Playmobil Mars Expedition Review

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My 6 year old is a huge fan of small play, and has several Playmobil sets in her collection. So today I am delighted to share with you this Playmobil Mars Expedition review, and to tell you a little more about why we love Playmobil so much!

*Disclosure – PR product – I was sent this Playmobil Space set by Playmobil for the purposes of this review, but all my opinions are my own. For more details please see my Disclosure Policy.

Playmobil Mars Expedition Review


Playmobil have such an amazing array of sets to choose from. But I do think that the Playmobil space toys are some of the most exciting sets, as they open up children’s minds to the thought of exploring beyond our own planet. Elizabeth was really excited to see and play with this mini Mars station, with its very own lights and sounds.

As with most Playmobil, the set came in a large box. Inside the box are lots of bags with full instructions how to build the set. The instructions are pretty clear and concise, and soon the whole family can get involved in making up the set.

It took me and Elizabeth about 2 hours to build the whole vista together. And it is really such a lovely set.


Playmobil Mars Expedition Set 70888


Playmobil Mars Expedition Set 70888


With the Playmobil Mars Expedition set you are about to embark on some exciting adventures. The set includes a complete vista of an exploratory mission to the Mars landscape. In the set you receive:

  • Two Astronauts in full spacesuits – with removable helmets, removable oxygen tubing and additional arm cuffs.
  • A cute robot sidekick.
  • A Mars Rover with light and sounds ( this needs 2 x AAA batteries that are not included ) This Playmobil Mars Rover takes you on your expedition across the Red Planet. The rover has a drill which is used to search for minerals in the rocks. But if the astronauts discover something interesting, they can swap the drill attachment for the gripper arm and carefully pick up the object. And there are signal rockets that can be attached too. 
  • An exciting research station where all samples can be examined in detail. This is more of a small support station with opening hatch doors, plus a transmission tower, and computer for analysing samples.
  • High tech rock analysing unit that has a light strobe ( also needs 1 x AAA battery that is not included)
  • A Mars trike which is perfect for making smaller trips around Mars. Rock samples can be stowed in the loading box at the front of the trike.
  • A drilling station with a drill and refillable places for the rock samples. 


Such Intricate Detail

Firstly, and one of the best things about this set is the attention to detail in every little part of the build. Even looking at the astronaut figures you can tell that a lot of thought has gone into the design. The astronauts spacesuits are branded with the ESA name and ESA logo of the European Space Agency (ESA), which gives the whole set a sense of being an authentic mission.

Astronaut figures from Playmobil Mars Expedition Set 70888

In fact, the dolls have wonderful detailing on their outfits and facial expressions. This makes them a delight to display as well as to play with.

And the same detail follows through into the way that the whole set is built. We loved the way that the seats recline in the vehicle, and that the hands can grip all the small accessories like the laptop and analysing instruments so well. It really does make you appreciate how clever the designers of these sets are.

Finally, one of the best little details for us was the fact that the play food has labels so that the astronauts can see what they are eating! 


Brilliant For Active And Open Play 

As well as being incredibly fun to build, the set is fantastically sturdy. So it is the perfect base on which to play. In fact, I can see this set being one of Elizabeth’s favourites for years to come!

Mars Rover from Playmobil Mars Expedition set 70888

Things we love about the Mars Expedition Playmobil Range


  • There is something to suit every budget. The range of toys start at just £4.99 for an astronaut and robot bundle. These are perfect for small birthday gifts for children in Elizabeth’s class.
  • You can add to the collection with lots of other sets in this mission to mars range. For a mid price £24.99 you can buy another explorer vehicle. Or for more money you can buy the Playmobil rocket ship set, the Playmobil Space Station, or the Playmobil mars space station. The high end Playmobil Mars Mission play sets make a perfect central gift for a child’s birthday or Christmas.
  • The quality of the toys is just excellent.  
  • There is such an attention to detail. We loved all the little accessories like the food packs and the laptop. Plus the stickers that you attach to the accessories are also really detailed and well printed.
  • The play is only limited by your imagination. So there are endless scenarios to be played out by these sets. In fact, Elizabeth could play games all day with one of these toys. Whether the astronauts are mining, exploring, interacting or even eating, all this open play really helps develop her thought processes.

 Products should be available in stores but can also be found at


ROBOT sidekick and mining station from Playmobil Mars Expedition set 70888

Do you like the look of the Playmobil Mars Expedition Set? Is this something that your child would love too? Do let me know in the comments, or find me over at my social media pages.

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Playmobil Mars Expedition Review - read about the features of the Playmobil 70888 set, and why we love the Playmobil Mission to Mars range!


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