Suggestions for a Girls’ Summer Getaway

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A lot of people are excited about going on vacation with their friends this summer. A girls’ getaway is wonderful because it allows us to get away from all of the turmoil of our daily lives and enjoy a fun-filled, gossip-filled vacation with our best buddies. With so many amazing sites to pick from, it may be tough to decide where to go on vacation, so why not have a look at these suggestions for a girls’ summer getaway? The ideal summer vacation for you and the girls.

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Suggestions for a Girls’ Summer Getaway




Portaventura World is the perfect destination for a girls’ getaway if you’re searching for a destination that has it all. Staying there is a no-brainer due to the abundance of attractions, dining options, and spas. As well as the pleasant climate.

You can discover sandy beaches, nightclubs, and marketplaces in the city of Salou, which is only a short drive away. You’ll never be too far from the poolside to cool down during your time at Portaventura World, which is ideal for those days when you just want to lay about and get that beautiful tan!



Skopelos is a great destination to visit if you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary. It’s the island where the Mamma Mia movies were shot, and getting there is as simple as taking a boat or bus. Imagine yourself as Meryl Streep for a day, prancing about the island and belting out all of the great Mamma Mia songs in your head. Definitely another location that you won’t want to forget to bring your camera with you!

Aside from this obvious attraction, Greece in itself has some of the most popular beaches across the world where you and your girlfriends can get that luxurious tan you’ve been longing for.



Trying to find something a little more refined? Marbella could well be the destination for you to go on your next getaway. Looking over the listings for Marbella apartment rentals, it is clear that your travel to a destination of complete luxury is in your near future.

Everyone can all look forward to a more luxurious and intimate vacation together. Because everything you could possibly need is within walking distance. Don’t forget to bring your camera; there will be lots of photo opportunities that you can’t afford to miss!



Finally, Bulgaria is an excellent choice for a girls’ trip. It offers plenty of opportunities to have fun without breaking the bank. In this part of the Mediterranean, where the Black Sea meets the Adriatic, you can count on crystal-clear seas and sugar-white sands for your beachside getaway. With refreshments starting at as little as 30p, you can keep the spirits flowing all day. Plus create some amazing memories with your friends and family.

A bonus? The temperature is scorching hot, and the scenery is breathtakingly beautiful. You won’t believe how fortunate you are to be paying such a low price!


Take these suggestions to heart and you and your girlfriends will have a blast planning a memorable getaway this year!


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