The Ultimate Moving Day Guide: 7 Tips for a Smooth Move

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Everyone who has undertaken a move knows that moving houses, while exciting, can be a stressful and time-consuming task. Successfully transporting everything you own in one climatic ‘moving day’ is quite the challenge. It requires intensive physical labour and a whole lot of preparation. 

We’ve put together the ultimate guide of moving day tips so that the stress of moving houses can be minimised (well, as much as humanly possible)!

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Tip #1: Plan Ahead 

We know that it may seem like overkill, but mapping out the day hour by hour leading up to moving day will save you so much time fluffing around. It will also help you figure out how you’ll tackle the tasks that come up throughout the day. 

If you do all the hard thinking and planning before the big day, when it comes to it, all you’ll need to do is put some elbow grease in. And take care of any unexpected issues that arise. No matter how intensely you plan, they always will. 


Tip #2: Hire Professional Removalists

Enlisting the help of a professional removalist company will take a huge amount of pressure off your shoulders on moving day. Not only will they provide a vehicle and people who will help with all of the physical labour, but your removalists are experienced. Remember – they do this for a living.

Having people around who know all the moving day tips and tricks that only experience can grant you will make the day go so much more smoothly. If you’re tackling a big move such as an interstate relocation, hiring help is especially useful. You can use online platforms such as Muval to find trusted removalists who specialise in interstate relocations. 


Tip #3: Pack as early as possible

There is no need to leave packing your stuff in boxes for moving day. The majority of your household items and personal belongings can be packed up about a week or so before moving day. This leaves only the absolute essentials to be packed on moving day. 

In the weeks and days before moving, pack what you can bit by bit. The best way to do this without it feeling like a chore is to multitask. You could listen to your favourite music or podcast, watch some TV or bring friends around to have a few beers while you pack. Trust me, you’ll thank yourself on moving day when all that’s left to do is move the boxes from A to B. 


Tip #4: Declutter!

Take moving as a chance to declutter your life and only bring the things you need and that bring you joy to your new place. It is incredible how much junk you accumulate over the years without even realising it. Purging all of the stuff that you do not need will offer you a fresh start in your new place. And will also allow you to to invest in new decorations or furniture that suits your current lifestyle and preferences.

Maybe you even want to use the opportunity to start fresh to lead a more minimalist lifestyleOr place emphasis on experiences and people rather than accumulating meaningless possessions. 


Tip #5: Have a cooler on hand

The chances are, on a day as jam-packed as your moving day you probably won’t have the time to prepare yourself a nice lunch or head out for a leisurely lunch date. Make sure you have a cooler packed in an accessible location in the car. One that is filled with snacks, sandwiches, water and any other food or drinks you think you’ll need. 


Tip #6: Dress appropriately

You’re going to be getting stuck into some intense physical activity on moving day, there’s no avoiding it. So one of the best moving day tips is to ensure you wear comfortable, breathable clothes. Clothes such as as activewear that will allow you to move around easily. 

Additionally, for your safety, you should wear enclosed, sturdy shoes. The last thing you want is a broken toe because you dropped the fridge on your foot while you were wearing thongs. 

Make sure you also tie up long hair and secure anything loose such as jewellery. This ensures you don’t have the potential to get caught on furniture and other appliances. 


Tip #7: Take it all in


Among all the chaos, don’t forget to take a step back and allow yourself to reminisce about all the memories that were had in your old place. And appreciate the excitement of starting a new chapter in your life. Celebrate getting approved for that home loan or securing a rental property. 

Take pictures so that you can fondly remember the day you moved in. These milestones are incredibly special; don’t take them for granted. 


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