The Best Festive Activities To Enjoy With Your Children

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The festive season brings about many things, but one of the most beloved is the huge opportunity to try out new, festive adventures. We’re certain that plenty of nurseries across the UK, such as the Grandir nurseries, are flooding your child’s day with amazing activities – but what about when they’re home? There are a vast number of festive activities to indulge in with your little ones this season, so let’s get stuck in and see what options there are…

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The Best Activities To Enjoy This Festive Season With Your Children

festive activities with children

Hanging Decorations

A simple yet well-loved festive activity for children is to start decorating the house – Christmas style.

Nothing gets you more in the festive spirit than bringing out your best Christmas decorations – or even creating your own – and hanging them around the house.

Why not string some fairy lights around the living room for some cosy nights in? Have you got your tree out yet to start hanging up the snowflakes and baubles?

Festive Baking

Another great activity to try is some festive baking. The smell of cinnamon and ginger wafting through the house is a great way to get the Christmas vibes going.

It’s also a great way for the kids to learn some new skills. They can learn to mix and measure ingredients, as well as manage time for things put in the oven.

But on top of that, the best part is being able to see the final product of their creations, and most importantly, taste them!

Outdoor Exploring

With the festive season comes the winter weather, and despite the colder temperatures, it can be a great time to have some outdoor fun with the kids.

Snow can be an unpredictable occasion in the UK, but if it does happen, the possibilities are endless!

You can take the kids outside for some snowy fun, including things like snowball fights, making snow angels, and even sledding down some steep hills.

As long as you remember to wrap everyone up warm, the fun has no limit!

Seasonal Movie Night

After a day of crazy activities, sometimes what you all need is a cosy night in to wind down. Have you thought of doing a seasonal movie night with the little ones?

We’ve all got our favourite Christmas movie(s), so why not throw one on – or two, or three, or have a whole marathon?

This can also go great with your baking activities because there’s no better time than a movie night to start munching away on your festive treats.

Gift Creations

Gift-giving is one of the many joys of the Christmas season, and whilst this mainly happens on Christmas day, you can turn the entire process into days of activities for the kids.

You can add a real personal touch to your gift-giving this year and help the children make hand-crafted gifts for their loved ones.

We’re sure the grandparents or family friends will be touched by some handmade Christmas decorations, or maybe personalised photo frames, for example.

It’s a great way to spread joy and creativity!

Which of these activities are you most excited to try with the kids? Or maybe, this has helped inspire you to find your own ways to bring the fun this festive season?

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