School Holiday Boredom – How To Keep The Children Entertained

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School Holiday Boredom – How To Keep The Children Entertained



For many people, jetting away with the whole clan to some far away and exotic location for the duration of the entire school holidays is not just unrealistic, it’s impossible. You can probably only take about two weeks maximum annual leave from work at a time, and what about the cost of such a trip? You need a new car.

After a winter of muddy feet entering the house, the hallway needs painting. And every child has grown six inches and now needs new clothes from their socks to their jackets.

No, there will be no holiday this year. Or maybe a small one. But only for a long weekend. And nowhere too far. That’ll keep the cost down. But it’ll also keep the kids indoors. And that’s a problem. Because if there’s one thing siblings can’t handle, it’s being left in a room together for anything more than 15 seconds. Let’s look at how you can keep the children entertained.


Practical life skills


Rarely in life are we given time. Time to learn new things. Time to improve. Or time to try something new and get good at it. Try as you might to finish writing that romantic novel or even make a start on designing a new garden, time just evaporates like lighter fuel on a BBQ – poof, and it’s gone.

But children have time in spades. They just don’t know it. The school day starts late and finishes early. They have homework, sure, but ultimately, they have multiple hours per day to do with as they please.

And when it comes to the school holidays, there’s even more time to burn. They need direction. They need to get excited about something that’ll hold their attention. Something practical that has applications beyond keeping them quiet for an hour.

What’s the answer? IT skills. Teaching your child to do more than download the latest-craze gaming app and instead apply their skills to word processing, photo editing, video editing, and web design is a gift that could spark a career choice. But be warned, kids and computers mean lots of printing. They’re addicted. See ink for Brothers printers.


Online martial arts


Kids need to burn energy. After a long day spent being variously grumpy and hyper over nothing, they need to blow off some steam and focus their temper into something that’s going to calm them down into a relatively stable state. Online martial arts videos are a fun alternative to dance games that might just present your child with the perfect home fitness distraction. 


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