Sous Chef Takenaka Bento Box Review

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Looking for a new take on the idea of a traditional lunchbox? Well maybe this post today is just for you! This week Sous Chef sent us one of their bento boxes to review. Read on to see what we thought of the Sous Chef Takenaka Bento Box. 

*Ad-gifted – we were kindly gifted these products from Sous Chef – but all opinions and reviews are our own.


Sous Chef Takenaka Bento Box Review



Who Are Sous Chef?


Sous Chef is the online shop for people who love to cook. They have a wealth of equipment, ingredients, tableware and gifts on their site. All inspired by their love of international cuisine, and to bring you the joy of creating meals like you would receive at many leading restaurants around the world.

Based in London they stock a huge range of products for all budgets and tastes. But they also supply top restaurants and chains with high quality products from around the world. And are constantly adding new products to their lists, so do go and check them out.

Sous Chef Products


As well as sending a bento box, Sous Chef also sent me some yuzu flavoured sesame seeds and some genuine Japanese udon noodles. I can’t wait to use these, and will probably use them to create a noodle salad. The crunchy sesame seeds have a subtle citrus/floral flavour and provide an interesting crispness to any eastern inspired dish.

Sous Chef Noodles And Yuzu Sesame Seeds


The Takenaka Bento Box


I must start by saying that I really do love Japanese cuisine. So when I heard that Sous Chef were sending a bento box, I was really thrilled to find out all about it. I’ve had bento box type lunch boxes before, but as soon as I opened the parcel from Sous Chef, I realised that this one is the real deal.

The Takenaka Bento Box

Made in Japan, the Takenaka bento box is actually a double bento box. It consists of two large compartments that stack on top of each other. The top compartment has a removable divider, and the lower compartment has a removable lid with an integral fork. All together, it stacks and you place the elastic around it to keep it neat. It is so stylish! 

Going On A Picnic


I decided to test drive the bento box by taking it out on a picnic with my 4 year old little girl. In the top half I placed sandwiches and some prepared vegetables. And in the lower compartment went some mixed fruit.


Surprisingly Spacious Takenaka Bento Box


My little girl loved the box, especially the integral fork. And I love the way that once you have finished your meal, it can be packed away into a smaller space! The lower compartment fits neatly into the other half. Thus saving space in the bag for the journey home. Very clever design.

Sadly, it isn’t entirely leakproof, so you wouldn’t be able to place any food with runny sauces in either compartment. But it works incredibly well with our usual picnic fayre. And looks incredibly chic to boot.


Picnic With A Bento Box


Finally, the box is microwave and dishwasher safe, and is BPA/lead free. So it is a perfect choice for a child packed lunch too. 

Do you think that you would like one of these? Why not check out the Sous Chef website for more great ideas?

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Sous Chef Takenaka Bento Box - looking for a new take on a traditional lunchbox? Why not try a bento box? We were sent this compartmentalised stackable bento box lunch box by Sous Chef, along with some of their Japanese food products. See what we thought. #bentobox #lunchbox #japanesecuisine #bentoboxlunch #bentolunch #japanesefood

2 Replies to “Sous Chef Takenaka Bento Box Review”

  1. Anne says:

    We are already big fans of Bento Boxes, I think my daughter has about 6 different ones. Thank you for introducing me to Souschef though, what a fabulous site, I don’t know how come I’ve not found them before.

  2. Kim Carberry says:

    My youngest loves everything Japanese and has been asking for a proper Bento Box. This looks great and perfect for lunch on the go x


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