Sustainable Mothers Day Gifts Ideas

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If you read my blog regularly you will know that I love products that are sustainable and eco friendly. And with Mother’s Day rapidly approaching I thought that it was high time that I write a list of what I consider to be the most sustainable Mothers Day gift ideas, some ethical and eco friendly Mothers Day gifts that most moms, aunties and grandmothers will love.

Are you looking for the perfect eco friendly gift idea to give mom, grandma or other significant mother figure in your life? Then this eco friendly mother’s day gifts guide hopefully will give you some brilliant ideas. I have eco friendly gifts ideas that can be handmade, ethical mothers day gifts that are store bought, and sustainable Mother’s Day gifts that are experienced based ideas. 

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Sustainable Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Before I do go onto the main part of the post, I will always state that as a sustainability blogger I am not living the perfect zero waste life, so this is not a zero waste Mothers Day gifts guide. If anything, I live an imperfect low waste life, making the swaps that work for me and my family in the UK. I actually think that it is very difficult to give a truly zero waste gift, unless you are upcycling things to gift mom.

What Makes A Sustainable Gift Idea?

I actually believe that if you just remember to gift items that you know the person will love, use or need, and you spare a thought for how the item has been made or transported, then these are the best eco friendly gift ideas. Whilst the reams of flowers in the shops may seem the ideal present, flowers often have a huge carbon footprint as they are flown from distant countries.

Sadly, consumerism these days urges us all to buy and gift a vast array of non sustainable gift items. SO…what are the best eco friendly Mother’s Day gifts? 

Shop Or Store Bought Gift Ideas

My advice when buying shop bought eco friendly mother’s day gifts is to ensure you buy ethically made, fair trade or organic gifts for mom. If possible, look for a company that has a strong ethical and sustainable section on their website. Even better, choose a local or etsy small business to support. While the sale price may be slightly more expensive, you will either be supporting the local economy, or giving a small business owner a real boost. 

Sustainable Jewellery

I will always consider buying a piece of jewellery as one of the best personalised gift ideas, as it will last a lifetime and may become an heirloom for the next generation.

My favourite small sustainable jewellery maker is Jana Reinhardt, a brand which produces beautiful pendants, bracelets and earrings in a wide selection of styles and prices points. One of Jana and Ross’s most popular ranges is their animal jewellery section. Whether the recipient of your jewellery gift is a bird, dog, cow or duck lover, you are pretty much certain to find a favourite animal in pendant form.

Jana Reinhart Cat Necklace

A few years ago I reviewed their iconic hummingbird necklace, but they also sent me a gorgeous curled up cat necklace to review recently. Just like their hummingbird necklace, the quality is just sublime. But it is also good to know that their jewellery is made from 100% recycled metal sources, and that the brand have such a strong sustainability ethos.

A Refillable Candle

There are lots of refillable candles out on the market, which encourage you to reuse the container once the candle has finished. Even household names such as John Lewis and Marks and Spencer have released their own versions, making this a great budget choice. I like to use a rechargeable lighter instead of the eco damaging plastic disposable lighters.

Essential Oils

I love gifting self-care items for Mother’s Day, and so some essential oils are a great gift choice. Essential oils have such a wide variety of uses around the home, I use mine to make home made cleaning solutions, but they are also great for using in oil burners to make mums house smell amazing!

Last year I bought some oils in a box set from Snooty Catz. This small ethical internet shop has a host of eco friendly gift ideas too!


As I said before. flowers are often not the sustainable choice that you may think, unless you hand pick them from the garden or pick wild flowers. Plants, however are much more sustainable, particularly if you buy from a local garden centre or nursery that produce their own. 

I personally prefer plants that are easy care or can be planted out into the garden afterwards so that they give even more value.


Similarly, seeds are a great gift idea, and there is such a huge choice of options.

Pyjamas – organic cotton

I love a good lie in and breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day. And nothing says taking care of Mum more that a pair of luxury pyjamas. Identity Lingerie have some wonderful pyjamas, and as a small company, they take sustainability very seriously. They make sets in small batches or to order, use their remnants to make scrunchies, small bags and button coverings, and do not over order fabric.

Photo credit: Identity Lingerie

Look out for my review of their navy pyjamas coming soon!


Chocolate may be my weakness, but I actually don’t welcome it as a gift. However your mum may feel differently. Why not gift some fair trade or ethical chocolate such as Tony’s?

Gift Card

A gift card or voucher is always a great idea. Giving a gift of time or promising to do a job around the house for mum is a very sustainable gift choice!

Experience Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

I do have a post about what I consider to be the best unique experiences to gift for mums. And personally I love receiving experiences as much as I do physical gifts. 

What is your Mum’s favourite place to go?

Local Museum Trip

We love the local museums, and even better if you can get there by public transport. In the last year we have visited Leeds Museum (which is free), Kirkstall Abbey, Fountains Abbey, Bolling Hall, Harewood House. See some of my travel posts for more ideas. 

Afternoon Tea At A Local Cafe, Coffee Shop or Restaurant 

Taking your Mum for afternoon tea is a lovely experience. 

Spa Day

Similarly, why not treat mum to a spa trip

My Little Farm Spa - Neom treatments


A family, glamour or even burlesque photo shoot is a lovely gift idea for your Mum.

Family Meal Out

We always book a large family meal out to celebrate Mothers Day. It is one of the few times each year we all get together, so it makes a lovely memory.

Theatre Tickets

Finally, a trip to the theatre or opera is a great gift idea. 

Home Made Gifts For Mothers Day

Again, I have a separate post on handmade gifts for Mother’s Day that you can make yourself, But here are some of the most useful ideas for hand made eco friendly Mother’s Day gifts. If you are looking for zero waste mother’s day gifts I have lots of other upcycling tutorials using recycled fabric on my site to make these yourself for free. 

Or, alternatively, as I stated above, why not look for some small business sellers online or or Etsy that ethically and sustainably make and sell these goods?

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DIY Tote Bag

A reusable tote bag makes a great gift. I like to make these reusable bags from old bedding, and make a small pouch or drawstring bag to fold the tote up tightly to fit into your pocket or purse.


Another lovely easy DIY Mother’s Day gift is a home made bookmark. Why not thrift a copy of your Mum’s favourite book to make it a full present?

Stash Scrunchie

If your Mum likes cool hair accessories, this stash scrunchie has a secret pocket to hide her valuables. Great for Mums that travel, go running or like festivals.

Chapstick Holder

I love keeping my lip balm close by at all times, so making a lip balm or chapstick holder is a lovely gift idea.

Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are a lovely self care present. See my tutorial on how to make your own easy bath bombs.

Hair Band

Another lovely idea for a homemade gift for mum is a hair band made in her favourite fabric. I made mine from Liberty fabric to add a luxurious touch.

Eye Mask

Similarly, aneye mask made in pretty fabric makes a wonderful gift for mum 


Is your Mum always losing her keys? Then why not make her a keychain wristband so that she can wear them!

Notebook Pen Holder

I always have a notebook in my bag for making lists and writing down ideas. And this notebook pen holder is a brilliant way to ensure your pen is always close at hand. Why not make your mum a pen holder and gift this with a pen and pretty notebook?

Make Up, Jewellery Or Travel Pouch

Making a pouch for makeup, jewellery or toiletries in Mum’s favourite fabric is sure to be a winner. 

Cook Her A Meal

At the end of the day, one of the best gifts is to cook your Mum a lovely meal. And don’t forget to wash up and tidy the kitchen afterwards!

How To Wrap Your Gifts Sustainably

Finally, why not make a home made card or gift box to go with your gift? Find some brilliant ideas for low and zero waste gift wrapping.

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Sustainable mothers day gifts ideas - some eco friendly mothers day gifts and ethical mothers day gifts. Eco friendly mother's day gifts and sustainable mother's day gifts. How to have a sustainable mothers day with these eco concious and organic gifts for mom. Sustainable mothers day gift ideas. Zero waste mother's day gifts . Sustainable gifts for parents.

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