The Serious Readers Alex Light Review – Is It Worth It?

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As a dentist, it is so important for me to look after my eyesight. Not only for my job either. My hobbies outside of my job involve close work too, crafting and sewing. A few months ago I wrote about the changes in my vision recently that caused me to look into using varifocal contact lenses.

Varifocals have totally been a game changer for me. My close vision has improved no end. But I was warned with these new lenses that in dimmer, subdued light I would lose some image sharpness. Indeed, when I have been sewing in the evenings, even under our current lamp, I have noticed that my eyes get tired so much faster. So when the lovely people at Serious Readers Lights asked if I would like to try one of their high definition reading lights – the Alex Light, I was really happy to do so.

The Serious Readers Alex Light Review – Is it Worth It?


the Serious Readers Alex Light

About the Product and Company


It has been scientifically proven that as we age, less light gets through to our retina. This means that it becomes harder to see detail and read in comfort. The right sort of reading light can make all the difference.

Serious Readers have been perfecting their ultimate reading lights for some time now. Readers Lights from the Serious company are used by those sewing Bentley leather seats by hand. Their LED reading lights are also used in the British Museum, Musee d’Orsay, Guggenheim and Van Gogh Museums to showcase the master artworks.

Is LED Light Good For Reading?

LED lighting is certainly the right kind of lighting for reading, as it

  • Maximises your ability to see all the detail and colours. The best way to do this is by having a light wavelength which is as close to a natural bright daylight as possible. Serious Lights have Daylight Wavelength Technology – this is as close as possible to the kind of light that our eyes were built to use.
  • Minimises damage, by minimising eyestrain and damage to the retina. They have less blue light. Too much blue-light in a reading light can damage the retina, and cause a disturbance to our body clock.
  • Optimises your posture, comfort and wellbeing. The Serious lights have a flexible arm and swivel joint. So that the light can be focused exactly where it is needed.

The Serious Readers Alex Light

The lamp that I chose to receive was the Serious Reader Alex Light. This comes either as a floor lamp or a table lamp. Both the Serious Readers floor lamp and the Serious Readers Alex Table light come in a range of colours and finishes.

I chose the floor lamp style in black with a heavy weight base. The black colour looked really contemporary, and I was sure it would fit well with my home decor.

The Alex light has a wider beam than the Serious Readers Classic Range. So it is perfect for hobby use such as sewing and crafting. As well as being the perfect readers light for books, magazines and newspapers.

First Impressions Of The Alex Light


The lamp arrived in really great packaging. This may sound really twee, but as someone who receives a lot of large shipments, great packaging really does help set your product off in the right way. Not only was the packaging well marked on how to open, and in what order to unpack, the lamp also needed no assembly. I was able to unpack and use my product straight away. Without having to hunt down the right size of screwdriver.

The Serious Readers Alex Light - packaging

And then having unboxed the lamp I was pleased with its proportions. Although it does have a heavy base and a carry handle half way up the stem, it is still easy to move around. And it is very stylish.

The Serious Readers Alex Light - unboxed

The Serious Readers Alex Floor Light In Use

Firstly, as soon as I switched on the small lamp head, I knew that I was not going to be disappointed.

Even though my sewing machine does have an integral light, the Alex light brings much more light to my working area. It makes my whole sewing experience so much more enjoyable, both making threading the needle so much easier to see, and making seeing my stitches easier as I go along.

The Serious Readers Alex Light - sewing

Secondly, it also makes reading my patterns so much easier!

The Serious Readers Alex Light - pattern reading

And even after having the light on for a solid couple of hours, the lamp head was still only warm. Such an important consideration when I am working or crafting with my 5 year old. I can be sure that she will not harm herself, even if she does touch it. And furthermore I can rest assured that she won’t be able to topple the sturdy heavier base.

I reviewed the lamp for the first time in March, and I could see how it would be really useful in my craft room in those dark winter months from September through to April. Though a Serious Readers table light might would be a brilliant addition all year round!

Other Uses

My other half also wanted to try the lamp. He builds model tanks, and often has to work with incredibly minute model pieces. The Alex light helped him immensely to see the fine detail necessary to do his construction. It looks like I may have to share!

the serious reader alex light - tank building

Our Conclusions

At a cost of £299 the Serious Reader Alex Floor Light may appear quite an expensive purchase. But it is a real investment in your eyesight health and quality of life. It is absolutely worth it if you are worried that you may have to give up favourite pastimes such as reading, sewing or crafting due to poor light or failing vision.

People have asked about the cost of replacement Alex light bulbs? Replacement Serious Readers bulbs start at £39.99. However they are LED bulbs and last a long time. I have had my light over 2 years and have not replaced the bulb yet!

This light has been an absolute revelation to the crafting done in our house. We think that it is brilliant. It would make the ideal gift for the hobbyist in your life. Or someone who you know has given up a hobby because they were finding the light quality wasn’t good enough.

Why not try one today and check out the rest of the Serious Readers Catalogue online? Alex Lights come with a 30 day free trial, have a 5 year peace of mind guarantee, and are made here in the U.K.

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15 Replies to “The Serious Readers Alex Light Review – Is It Worth It?”

  1. Jo Boyne says:

    It is always worth checking out our vision as it does change later in life. Maybe you also are needing a new prescription.

  2. Emma Dowey says:

    this looks great! and just what you need for fiddly tasks and things like sewing! Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time!

  3. Lana says:

    This looks great. I think I might really need to get something like this for reading in the evenings. The light isn’t that great in our living room area. #KCACOLS

    1. Jo Boyne says:

      It really is such a lovely light. Perfect to read with.

    1. Jo Boyne says:

      Replacement bulbs start at £39.99. However they are LED bulbs and last a long time. I have had my light almost 2 years and have not replaced the bulb yet!

  4. Sheila Davis says:

    I wear glasses and have to use a magnifier for reading. My current lamp reflects on to the magnifier. Would a serious reader give me a clear view?

    1. Jo Boyne says:

      I honestly cannot answer this Sheila as I do not personally use a magnifier. I imagine you would still get some light reflecting back with any lamp that you used.

  5. Ann Moore says:

    I have epiretinal membrane which makes it difficult to see to read. If I sit near the window in the daytime I can see to read.
    Would a Serious Reader help?

    1. Jo Boyne says:

      Hi Ann. I do not work for Serious Readers. This is just my opinion of the lamp I was sent to review. I think it is a great lamp, but it may be worth seeing if you can trial or if they do a 30-day trial or money back guarantee to see if it is for you.

  6. Susan says:

    Hi Ann — I have had a Serious Reader for a few years and have been well pleased with it. I ‘d like to buy another, and wonder if I can purchase it locally here in New York instead of having it shipped. Thanks so much.

    1. Jo Boyne says:

      Hi there, I think you would need to contact serious readers direct and ask this.


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