Sewing Soft Furnishings – The Closet Case Pouf

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A few years ago, my other half bought our daughter a bean bag. She loved to lounge on it watching TV. But when I came to wash it I discovered that it hadn’t got an inner bag, so was unwashable! As it got smellier, I decided that we needed a replacement. But what to choose? Inspiration hit me a few weeks ago in the shape of a free pouf pattern from Closet Case Patterns. I decided to try my hand at sewing soft furnishings.

Sewing Soft Furnishings

Sewing Soft Furnishings - The Closet Case Pouf is a great scrap busting pattern to use up fabric scraps and remnants to make a piece of furniture. Easy sewing pattern to DIY your own piece of furniture. #pouf #poufchair #poufpattern #sewapouf #sewingprojects #sewingpatterns #closetcasepatterns #closetcasepouf #sewing #furnitureideas #furniturediy

Like most women of a certain age, I love a good cushion. And I have plenty in my living room, so I haven’t ever felt the need to make any more. But when I started sewing my Aunt gifted me a large piece of upholstery fabric that she had found at a very discount price.

And it just sat there in my fabric stash.

Finally, a couple of weeks ago, I had actually decided to donate it. I realised that I had fabric in my stash that I would never use, and some remnants that were nice enough to sell on eBay. But when I looked at this fabric again, the possibilities for using this fabric suddenly hit me. It complemented my living room perfectly. So would make a brilliant bean bag cover.

Serendipitously, a couple of days later, a post on Facebook caught my eye. A lady in one of the sewing groups had made herself a very 70s inspired foot pouf (or pouffe) using a pattern she had found online. There was no time to lose, for if I didn’t start making this straight away, the fabric would sit in my stash for another 2 years!

So I found out the pattern at Closet Case, and printed it straight away. Find it here.

The Closet Case Pouf Pattern

It is a free pattern which you can access by signing up to the Closet Case newsletter. And whilst it was the perfect pattern for me to use this upholstery fabric, it is also the perfect way to use up some of the scraps and remnants of old projects.

The top of the pattern, which consists of 12 triangular segments all sewn together to make a circle, is probably my favourite feature. It gives it such a vintage feel. I added a covered button (which also covered my slightly dodgy centre point).

The finished pouf

Also, I got to make my own piping for the first time, with some cord that I had in my stash, and some bias binding. It was surprisingly simple to make using a zipper foot to sew as close to the cord sandwiched between the layers of binding folded in half.

It went together really well. And the best part of it is that it is stuffed with all sorts of remnants. I even put the inner stuffing from some old pillows in there. As I love using my fabric scraps, every last piece, this is an excellent idea!

And before long I had made myself a lovely new piece of furniture. E loves it, sat on it the moment she saw it, and loves nothing more than throwing herself on it.

I do have some of the upholstery fabric left over. Maybe I will make myself a cushion after all. But I have discovered that sewing soft furnishings is definitely a satisfying project to undertake.

Check out the range of upholstery fabrics at Minerva here

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Sewing Soft Furnishings - The Closet Case Pouf is a great scrap busting pattern to use up fabric scraps and remnants to make a piece of furniture. Easy sewing pattern to DIY your own piece of furniture. #pouf #poufchair #poufpattern #sewapouf #sewingprojects #sewingpatterns #closetcasepatterns #closetcasepouf #sewing #furnitureideas #furniturediy




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  1. Filip says:

    Wow, Jo! Did you really sew all those by yourself? You are really talented and they look absolutely beautiful and so cozy! Thanks for the inspiration!


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