The Benefits Of Buying Antique Jewellery Over New

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If you read my blog regularly you will realise that sustainability is a very large topic for me. I often wax lyrical about not buying material gifts at all. But I do realise that this isn’t always practical. If you have a special birthday or anniversary coming up, it is lovely to commemorate the moment with a special piece of jewellery, such as the pieces you will find at Carus Jewellery. So, for those special occasions when only a beautiful piece will do, here are the benefits of buying antique jewellery over new.

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The Benefits Of Buying Antique Jewellery Over New


It Is More Sustainable

As I have already touched upon, I always prefer to buy pre-loved if possible. It is so much more zero-waste to buy antique rather than new pieces. Because no energy or resources have been needed to make it.

By buying antique, you have bypassed the need for vast amounts of energy to be spent on the excavation of the precious metals and gems going into your jewellery.

It Is Better Quality

A lot of the new pieces of jewellery out there on the market are mass produced. Manufactured by machine. Even the high end jewellery houses produce their jewellery in this way for the mass market.

In contrast, antique jewellery is more likely to have been handcrafted or hand finished. Giving it a much better quality and finish.

A beautiful piece of antique jewellery

It Is Unique

As I said above, most of the jewellery made today is mass produced. So it is hard to fine a truly unique and original modern piece.

Conversely, it is more likely that an antique piece of jewellery was a one off, custom piece. A lot of antique jewellery were commission pieces made for richer families, and only one was made. So each piece is totally unique, with its own history.

I don’t know about you, but I would rather be wearing something that no-one else has over a piece that everyone is wearing.

It Will Retain Its Value

You will normally find that antique jewellery is much better value in the first place than a new piece. Not only have you not got the added manufacturing costs added to the piece when you purchase it, it will retain its value. You won’t be paying any extra just for the fact that it is ‘new’.

In addition to this, because antique pieces of jewellery are unique, they remain desirable and collectable.

It Is So Much More ‘You’

And for all the reasons above, a piece of antique jewellery is so much more ‘you’. When you find the piece that speaks to you, with a style and design that suits your personality, and maybe has a history that you can relate to, then it becomes a part of your life.

There are so many pieces out there that I am sure you can find one that suits your own personal style. For instance, this silver garnet ring from the 1950s piece on the Carus Jewellery website  is very ‘me’.


Why don’t you take a look and find a piece that fits your own style?