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Whether it be Christmas, birthdays or special times of the year, as a sewing enthusiast I love to receive sewing gifts inspired by my hobby. Are you looking for sewing gift ideas or a present for your sewing lover friend or relative? Then here are some perfect sewing gifts for sewing lovers.

This sewing gift guide is the ultimate gift guide for ideas for the perfect present if you have someone you need to buy for who loves to sew. Whether they be young or old, a beginner or experienced sewist, and whether you be looking for a large gift or just a stocking filler idea, then these sewing gift ideas for sewing lovers are sure to give you some inspiration.

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Sewing Gifts For Sewing Lovers

It can sometimes be a struggle to find the best gifts for people who sew. But hopefully this guide to the perfect gifts for sewing lovers will help you find the right present.

I am going to take you through a large range of gifts for a sewing lover. And I will categorise them based on cost, size and who they are for. This guide ranges from stocking fillers, personalised sewing gifts and expensive presents, to gifts for children, Christmas gifts and vintage sewing ideas. 

Medium Priced Sewing Gifts

When you are looking for gift ideas for someone who sews you may have a specific budget. The following set of gift ideas are bigger than a stocking filler, but not too big to break the bank.

Sewing Box

One of the first things I bought when I started to sew was a large sewing box to store my essentials. Even though  my hobby has expanded to take up most of my dining room, I still love my sewing box to help organise some of my stash.

Cath Kidston Sewing Box

Minerva has a similar house sewing box here.

A Sewing Magazine Subscription

This is a great idea when thinking of modern sewing gifts. A gift of a sewing magazine subscription lasts all year. They often come with free patterns and ideas each month, and keep up to date with fashions.

Sewing magazines

Plus, you can personalise then to the person as there are lots of different magazines for each sewing speciality, be it quilting, fashion sewing, cross stitch or embroidery.

Cricut Iron and Small Pressing Mat

I personally love sewing but hate ironing. Getting up and down to an iron and ironing board can be a pain. So one of the best things I bought for myself this year was a heat pressing mat and a Cricut mini pressing iron.

Cricut Mini Press iron and pressing mat

I can plug it in next to my sewing machine and press as I sew without having to get up quite as much.

A Set Of Organiser Drawers

One of the things that build up once you start to sew is the amount of sewing tools and sewing notions that you need. And these all need organising. I was sent a wonderful set of mini drawers to review from Von Haus.

The 30 Drawer Organiser Storage from VonHaus -

These come in different sizes and with different numbers of drawers which are all perfect for organising all your sewing supplies such as buttons, snaps, buckles, zippers and even sewing machine feet. 

Bias Tape Maker

If you sew your own clothes or quilts, then you will probably want to make your own bias binding or bias tape. This can be made so much easier using these bias tape makers. A set likes this makes a great present to a budding quilter or dressmaker.

Bias Tape Makers

Feeling flush? Simplicity released a motorised automatic maker that presses as it makes the tape. It is much prized amongst sewing lovers.

Cutting Ruler

Whether you prefer rotary cutters or cutting using scissors, I am sure the sewing lovers in your life will love this Fiskars combo sewing ruler and cutter, especially if they love quilting or creating larger squares regularly. 

Fiskars Cutting Ruler

This ruler cutter comes in this square type or long thin type.

 I love using mine to cut towelling accurately into larger 10 inch squares for my unpaper towels. It really does save me time. With this you do need a larger cutting mat, so next on this sewing gift guide I would recommend…

A Large A1 Cutting Mat

A cutting mat is essential if you wish to use a rotary cutter and protect your table. This A1 size mat is self healing and perfect for many sewing and craft uses. Mine fits perfectly on my dining table.

A1 cutting mat

You can also get larger A0 size mats

A Bobbin Holder

I do not know where I would be without mine. It is attached to my peg board and organises all my coloured threads. Plus it looks amazing. You can buy different sizes and styles, but mine is just a simple wooden kind

Rainbow Bobbin Display

Sewing Books

I have a large number of sewing books. And my favourite sewing book writes are the ones that start from scratch or teach you how to make a capsule wardrobe really easily. 

Sewing Scissors

There are many scissor types out there. And any sewing fan knows which they prefer. I prefer Fiskars ones (mine are left handed), but they are not cheap. You could think of buying some new pinking shears, or even a set of mini stork snips that are great for embroidery or cross stitch.

sewing scissors

Unusual Sewing Gifts

I personally think that the perfect presents for sewing lovers are something that is a bit more unusual and quirky. The following gifts for people that sew cannot be found on the high street, so are a little bit more unique, which makes them more likely to be admired and cherished.

Sewing Jewellery

Before I started my sewing hobby I had no idea that there was a market for sewing related jewellery. But since starting to sew I have been given and have gifted several jewellery items that are sewing themed.

Sewing jewellery

Whether you are looking for a sewing machine necklace, a pretty cute pin, sewing machine earrings, or even sewing hair clips  there are a huge number of unusual items out there to choose from.

Sewing Lapel Pin

These small sewing brooches make the perfect small gifts for the sewing enthusiast. There a loads to choose from on Etsy. One of my favourites is the Fabric Addict badge.

Cute sewing lapel badges

These tiny lapel pins can be customized with any design you can imagine, including offbeat illustrations, brand logos, and more. With enamel pins, people can customize their personalities and express themselves. They can be used to added a touch to jackets, backpacks, hats, and more. Check here to make some custom lapel pins for sewing lovers with

custom lapel pins for sewing lovers with

A Photo Frame To Show Off Your Favourite Sewing Creation

This is lovely gift for a seamstress or sewing fan. This gorgeous solid oak picture frame from Engravers Guild Of London can be engraved with a personalised message of your choosing. They have lots of different styles of frame to choose from.

Solid Oak Picture Frame from Engravers Guild Of London

A Sewing Mug

I always have a cup of tea or coffee on the go as I sew. So a perfect gift for your sewing friend could be a sewing themed mug to match their sewing hobby. 

 There are lots of personalised gift ideas to choose from on Etsy

Larger Sewing Gifts For When No Expense Need Be Spared

This set of gifts is for those special occasions or for a main present. Sewing need not be an expensive hobby, but sometimes you do need to splash out. And these are some excellent ideas for if you are looking for that main gift.

A New Sewing Machine

New sewing machines are expensive. But sometimes you may want a new machine that does a more advanced job around the sewing room, or gives a more professional result if you are considering taking your hobby further or sewing to sell your handmade items.

My Janome Overlocker

You may be looking for machines like an embroidery machine, an overlocker or a overstitch machine. These are all very expensive, but are definitely worth the cost.

A Cricut Machine 

My partner actually bought me a Cricut this year for my 50th birthday. Yes, they are useful for cutting card and stickers for standard craft projects. But you can also get cutting tools for cutting fabric and felt, so they can be a great adjunct to any craft and sewing room. 

Cricut Maker 3

My Cricut Maker 3 cost a lot of money, but it is a great machine, and you can buy some fabulous SVG files on Etsy to use with craft leather and felt to make some great items!

Organiser Drawers

Along with any sewing hobby comes the need to get more organised in your sewing room. I recently had a massive reorganisation of my sewing room and was sent these lovely drawers by VonHaus to review.

VonHaus 15 drawer trolley in white and the pink ombre 10 drawer trolley

At £89 they are not cheap, but they are perfect for organizing my sewing and craft supplies, and the larger drawers are the perfect size for organising and sorting my sewing patterns. 

Storing my patterns in the Von Haus Drawers

A Dedicated Sewing Light

Sewing can be quite hard on the eyesight during the darker months. A few years ago I was lucky to be sent a wonderful Serious Readers Alex light, and it is so good for giving me that extra light when doing my sewing and crafting projects.

The Serious Readers Alex Light - unboxed

Does the gift recipient do more chair side sewing such as cross stitch or embroidery? Then a chairside reading lamp is also a great gift idea. The range do a brilliant selection including this one. And I recently review the BENQ WiT e-reading lamp which would also be a brilliant option.

A Peg Board

My peg board is one of the best decisions I made. It is brilliant for organising my sewing supplies and looks fabulous too. Mine is from Block, but you can also get metal versions from Von Haus.

My Peg Board

Sewing Cabinetry 

I think one of the ultimate gifts you can buy for your sewing friend or relative is a wall storage unit for all their sewing tools and supplies. These can cost an awful lot of money, but look amazing if you have the space. 

Gifts For Young Sewing Enthusiasts

I love encouraging younger sewing fans to take up the hobby that gives me so much pleasure. Do you have a younger relative, sibling or child who wants to learn how to sew? Then here are some great ideas on gifts for young sewers.

A Mini Sewing Machine

Whilst you could teach your child to sewing a standard sewing machine, the size and complexity of a standard machine could be a little daunting for the younger sewing enthusiast. A smaller mini sewing machine can help with that. This one (kindly gifted by Ryman) even has a needle guard, to help younger sewers learn a little more safely. 

Mini Sewing Machine

A Smaller Embroidery, Cross Stitch Or Felt Making Kit

Mini sewing kits are a perfect gift for a child or young sewer, as they are usually quick and have a lovely outcome quite quickly. Having something to show at the end of sewing can be a great incentive to keep going! 

You can buy these kits in various types from most craft retailers or you may find them at a local craft shop or market. Mine came from The Range.

Mini felt kits


Stocking Filler Sewing Gifts

This next section deals with smaller and more affordable ideas for sewing gifts. You may need sewing gifts for friends, gifts for seamstress acquaintances, or sewing gifts for teachers. This next list of smaller presents for sewing lovers make a perfect secret santa or side gift.

A Set Of Wonder Clips

Wonder clips are a brilliant alternative to standard sewing pins, especially if the sewing recipient sews a lot of thicker layers, leather or pvc, as they do not leave holes. A set of wonder clips will make a great gift.

Wonder clips

Some Sewing Labels

These days, you can find some gorgeous sewing tables to sewing into your handmade projects. I personally love the Kylie And The Machine Range. Kylie even made a full advent calendar of sewing labels last year.

Kylie And The Machine Labels

These make a wonderful stocking filler present for sewing lovers. Find a big range here.


Some Heat Erase Pens

Heat erase pens are a great addition to any sewing room. And some of my favourites are this set of FriXion pens. You can draw on your sewing projects, and then the lines erase using a hot iron, so they are perfect for marking darts and pivot points. 

FriXion Pens

Plus this set on Amazon also has a white marker that writes on black fabric.

A Special Pin Cushion

I do have several different pin types that I use for sewing, and lots of sewing needles, so I have a couple of pin cushions. A special pin cushion is a perfect sewing gift. 

Cath Kidston pin cushions

You can find pin cushions in all different shapes and sizes that make the perfect sewing gift on Etsy.

A Pin Cushion Wristband

Similarly, you can get pin cushions that go around your wrist. These magnetic wrist pin cushions are like slap bands, and are really handy for on the go pinning.

Magnetic wrist pin cushions

A Thimble Pen Cup

A gift that I cherish is my thimble pen holder. This is a brilliant addition to any sewing room, and great place to sober all the pencils, and fabric pens you might noted. So it makes a wonderful gift for a seamstress. Here is a link to a rose gold one, but mine is silver. 

Thimble pen pot holder

A Special Seam Ripper

needing to seam rip is one of the worst things about sewing. So why not make it a little more enjoyable by buying a special seam ripper? I have just bought one of these seam ripper and stiletto tools, but here is a photo of some cheaper and more simple seam rippers. 

Seam rippers


Pretty Coordinating Sewing Pins and Sewing Tools

There are a few makers of pretty sewing accessories out there. But I love these Prym Love cute coordinating accessories from Minerva. I have several items in the set.

Prym love sewing tools

You can buy them all separately, so you can make up a larger bundle of sewing gifts for her, or just buy one if you need a stocking filler. 

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I hope that this has given you some good sewing gift ideas & presents for people who sew. I would love to hear how you get on! Let me know in the comments, or find me on social media

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