Taking Care Of Yourself: Resolutions For 2022

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Now that the previous year has been and gone, we can start to make progress at achieving our New Year resolutions and goals. If, like most, your New Year’s resolutions are centred on bettering your overall health and fitness, you may wonder how to begin and have a few questions. Such as, how can I make a start? How can I stay motivated? What are the best ways of taking care of yourself. Which are some of the best ways to make these healthier changes? Rest assured that you’re not alone. And that many other individuals will be feeling the same way at the start of their New Year resolution journey. 

Taking Care Of Yourself: Mental And Physical Health Resolutions For 2022

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As well as improving your physical health, it’s equally important to pay equal attention to your mental health. As a successful combination of the two will lead to physical and mental improvements in yourself.

Neglecting your mental health or vice versa will only lead to a decline in your physical health. You will feel less motivated and less positive overall, making you less inclined to complete daily exercises and reach for comforting items of food instead of healthier alternatives. Taking care of yourself needn’t be a punishing activity. So we’ve created this article outlining different ways that you can better your physical and mental health in order to achieve your New Year’s wellness resolutions.


Apply Clean Eating Habits


Enforcing dietary changes will help you strive to meet your New Year resolutions and start looking after your physical and mental health. Eating a balanced and varied diet produces similar results to regular exercise and helps your body’s physical and mental performance. Health professionals promote diets rich in vegetables and fruits, various sources of protein, dairy and healthy fats, and starchy carbohydrates. Diets that contain a mixture of the five main food groups link directly to improving overall health and suggest that we cut down on fried, saturated foods. Over-indulgence of fried, saturated, or sugary foods can negatively impact our body’s wellness and cause’ troublesome side-effects such as fatigue and low alertness/performance levels.


 If you’re looking to increase your motivation when it comes to healthy eating, you could try a range of different tactics to keep you focused. And to not slip into former bad habits. To monitor your progress and increase motivation, you could consider practicing daily affirmations, keeping a food diary, and noting your daily food intake. Or you could use apps such as MyFitnessPal to log your daily progress, and to keep you motivated and looking forward to future results.

You may also find that meal planning may be a solution for your motivational blues. So that you start each week on a positive note. It also gives you allowances to sneak in rewards on days where you might have extra calorie allowances or when you exercise. And it is always good to keep up with the latest news on traditional and alternative therapies from websites such as Rolling Paper.


Introduce Regular Exercise


Implementing physical exercise into your daily life is one of the most straightforward ways to boost physical and mental health.  Plus it improves your overall wellbeing and accomplishing your New Year’s health resolutions. Health professionals recommend that adults aim for around thirty minutes of exercise a day. And they generally promote aerobic exertion as the best for achieving this. If you’re nervous about starting alone, you could ask friends and family members who have similar New Year resolutions as you to accompany you to the gym. Or join an exercise class together. Doing so will able you both to motivate each other. And give you a familiar face to rely on until you feel more comfortable attending alone.


Suppose you’re considering making physical activity a permanent feature in your life. In that case, you might be looking at health insurance quotes. Or conducting research on which companies offer the best health insurance. If you have been actively searching, have a look at leading brokers such as Switch Health. They help you to search through the best private health insurance policies. Plus provide various other services to ensure that you can access health care easily when needed.

Healthy Fruit and Vegetables with water

Leave Bad Habits Behind


You can resolve to take care of yourself in many ways. And one of the most straightforward lifestyle changes to implement and kick-start your health resolutions is leaving any bad habits in the previous year. Smoking or excessive drinking is one of the key contributors to impaired physical health. And the physical effects of these can also lead to a decline in your mental health.


If you’re a smoker, endeavour to cut down your tobacco usage as much as possible. We understand that it can be hard to go completely cold-turkey, so at first, try to limit your intake as much as possible. Once you’ve made progress with restricting your usage, you could consider quitting and using techniques to suppress your cravings, like chewing gum or breathing exercises.  Likewise, with drinking, aim to consume the recommended daily alcohol allowances. And cut out drinking during the week by sticking to select days like the weekends or special occasions.

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