The Instagram Bag By Paper Bag Co – A Review

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One of the things I have discovered in the last 5 years of blogging is that having a blog is not just about writing about the subject matter. It is often about a whole load of other things, such as making photographic and videographic content too. So sometimes I have needed products that help me to create some great photos and videos to accompany my written content. This week I was sent a resource to review that helps me do exactly this. Here is a review of the Instagram bag by Paper Bag Co.

*Ad – I was gifted The Foodie Bag to review by The Paper Bag Co – but all my opinions are my own and honest. See my Disclosure Policy for more details

The Instagram bag By Paper Bag Co – A Review


As a craft blogger I love to produce eye catching pins and visual images of the products that I sew and the finished sewing tutorials that I write. But it probably took me a year or so to realise that the photographs on my website were almost if not more important than the blog posts!

Once I realised, I started to play around with the backgrounds in my images. But it may have been more useful to look a little more about my techniques, and learn a little more about how to create better photos for my site.

And this is where the Instagram bag by Paper Bag Co. is really useful.

The bag I was sent actually says that it is a Foodie Bag, rather than a craft blogger bag. But to be honest it performs exactly the same function. People that create food content also really need to create great photos to stay ahead of the competition.

So what is in The Instagram Bag?

A Set Of Sturdy Backgrounds

Backgrounds - the foodie bag - Paper Bag Co

First up in the bag is a set of four backdrops. These sturdy matt plastic backgrounds are brilliant for amateurs and professionals alike to create images of their crafts or food.

With a variety of starter colours and textures to experiment with, I am looking forward to finding the perfect ones to display my creations to create the perfect photographs.

Light Reflectors and Diffuser

Light reflectors and diffuser - the Instagram bag by Paper Bag Co.

The bag comes with a set of light reflectors and a light diffuser. And these all zip together and fold into a bag so are easy to store and carry.

I am quite excited to have a play with these to see how they can affect my own photographs.

A Set Of 8 Photography Tips And Tricks Cards

Set of cards by Matt Inward - the foodie bag

The kit also contains an exclusive postcard set by Matt Inwood. This gives some brilliant tips and tricks on how to capture the perfect photograph. Again the postcards in my bag gave tips on capturing food photographs. But the tricks could easily be repurposed to use when creating my craft and sewing content.

The most useful of these to me was how to best utilise the light reflectors and diffuser, as I often find it hard when working with reflective objects that I am blogging about.

A Sturdy Bag To Organise and Carry Equipment


Last but not least we have the bag itself. It is a really good size bag, measuring about 20 inches square. So it is large enough to fit everything that the bag came with, plus my laptop, camera and large ring light. Which is brilliant should I ever need to transport my kit around with me.

Furthermore, it has a handy inner pocket and mesh dividers inside the bag, so you can organise your supplies inside the bag too.

I am sure that I am going to get a whole load of use of the kit, and cannot wait to use it more.

It costs £39.95 – so why not go take a look at the site here? And the Paper Bag Co also make lots of other bags and custom printed tissue paper too. Perfect for your Etsy business.



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