must be booked well in advance. However, the truth is, this place is less about learning the history and production of chocolate and more about seeing statues of Yoda and Lionel Messi made entirely of the sweet stuff. It is extremely fun and delicious.

The Inventions Museum (MIBA)

 Also known as Museu d’idees I Invents de Barcelona (The Museum of Ideas and Inventions), MIBA is a great spot for curious kids. Is one of the most original, interesting and fun museums in Barcelona, that is why it is ideal to go with children. This is a very special kind of museum, and this is pretty obvious from the moment you walk in.

At this museum you can try out a hurricane simulator in which you will experience winds of 127 km/h.; among a huge amount of exhibits. Some of the inventions may seem useless, others are really funny, and there are some that are very interesting. You can´t get bored at this magnificent place!

Other Museums for Teens in Barcelona

There are so many great museums you would have to spend one whole week in Barcelona to visit them all. It just depends on what you and your kids like. If you like science museums, then Cosmo Caixa is worth a look.

However, if you and your kids prefer art, then the Fundació Joan Miro is a great choice. Barcelona also has a great Salvador Dali museum, however if you just want to see one Dali exhibit you can just visit Salvador Dali´s mausoleum.

A day at the beach – Activities at the sea

The Beach At Barcelona

The best time to visit barcelona beaches is during the summer. However, the weather is so nice the whole year that you can also experience them during the spring and autumn. Mediterranean Sea gives teenagers visiting Barcelona an excellent opportunity to practice numerous water sports and fun activities among the waves.

Practice paddle surfing, parasailing and kayaking in the Olympic Port, have fun with an inflatable at full speed with the fly fish or try the jet skis in the Fòrum park, an unforgettable experience for the most intrepid. There are several companies that organize these types of activities, so it is best to check with the city’s tourist office for advice on the most appropriate ones.

Barcelona Bosc Urba

An adventure park on the heights of the Fòrum de Barcelona is a good alternative to get all the adrenaline that both adolescents and adults carry inside. Slide down zip lines, climb nets, cross impossible bridges and have a great time with the circuit that the urban forest adapts to each type of visitor. If your teenage children are into strong emotions, take them to experience the red circuit, reserved for the bravest.


Do you think that you will be doing any of these best things to do in Barcelona with YOUR teenager? I’d love to hear about your trip. Comment below, or do find me on social media.

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