Sticking To A Diet In Tough Times

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It’s hard isn’t it? You start out with the best intentions, doing your best to shift those extra pounds. Then something goes wrong, you reach a plateau or tough time, and it all goes wrong. So what do you do when times get tough? Here are a few tips for sticking to a diet in tough times.

Sticking To A Diet In Tough Times

Sticking To A Diet In Tough Times -How To Get Back On Your Diet Plan - if you have a setback, these tips will help you get back on track. Don't give up when the going gets tough, follow these and keep on going where you want to go. #dietmotivation #losingweight #weightlossmotivation #motivationfordiets #motivationforweightloss #dieting #diets

I must admit, there are times when sticking to a diet is really tough, and I would not blame you at all for having a break. Recently, I  had a total break from my own diet plan when I went on holiday for a few days. I was actually very pleased when I returned from my few days away, got back on the diet straight away and actually lost a pound!

But then the last couple of weeks have knocked my diet sideways.

Four things have all contributed to my rising stress levels…

  • I am having a new kitchen fitted, and so I have not had a working kitchen for about 10 days. Plus my utensils, washing up bowl, and most other things are strewn throughout my house. I have no idea where everything is. My house is a mess. And my fridge is in my lounge!
  • I have not been able to get to my sewing machine/fabric/patterns for all that time either, as all the new kitchen cabinetry and appliances have been stacked in front of them. As sewing is my main go-to destress technique that does not bode well.
  • My back has been hurting, and then my leg and hip started too. I’ve had a leg x-ray, physiology appointment and am having blood tests. The physiological says he thinks I have an inflamed disc in my lumbar region. All very worrying. And pain + worry = stress.
  • Finally, we were waiting for a new back door to be fitted. The company kept letting us down. I really would have rather it had been done before the kitchen (plus plastering) was started in there. But instead they decided to turn up after the plasterer had finished around the door, and left a gap around the doorframe. I wasn’t happy!

So yes. All in all my stress levels have been massive. There have been many tears. And arguments.

Stress Makes Me Eat

I’ve always known this. Hey, I put on 4 and a half stones the year after I lost my father to cancer whilst also studying for my finals.

So, How Do You Stick To A Diet When It All Gets Too Much?

1. Remind yourself of your goals as much as you can.

Get out something in your wardrobe that you want to get into soon. Stick it up in a prominent place. Somewhere you will see it every day. Remind yourself why you are making this sacrifice.

Or put up a photo of the slimmer you that you want to become. Keep remembering what you will feel like when you are that slim.

Get a motivational banner or board.

2. Get Away From The Stress.

Upset with things going on at work? Take a break if you can. Upset in your relationship? Ask if there is anything worth salvaging. Book time away from the situation if you possibly can.

3. Do not Buy Junk Food

Resist the urge to have anything in the house that is not on the diet. And carry healthy snacks or diet approved food with you when you are out and about to stop you being tempted away from your plan.

Likewise, have a game plan for if you are going out. Try and suss out the menu before you go for healthier or better options.

Going on a night out with alcohol? Consider lower calorie options, such as slimline mixers with clear spirits, instead of wine and beer options.

4. Don’t Stick To The Diet At All – But Limit The Damage

Just saying, but sometimes you just have to accept that there is no way to limit the amount of stress you have going on. It’s great if you can walk away from the causes of your stress. I would certainly do so if I could. But sometimes you just have to ride the storm out, and then pick up the pieces afterwards.

The trick is not to let it derail you too much. Have the week. Blow out. But just for as long as the stress is happening. I am back on plan after a night out with my friends to de-stress, which really helped.

Don’t then think that you have completely blown it. Think about how far you have come. Draw a line under it. And get back on your diet plan. Do not just let it slide now you have come this far.

See this post for how to get back on your diet plan.

5. Remember – it is a marathon and not a sprint!

We all have tough times from time to time. Never give up trying, and you will get there. It may take you longer, but sometime the longer it takes to lose, the more you get used to the lifestyle changes needed to maintain your new body.

Arambhashura - the concept of starting out like a hero, but finishing like a loser. Giving up when the going gets tough. Not persevering. #Arambhashura #givingup #givingin #stoppersevering #dontstop #keepgoing #igotthis

Also remember, if you have stayed the same weight even when you are trying, it doesn’t mean that you haven’t truly lost weight. Your plateau may be down to water retention, and you could be due a ‘whoosh effect’.

See here all about how the whoosh effect works.

Good luck with your weight loss goals. And keep on going!

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Sticking To A Diet In Tough Times -How To Get Back On Your Diet Plan - if you have a setback, these tips will help you get back on track. Don't give up when the going gets tough, follow these and keep on going where you want to go. #dietmotivation #losingweight #weightlossmotivation #motivationfordiets #motivationforweightloss #dieting #diets

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11 Replies to “Sticking To A Diet In Tough Times”

  1. Jeremy@ThirstyDaddy says:

    good tips. I find that once I start to cheat its a quick slide back into bad habits. This weekend I’ve been terrible but Monday starts a new week #thatfridaylinky

  2. Jo Boyne says:

    Totally agree. Which does work if I am alone, but unfortunately my OH and 3 year old do have sweets and biscuits in!

  3. Mitch Mitchell says:

    That’s interesting stuff. When I get stressed I don’t eat, which means I lose weight fast. It’s when things get back to normal that I usually have to watch myself. Luckily, I don’t diet so that’s not a worry; I stick to a plan using the Myfitnesspal app. Still, every once in a while I get lost… usually when good desserts pop up. lol

    1. Jo Boyne says:

      Oh gosh yes. It is the desserts every time for me too! Thank you for reading, Mitch. Hope you have had a good break.

    2. Macaulay Earp says:

      I’m just a day away from meeting with my consultant and three days out from starting week one. I personally don’t have all that much junk in my house anyway because I’m an impulsive eater and tend to just order something but any junk I do have in just going to throw out, I don’t really find junk food like crisps and chocolates interesting to buy but if they’re in front of me they’ll be gone. I find plenty of water helps and a helpful serving of fruits like pineapple and oranges an appetite suppressor

    1. Jo Boyne says:

      Aww. Thank you. It truly is hard work losing weight.


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