Prepare Your Child for the New School Year

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3 Tips to Prepare Your Child for the New School Year


The return to school can be daunting, whether your child is 5 or 15. Parents may also find themselves a bit apprehensive. After having your child at home for approximately six weeks, it can seem foreign to have them out of the house for over six hours each day. To help your child adjust back into the school routine, you could start your preparations in the weeks prior to the new term. Not only will this help to prevent the return to school from being a nasty shock, but it could also help with any confidence issues or worries they may have.

Ensure glasses are in good condition

If your child requires kids glasses to rectify their vision, you may need to make sure they are still adequate for use at school. While checking their current frames for any damage can be useful, you may also want to consider having their eyes checked, and prescription updated, before term commences. This can give you plenty of time to get a new set, if necessary.

Making sure that any new frames have the correct measurements, for example, go to EyeBuyDirect, will allow them to sit correctly on your child’s face. If they had a growth spurt since your last purchase, their old frames may very well no longer be suitable.

Set a proper bedtime

The summer holidays can bring a lot of fun, but also plenty of late nights. This could see your child’s usual sleeping pattern thrown out of balance. They may stay up later, but also struggle to wake in the morning. Once they return to school, it is imperative that they are able to get up promptly, get ready, and reach school on time. In the last few weeks of the summer holidays, it may be prudent to gradually decrease the number of late nights, and help your child to start getting back into their morning routine. Making it clear that this is part of their readiness for school, rather than a punishment, may help with any pushback you face from this change.

Talk to them

While you can make sure your child has the correct uniform, books, and stationery, you cannot buy their confidence. Your child might be worrying about going to school, which can affect their ability to learn, sleep, and generally enjoy life. Broaching discussions and giving them the space to talk freely without judgement will not only help them to assuage these worries, but also remind them that you are there for them. Reassuring them, and helping them find solutions to certain issues can also help to boost confidence and teach emotional resilience.

Your child may also be looking forward to seeing their classmates again. It can be a good idea to remind them that, while the social aspect of school is important, they do need to focus on learning. That way, they can get the most out of their education and meet with success

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