The Perfect Self Care Bedtime Routine

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As a Mother to a very active live wire of a 4 year old, I often just do not get enough sleep. Between the midnight night terrors and the early morning awakening call for ‘Mummy!’ there just is never the time for me to get enough shut-eye. So here is my plan for the perfect self care bedtime routine.


The Perfect Self Care Bedtime Routine


The Perfect Self Care Bedtime Routine - in 5 simple easy steps. Relaxing before bedtime is so important. Here are some effortless ideas to help you care for yourself, by winding down to relax properly in preparation for bedtime. Follow these hints tips tricks and hacks to get the perfect nights sleep. And renew yourself to be ready for tomorrow's activities. #sleepless #winddown #selfcare #cooldown #waystocooldown #coolbedroom #insomnia #insomniahelp #windingdown #perfectsleep


1. Forget about the list of jobs that need to be done.


So what if there is some washing to put through a cycle, or the dishwasher needs loading? It can wait. And sometimes you deserve to come first. So, instead of thinking ‘I should have done that’ remember that it is ‘I could have done that’. Put your heavy load down awhile….

2. Put Away The Screens, and Turn Off The TV.


A television in the bedroom is such a bad idea. The light from a TV, computer screen, tablet or smartphone will confuse your brain, keeping you wide awake. So for the perfect wind-down turn all screens off at least an hour before you go to bed.


3. Have a Soothing Bath, Shower or a Pampering Foot Soak


If you can, setting aside an hour to have a relaxing bath with oils such as lavender or ylang ylang is the perfect way to sooth your mind before sleep. But what if it is not realistic to have that time? Even a shower or a pampering foot soak will heat your body temperature up slightly. Then, as your body cools down, it is the perfect signal to your brain that it is the right time to sleep.


Picture of a bath

(However, please note that some aromatherapy oils are not suitable in certain medical conditions or pregnancy)

Why not try some Rabot 1745 products? Here is my review.


4. Read a Book, Listen to Calming Music, Meditate, Or All Of These


Sitting mindfully for a few minutes is the perfect way to calm an overactive brain. Reading a book is perfect, as you are totally in the moment of the story. It can completely take your mind off the stressful day you may have just had.

Similarly, listening to restful and calming music can just help slow your thoughts down. I actually find audiobooks just as relaxing as music.

Find your perfect audiobook here.

Or you could just choose to sit in your favourite chair, close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing for a few minutes. Sometimes just having something to look forward to is enough to lighten your mood.

evening meditation

All of these are the perfect preparation for a restful nights sleep.


5. Make sure Your Room is Sleep Ready.


The perfect room for sleep should not be too hot, as the body prefers to be cooler when asleep.

Here are some tips for when it is too darn hot to sleep.

It also needs to be totally dark – the hormone melatonin rises in the body as we sleep when it is dark, but this process is inhibited if there is light. We don’t get as restful a night if the room is not in darkness. Maybe consider electric blackout blinds or curtains, and opening a window, Though do make sure you have a blanket or cover for if you get too cold.

And finally, after the perfect self care bedtime routine it is time to turn out the light. Goodnight and sweet dreams.

Need more tricks to help lull you to sleep? Find more ideas here.

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The perfect self care bedtime routine. Some ideas to help you care for yourself, by winding down properly in preparation for bedtime. Follow these hints tips tricks and hacks to get the perfect nights sleep! #sleepless #winddown #selfcare #cooldown #waystocooldown #coolbedroom #insomnia #insomniahelp #windingdown #perfectsleep

6 Replies to “The Perfect Self Care Bedtime Routine”

  1. Chris says:

    I have always struggled to get a good sleep. I think it is because of the distractions like I always have my phone next to me and sometimes land up watching Netflix until midnight. As a result, I wake up late without a night of good sleep. I am going to try listening to some calm music before going to bed. I hope it works well for me.

    1. Jo Boyne says:

      I know. I too am guilty of sleeping with my phone charging on the bedside table. Too much of a temptation to look at it if you wake. Maybe move it away across the room.

  2. Justin says:

    Some great tips here. I have recently started to focus on my nighttime/bedtime routine and have started practising some mindfulness. It feels a little strange to start with but it really does quieten the mind! I have also been making a focussed effort to put my phone down and pick up my book. Reading is definitely more relaxing than a bright phone screen, even with the blue light filter thing on :)

    1. Jo Boyne says:

      Thank you . Good luck keeping up the mindfulness. It does help.


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