The Best Swimsuits to Buy for Your Body

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No-one knows your body better than you. But far from letting that intimidate you, this is the perfect guide to help you make the best purchase decision with your next piece of swim wear! Here is how to choose the best swimsuits to buy for your body.

The Best Swimsuits to Buy for Your Body


The Best Swimsuits to Buy for Your Body


The beauty is that you don’t have to do it alone. This handy guide is there to help you at every step of the way, using what you know about yourself. Harness that knowledge, and let’s get shopping!

Hiding the unflattering bits

Swimsuits and womens bikini tops are notorious for showing a lot of skin. But that is no reason to believe that they cannot be worn in a flattering way. Go for a slimming swimsuit if you have troublesome areas that need a bit of extra support. This will help you make the most of your strong points. The best advice here is to not just go for the first best suit you find. But to spend a bit of time to really look, try on and see what the best cut for you really is.  

Make sure it fits.

There is a very unhelpful piece of advice that has been floating around the swimwear world for years, which is to buy your swimsuit a size up for comfort. This is a bad idea for several reasons. Chiefly, the main reason why you shouldn’t, is that women’s swimsuits are designed to give a bit more when wet, so if you start off with something too big, you will end up with a very unflattering, baggy appearance, that leaves you at risk of flashing more that you’d hoped for!

If you wear a too-big swimsuit in competition or fitness scenarios, a suit that is too big can also affect your performance. As sagging and bagginess will affect your ability to move efficiently. 

What can I wear to make me look thinner?

The fabric that a swimsuit is made of can greatly affect how the wearer looks in the suit. I f you are only an occasional swimmer, lycra is a solid go-to fabric, thanks to its high stretch value. Regular swimmers do very well with nylon, as it dries quickly and is lightweight and portable. 

In the confusing world of swimwear for women, the one-piece has proven its value over the years. It is classy and traditional. Which is why many women see it as a safe and dependable option to create a look they like. It offers excellent coverage, and automatically controls wobbly tummies thanks to the full-length from panel. 

If you don’t mind showing skin, bikinis are a good option. As they offer the least restriction on movement and are, as a result, amazingly comfortable for lounging in, whether on the beach or at the poolside.  

However, If you have to choose between the two, you will need to factor in such decisions as

  • how much coverage do I need?
  • how much skin am I willing willing to show?
  • what do I intend to use the piece for?
  • how often will Il be wearing it? and
  • what is my body type?

If you buy for your body type, you will always be guaranteed a solid performance from your chosen piece. 

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