The Benefits Of A Summer House with Side Shed

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Summer House with Side Shed

A side shed helps you store other goods and furniture in your summer house, and at Lugarde, the designers know how to maximize storage and focus on leisure. Lugarde sources its raw materials from reputable industries and acquires high-quality timber, enabling us to create amazing structures. People want to have an amazing holiday, and a summer house with a shed helps people create a wonderful outdoor experience.

Summer houses come in different designs, and one of the popular designs has large windows. The large windows will offer you a beautiful view of the outdoors as you enjoy your drinks. The windows come with double glazing and standard three-point locks. We offer multiple designs that will seek to improve the aesthetics and security of your house. If you like to party, come to us, and we will create your dream house.

Contemporary Summer houses


Lugarde has adopted 21st Century architecture and design because people need designs that change depending on technology and other world trends. Lugarde creates multifunctional designs that fit the clients’ requirements. Companies have adopted contemporary design and are building to compete with Lugarde. What makes Lugarde better? The attention to detail and the quality used are worth every dime. We offer you a 5-year guarantee in case of any manufacturing and construction costs.

Large summer houses


The Benefits Of A Summer House with Side Shed


Lugarde values family, and there are houses on offer that will make your family happy during the holidays. A large summer house will allow you to style your living space however you like. Big is always better, and at Lugarde, we offer the best houses on sale to match your needs. Get yourself a house at Lugarde because we will ensure we build your dream house according to your requirements.

Creating using 3D Configuration


A 3D configurator will help the client create what they want. Registration is free for the Lugarde configurator, and after registration, you can work on your design anytime and anywhere. You can show your design to your friends and family, and they can help you make adjustments to the current design. You can use the configurator on a laptop or desktop with Chrome or Firefox.

Final Thoughts


If you are interested in summerhouses, Lugarde offers the best opportunity to create your dream home with the 3D configurator. Looking through our website will give you an idea of what to expect. All the information is on our brochures and if you want to buy a house talk to one of our dealers.            

Lugarde has been designing summerhouses since 1978. These houses have offered excellent value for money because of their top-quality designs. Lugarde also designs log cabins, gazebos, and pavilions to suit their client’s needs. It depends on what you are looking for, and it could be the aesthetics of the house or just enough space. Lugarde has a team of experts that listen to your needs and design what you need according to your tastes. If you need a summerhouse that fits your design, you can purchase one from Lugarde and look forward to having an amazing holiday.


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