Picking A Portable Air Conditioner To Match Your Lifestyle

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It’s not easy to make a decision about a large appliance. So if someone else has done the leg work for you why not take advantage of that? This article exists only because a lot of time has gone into researching various models, and comparing different reviews. Picking a portable air conditioner to match your lifestyle is a tough choice. So here is the best information about portable air conditioners, and what to look for when you are ready to buy one!

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Picking A Portable Air Conditioner To Match Your Lifestyle

Picking a portable Air Conditioner to match your lifestyle

One of these nifty little units can make a huge difference to your air quality and the temperature of your space in the hot and muggy months, and can help to regulate your ambient temperature and increase your productivity!

Portable means versatile

A decent air conditioner is a massive investment. It can even help in creating a safer environment for those who are at greater risk in hot environments, such as pets, the very young, and the aged. The major drawback of conventional air conditioners is that they are expensive, clunky, and difficult to install. Installing often requires the services of a professional installer. 

If you need something a bit more agile, why not consider a portable air con? From being able to move the unit between rooms, to ease of operation and installation, it really does come with a host of incredibly useful benefits. 

Wall- or window-mounted air conditioners can be difficult to install in a smaller space. And you might even be subject to a rental agreement that prevents you from doing so at all! If you need to beat the heat and a fan is just not cutting it, look at a small but powerful air con appliance that can be tucked away in the corner of the room, and moved around to where you need it most. Empowering, isn’t it?

What is the best type to buy?

The scale of what is considered “best” is not a finite thing. As different needs will dictate what makes a unit best for a specific individual or family. The best advice is to look at the BTUs (British Thermal Units) of a unit, as this reflects its cooling rating. The greater the number of BTUs, the larger a space the unit can cool. This is especially useful in helping you decide what model will work best for you. 

What lifespan can I expect from my air con unit?

How long your machine lasts, and how long it can continue working efficiently depends partly on the model and partly on how you look after it. Remember, you will probably need to clean and maintain the filter too!. While bigger brand names can be more expensive at the outset, they also come with the peace of mind of good workmanship. And often they have better warranties than the lesser-known brands. A well-manufactured unit that is properly maintained, can last up to five years, or even longer. 

A high-quality model can be spotted by a sturdy plastic construction. Flimsy material is less efficient in insulating parts like the compressor. Which is why cheaper units are often more noisy to operate. Investing a bit more at the outset will pay off in the long run. 

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