Staycation Secrets: How To Shower Like You Are On Holiday

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Chances are you aren’t taking a foreign holiday this year. Are you planning on taking a ‘staycation’? Holidaying in your own country instead of risking foreign travel? Well, here is one of my biggest ‘staycation secrets’. Here is how to shower like you are on holiday.

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Staycation Secrets: How To Shower Like You Are On Holiday



I don’t know about you, but one of my favourite parts of packing to go on holiday is choosing the scents that I am going to take with me. And that includes the bath and shower products that I pack for my vacation too.

Holiday perfumes and bath products are always the perfect way of instantly transporting you back to your wonderful and exotic holiday location. How often have you smelled a scent and immediately thought of a particular time and place that you have visited?

Well, in light of all this I think that I have found the perfect shower cream for this year’s summer staycation. Here is how you can feel like you are on holiday even when you are right here at home!

Palmolive Naturals Coconut Shower Cream


Palmolive Naturals Coconut Shower Cream


Nothing says exotic holiday more than a luxurious coconut scent. And this new formula Coconut Shower Cream from Palmolive definitely feels luxurious and moisturising. The coconut scent cannot help but transport you to tropical beaches, silky sands and warm seas. 

Formulated with moisturising milk, it leaves your skin feeling wonderfully smooth and soft. It moisturises and nourishes your skin as you shower, and so leaves you feeling clean and pampered. And the delicate scent is perfect for summer.


It’s Perfect For This Year’s Staycation


Because I’m not going on a foreign holiday this year, I do feel like I deserve some more self care in my staycation shower. A staycation shower should feel like a pampering and luxury experience.

This shower cream is just perfect; it reminds me of being away on the perfect summer holiday. And If you can’t get abroad for your holiday, then why not bring your holiday to you? 


Palmolive Naturals Coconut Shower Cream 2


Plus, it didn’t dry out my skin like many other shower gels and creams often do. For me, that is such a must. 

Do you want a scent of a summer holiday while you are right here at home? Find Palmolive Naturals Coconut Shower Cream in the bath and shower section




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  1. Annette, 3 Little Buttons says:

    This really made me smile because coconut flavours and smells always bring me right back to feeling like I’m on holiday. Our bathroom is already packed with coconut hair products, so this will be a lovely addition to try out. Thank you for joining us for the #DreamTeamLinky – and it’s so lovely to see you. x


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