The BENQ WiT e-Reading Lamp – A Review

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I currently spend a lot of time looking at computer screens and tablets. And too much screen time in a poor light is not good for my vision. So when I discovered that there is a product that helps to provide the optimum light for using electronic screens and computer monitors, I was really interested to find out more about this unique and innovative lamp. Here is a review of the BENQ WiT e-Reading lamp. To show you all of its advantages over a standard desk lamp.

#AD – gifted – We received the BENQ WiT e-reader lamp pictured to review – but all opinions are our own.


The BENQ WiT e-Reading Lamp – A Review



Looking at your computer screens without a light on, or using too bright a light can strain your eyes. But this lamp claims to be the first eye care lamp purely designed for digital living. So, what are the outstanding features of this rather unique product? We tried it out. 


Setting Up The Lamp


The BENQ WiT e-Reading Lamp comes flat packed, but requires very little in the way of setting up. You only need to attach the base to the adjustable arm of the lamp by tightening a screw into place. And this is a step I would recommend you do straight away, the base is incredibly heavy, and you do not want to risk it falling on your toes when moving the lamp into place.

The lamp comes with an adaptable plug – consisting of several different plug adaptors depending on where in the world you are. You just clip on the relevant plug setting for your region and you are good to go!


Unique Smile Design


Unique Smile Design OfThe BENQ WiT e-Reading Lamp


The first thing that you will probably notice about the lamp is its unique smile shaped lamp head design. This smile design diffuses the light perfectly when using a computer screen or electronic screen. The 3 separate lighting arrays and wide area of illumination ensure that you don’t get glare from an electronic screen when you are using the lamp correctly. 

The best place to position the lamp is directly above your computer screen, with the centre of the curved head of the lamp directly in the centre of the screen. This ensures the optimum light hits the screen. The large curve of the lamp diffuses the light in a way that an angle poise or standard desk lamp cannot.


Touch Activated On/Off Switch


The lamp is activated by touching the ring at the junction of the lamp head and the adjustable lamp arm. 


The lamp head


Hold Activated Eye Care Mode


Hold the ring for a couple of seconds, and the lamp will enter “Eye Care Mode”. Its intelligent sensor automatically adjusts the light to give you the best reading light for the ambience of the room you are seated in. 

You are automatically given the environment that is most comfortable for eyes to read in and thus this saves you from eye strain. 

The lamp in action


Fully Adjustable Settings Via The Dial


As soon as you turn the BENQ WiT e-Reading lamp on, it will automatically enter the vision sparing ‘eye care mode’. However, if this light is not right for your needs, you can always turn the fully adjustable dial on the top of the lamp head. 

This adjusts the light fully, and you are able to choose all variations from a very cold blue type light to a very warm light ambience.

And to get the light back into eye care mode is easy too. Just hold the on/off ring for a couple of seconds and the lamp will automatically enter eye care mode. The indicator light for the eye care mode will light back up again, and the lamp brightness will automatically adjust.


Attractive And Ergonomic Design


The BENQ WiT e-Reading Lamp really is such an attractive and ergonomic design. It really does stand out both in the way it looks and the light it brings to your home or office space. 

Plus, the light is over 90% recyclable, using less than 6% plastics, with long lasting LED lights.

My lamp will probably end up going into my sewing space too.With a wide illuminative field and giving out the perfect light for the ambience on the room, I think this is the perfect way to enjoy my hobbies whilst avoiding eye strain. It is great to have a light that is fully adjustable to give you whatever light that you need.

Find out more by visiting the BENQ website.

How would you use this lamp? Is it something that you think would be helpful for your hobbies or reading pasttime? Do let me know in the comments, or tell me what you think on social media.

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The BENQ WiT e-Reading Lamp. Our review of this unique light specially designed for digital living. Features include adjustable light brightness & eye strain reducing mode.



4 Replies to “The BENQ WiT e-Reading Lamp – A Review”

  1. Anne says:

    I love this, I’ve tried a lamp before but it wasn’t very good. I do need extra light for my laptop. I love the design.

    1. Jo Boyne says:

      Its a very clever idea Jayne, and really good at diffusing light over your screen without glare.


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