Simple Skirt Measurements if you Cannot Measure in Person

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A simple skirt is a great first project when starting out sewing as a beginner. But what happens when you want to make a simple skirt for a friend’s child as a present? Or to sell? What are the simple skirt measurements if you cannot measure in person?

Simple Skirt Measurements if you Cannot Measure in Person

It is always best if you can measure the recipient of any clothes that you are making before making them. If the person you are making the item for lives a long distance away you can ask someone to measure for you and send you her measurements?  

But sometimes even this is just not possible. Perhaps the skirt is going to be a gift or a surprise? Luckily, unless the little girl in question is a lot more petite, tall, slim or chunky than average, the following table gives a pretty good estimate of how large the waist and skirt length should be.

How To Use This Table

To use the table, you need to check the finished waist size of the garment and multiply this by 2 to get the width of fabric you need. This will give a lovely full gathered skirt.

And take the finished length of skirt and add on the seam allowances for hem and waistband, which is 6 cm. This will give the length of the fabric that you need.

Simple Skirt Measurements Table

Then just follow my tutorial here on making a simple skirt!

I have found this table really helpful when making gifts for friends and relatives, and hope that you do too. I would love to see your makes! Do comment below, or follow me on social media.

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Simple Skirt Measurements if you cannot measure in person.


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    1. Jo Boyne says:

      Thank you for reading and sharing. It has already been very useful for me making gifts for friends children near and far.


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