Spending A Day In Cambridge? Fun Activities To Make The Most Of Your Time

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If you ever find yourself in a city for just one day, for the first time, it can be tough to make the most of your time, especially if you weren’t planning your stopover. Sometimes it happens, like if you’re taking a road trip and unexpectedly break down or a sudden opportunity arises to stay in a cool new place. Whatever the reason for your trip, if you’re ever in Cambridge and need some ways to fill your day, here are some simple yet exciting suggestions.

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Take A Punting Tour

A Day In Cambridge

If you want to see as much of this glorious city as possible in one day, then a Cambridge punting tour from Rutherford’s Punting is the ideal choice for you. They offer a range of guided tours throughout the city. So you can find one that tickles your fancy and start exploring the gorgeous architecture that makes up the city of Cambridge.


See A Lecture


Thanks to its world-renowned university, Cambridge is a hub of intellectual discourse. Moreover, many colleges and institutions offer public lectures and talks on a wide range of topics. Check the schedules and attend an engaging lecture to stimulate your mind- you never know, you might learn something! If you can’t find a lecture you like the sound of, then you could simply take a stroll through the stunning college grounds. This is a great way of admiring the architectural marvels that have stood the test of time.


Visit The Fitzwilliam Museum


Immerse yourself in art and antiquities at this renowned museum. Indeed, the Fitzwilliam Museum houses an impressive collection  which spans from ancient Egyptian artefacts to Renaissance masterpieces. While entrance to the Fitzwilliam Museum is free, they often recommend that you book a ticket if there’s a particular exhibition you want to see. This way you won’t be disappointed if it’s full and you have to wait, or worse, miss out!


Kings College, Cambridge UK

Indulge In Retail Therapy At Cambridge Market Square


If you can’t go anywhere without doing a little bit of shopping, then you’re in luck! Not only is this affluent city renowned for its boutiques and luxury stores but there’s also a great market. Cambridge Market Square is a lively outdoor market where you can find a variety of stalls selling fresh produce, street food, handmade crafts, and unique souvenirs. Soak in the vibrant atmosphere and haggle for the best deals.


Find A New Favourite Food


No visit anywhere is complete without sampling the local delicacies, and Cambridge is no exception. The city might not be renowned for its gastronomic prowess, but it is the birthplace of many tantalising dishes. Famous foods from Cambridge include Burnt Cream, a delightful custard-based dessert similar to a creme brulee, with a caramelised sugar topping. And the savoury Huntingdon Fidget Pie, made with bacon or ham and crisp apples for a rich, tasty meal.


Luckily for tourists, Cambridge is a compact city, making it easy to explore on foot or by bicycle. Take your time, soak in the atmosphere, and create lasting memories in this enchanting university town.

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