Probio7 Life – Probiotic Yogurt Maker Review

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For years now it has been recognised that increasing the probiotics in your diet can have a wealth of positive health benefits. And in our house, we love buying and consuming live yogurt every week in a bid to do just this. But on the downside, I despair of the amount of single use plastic pot wastage that eating shop bought yogurt brings. So I was delighted to be asked to review a probiotic yogurt maker and to try to make my own yogurt. Here is my review of the Probio7 Life Yogurt Maker!

*Ad – I was gifted a starter kit and Probio7 Life Yogurt Maker by Probio7 for this review, but all my opinions are honest and my own – for more details please see my Disclosure Policy 

Probio7 Life Yogurt Maker Review

There are lots of benefits to increasing the amount of probiotics we consume, and some evidence even suggests that it can even prevent some illnesses.

  • The friendly bacteria help your digestive system.
  • They can help symptoms of irritable bowel, chrohns, heliobacter pylori, urinary tract infections, eczema and many more.
  • There is also evidence to suggest they can help with constipation.

Basically the gut friendly bacteria work by helping to keep the bad pathogens at bay in your intestines. They thus protect you from the inflammation and disease that those bad bugs cause. Plus, they aid digestion and nutrient absorption whilst helping your immune system to stay tip top. So you can see why we think they are so important.

But How Do You Get The Correct Mix Of Gut Friendly Bacteria?

You can get these gut friendly bacteria from eating shop bought supplements, such as live yogurt. But how do you know you are getting the correct bacterial strains, getting the right therapeutic dose or whether they are reaching the intestines alive? 

You need the right probiotic yogurt maker. 

The Probio7 Life Yogurt Maker

Probio7 worked with the Technical University at Munich to ensure that each of the servings created from their machine delivers 6 billion cfu. That’s 6 billion friendly bacteria culture forming units that are proven to reach the gut still alive.

Their probiotic cultures contain the usual Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus found in most shop bought live yogurts and starter bacteria sachets. But they also contain 3 other clinically researched strains of probiotics that help support your gut health.

But enough of the science – how easy is it to use?

What Is In The Probio7 Starter Kit?

Probio7 Life Probiotic Yogurt Maker Review - see how you can make your own probiotics and live cultures at home with this machine.


Within the Probio7 life yogurt making kit you get

  • A yogurt making machine with electric lead
  • A Greek Yogurt Strainer
  • 2 large 500ml ceramic pots with dated sealing lids
  • 8 small 125ml ceramic pots with sealing lids
  • A sachet of probiotic yogurt starter
  • Large glass bottle for preparing your milk and culture mix
  • A welcome booklet and instructions on how to get started

You will need a litre of jersey milk.

Why UHT and Why Jersey Milk?

You can use normal whole milk in the probiotic yogurt maker, but you would need to heat and cool the milk first to kill off any bad bacteria in the milk. Using UHT stops the need to do this, so it is quicker and effort free.

Probio7 have found that Jersey milk produces the creamiest and best taste. Plus they say that Jersey cows have a lower eco footprint due to them being more efficient at digesting their food. They consume less food, so make less waste than standard dairy cows. Jerry milk also contains more

  • calcium
  • protein
  • zinc
  • potassium
  • B vitamins and 
  • A2 protein 

than other cows milks.

Making The Yogurt

It really is dead easy to use and you will soon be getting the freshest probiotics available!

Switch the machine on and add 400ml of water into the tank – this heats up to the perfect temperature for fermentation. Then just mix the yogurt starter sachet with the milk using the glass bottle provided, decant the resulting mix into the pots you wish to use and set the machine to the yogurt setting.

Place the lid on, and the timer will count down as the fermentation takes place. In 8 hours you have your yogurt. Place your products in the fridge and in about 24 hours it is ready to eat. It really is that easy!

Make your own probiotic yogurt with the Probio7 Life yogurt maker

Can I Use The Probio7 If I Have A Lactose Intolerance Or Allergy?

Because the lactose is turned to lactic acid by the bacteria during fermentation, the yogurt produced is naturally lower in lactose than normal milk, which means that some lactose intolerant people may find this ok to eat. But obviously this is not for a full dairy allergy sufferer.

Probio7 say that their machine can be used with other milk alternatives such as soy milk.  I haven’t tried this, but I do intend on giving this a go.

As Well As Making Fresh Probiotics You Are Reducing The Plastic Wastage

As I said at the start, one of the worst things for me is the amount of plastic wastage that comes from buying shop bought live yogurt, greek yogurt, kefir and probiotic drinks. So I really appreciate the fact that this probiotic yogurt maker is able to make 8 small pots that can be washed and reused time after time.  

The ceramic pots of the Probio7 yogurt maker

Any yogurt made stays fresh in the fridge for up to 6 days. So it just means that each week it takes a quick 5 minute prep and overnight wait to prepare some more. 

So What Did We Think?

We absolutely loved the ease and speed of using the Probio7 life yogurt maker. There are so many plusses to be able to make yogurt at home. No mess, no waste, no plastic packaging. 

I hope you have enjoyed this probiotic maker review. All in all I really like the machine. It is really easy to use and the yogurt produced tasted just like I would buy in the shops. But without the plastic pots wasted. I cannot wait to use it again, which I think says it all.

Want one for yourself? Check it out on the Probio7 website. Prices for the machine and yogurt makers kit start at  around £35. And you can subscribe for more kits afterwards too. Do go take a look at the Probio7 website today!

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Probio7 Life Probiotic Yogurt Maker Review - see how you can make your own probiotics and live cultures at home with this machine.

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