Supporting Women On Their Path To Motherhood Is Essential For Everyone

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The process of carrying a baby in a woman’s body is a marvellous wonder. The path to motherhood is not always easy for everyone, however. Whether you have a difficult time getting pregnant or have been lucky enough to encounter few issues, one thing is certain – women need support throughout the entire process of getting pregnant through childbirth and beyond. Keep reading for more helpful tips you can use for supporting yourself and the wonderful women in your life on their path to motherhood.

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Supporting A Woman On Her Path To Motherhood


Offer emotional support.

The notion that getting pregnant is easy for every would-be mother is a fallacy. For some it is easy. For others, it is seemingly impossible. Add to that the hormonal changes within a woman’s body, and it is a recipe for strong and wide-ranging emotions on any given day. Throw in the rigours of the IVF process, and there is even more to contend with. 

As long as all of these hormones and feelings are within a normal range of emotions, you have nothing to worry about. But, you need to be there for pregnant women to show them that you will be their rock when they need it most. Dealing with questions and worries about the pregnancy or whether they will even be able to get pregnant can put undue stress on their bodies and minds. You can help them talk through their feelings. If you feel you are ill-equipped to do so, contact a counsellor, clergy member, or therapist to help work out their feelings and get to a better place mentally and emotionally.


Offer support for your partner.

Even though you are not pregnant, you, as the partner, are still an integral part of the pregnancy and childbirth processes. Right now, you are playing a secondary and supportive role. Ask the mom-to-be how she is feeling and respond in kind. Offer her words of encouragement and thank her for all her body is doing to grow your baby. Ask her what you can do to help her at this moment or volunteer to take something off her to-do list today.

After your new baby is born, all the attention swiftly moves from the pregnant mother to the newborn. It is important to remember that your partner still needs a lot of loving care. She will be in recovery mode for a while as her body has just gone through a lot. Do your best to be a full partner in your relationship and a full partner in your parenting roles. Remember that sometimes you will be doing more work; other times, she will pick up the slack. 


Watch this video for important reminders on how you can support your partner during her pregnancy.


When you are on your path to motherhood, whether it is your first time, fifth time or any number in between, there are beautiful moments and some difficult ones, too. It is ok to experience a wide range of feelings. What matters most is getting the support all mothers need and deserve to feel their best and parent their best once their baby arrives.

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