Read How a Cell Phone Tracker Intersects with Child Safety and Privacy

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Our well-being today, or even more, the survival of all humankind (sorry for pathos, but it is true), lies on two massive pillars: safety of our children and our privacy. While the first one is clear, many people may question the second. Well, all of you should agree that the scandal, for instance, with the Ashley Madison website, showed how vulnerable people are if compromising information becomes public. All of us have secrets, from decent family guys to politicians who decide on the world’s destiny. And nothing good happens if it all gets revealed one day.This is where the concept of a cell phone tracker comes into the game to save us all (sorry for the pathos again).

The cornerstone where it all intersects is safety. People 50 years ago would have been surprised by how dependent we are on our phones. And how much critical information can be acquired from them. However, to avoid any confusion, let’s discuss each of these “pillars” individually.

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The Intersection of Child Safety, Privacy, and Cell Phone Tracking Technologies

Child Safety

Child safety in the 21st century moved to one of the leading positions in the list of priorities of developed communities. And there are several reasons for this:

  • people have fewer children per family than in the past;
  • due to medical development, fewer children are dying from diseases. Thus consequently, more attention is paid to social factors, and
  • due to the development of society, new norms have appeared. Thus, behavior and attitudes that were considered to be normal became unacceptable (For instance, physical punishment at schools is now unacceptable).

Today, the dangers children face now may be physical and emotional. Things such as sexual harassment, bullying, demonstration of inequality based on race, sex, or gender, and so on. All of these can happen offline to the same extent as online. And knowing how much time children spend on the internet via their phones – the second option is even more possible and dangerous.

A cell phone tracker, like uMobix, would not create a safety bubble around your child. Instead, it works more like an alarm for parents. Such applications allow you to see what is going on in your child’s life. First of all, you can check their location any time you need. Secondly, you can monitor all their chats and social media. And if you see your child getting bullied or harassed, you can do your best to stop it.


Next, phone trackers are usually completely anonymous and stealthy, so you do not risk spoiling your relationship with your child. You know that, especially in teenage years, kids start valuing their privacy and separating from their parents, so if they spot you with their phone in your hands – it will be a disaster.

Unfortunately, children at that age do not understand that the only reason why you want to know who they go out with, where they go, and who their friends are is their safety. And not a desire to breach their privacy. Phone trackers really come in handy in this situation.


Regarding privacy, phone trackers have two different sides. They can either break it or help protect it. As for the first option – people (for instance, your spouse or boss) can install a tracker on your device either to check your fidelity or to ensure that you work 100% of the time you are supposed to. On one side, such intentions are clear. On the other, it is illegal if done without your consent.

The other side of the medal is that with the help of a mobile phone tracker, you can check if you are being tracked. There are two ways to do so.

  1. If you think your spouse is monitoring your device – install a tracker on their phone. If it is an Android – you must do it manually, but the whole installation process takes up to 10 minutes (usually less). If it is an iPhone, installing a cell phone tracker via iCloud is often possible. In such a way, you can check if they track your device by accessing theirs and seeing what they do. If you notice that your spouse is scrolling your Instagram DMs at home while having dinner or checking your photos… Draw your own conclusions.
  2. You can install a tracker on your device. Such applications usually analyze phone activity and provide a detailed report on what apps have been launched, battery usage, and so on. If you notice an unknown application draining your battery or RAM, it will likely be a phone tracker. Moreover, if you lose your phone, it will be easier to find it.

Cell Phone Tracking Technology

Cell phone trackers, if used as intended, equal safety; safety for your children and your private information. Of course, some individuals use such software for shameless spying or stealing personal data, and there is no technology yet to identify the client’s intentions on the developer’s side. However, the potential profits of such software definitely surpass the risks and downsides.

That is why phone trackers with the motto of global safety unite people who want to ensure their kids are safe with those who want to protect their privacy and confidently march into the future, becoming better day by day and acquiring new features.

When to Use

Of course, we are not claiming that everyone should check their device on a daily basis or install a tracker on their children’s phones by default. If you managed to create a trustful and respectful atmosphere in your family, if your children share their thoughts and concerns with you – you may not bother.

Anyway, should you feel a lack of communication with your relatives or misunderstanding with your children – a cell phone tracker could be a good solution. It will not only help you to ensure that your loved ones are fine but also know about important things happening in their lives.

Same for your workplace. A good boss will establish trustful relationships with all the workers and encourage employees to work more productively and deliberately without any third-party methods. However, if you feel that your work environment is unhealthy and there is no trust between the employer and the employees – it might be a good idea to install a tracker on your device to check if your privacy is not compromised. Some tools have spy apps detector in their arsenal.


Cell phone trackers provide you with lots of features and do not cost much. For instance, uMobix costs $12.49 per month if you choose a yearly subscription. This is cheaper than a family Netflix plan. And it is much more helpful than Netflix. Thus, if you need help protecting your privacy or ensuring your loved one’s safety, you can try using trackers without hesitation. Especially considering that some provide free trials for 1 or 2 days.


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