Organizing Sewing Supplies And How To Get An Organized Sewing Room

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Is your sewing room as organized as you would like it to be? Are you looking for some ideas on how to keep it neat and tidy? Sometimes it can be quite difficult to keep your sewing space clutter free. I recently decided to revamp my sewing area, which is in a corner of my dining room, so it gave me a lot of how to organize sewing supplies in small space ideas, and I want to share these with you. Here is how I went about organizing sewing supplies in my home, and how you too can end up with a far more organized sewing room by finding the right storage for sewing supplies!

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How To Organize A Sewing Room

When it comes to sewing room organization ideas, there are a multitude of craft and sewing storage solutions out there. I will come to some of my favourite ways of organizing sewing supplies. And most of these also apply if you have a craft room too. But first I think I do need to show you how bad my dining room had become and why I needed better sewing supplies organization.

My Before Picture

I am a bit embarrassed over this but you do need to see the transformation –  so this is what my dining room looked like before. I was definitely in need of some sewing organization. It actually became a hard place to find anything in there and made me feel a little bit depressed just being around this clutter.

Organizing Sewing Supplies - my sewing space before

My sewing space also is partly a crafting space, blogging space, home office and was struggling to be my dining room as the table was filled with so much stuff! So in an effort to make it a more clutter free area, I used several different storage ideas and different ways to make everything more organized and yet accessible at the same time.

Thankfully I was offered a solution how to organize sewing room supplies.

Drawers From Von Haus

A couple of years ago, I collaborated with Von Haus and they gifted me a lovely small set of drawers to try to organize my sewing notions. This small set of drawers is great for storing sewing tools and organising sewing needles, ribbons and machine accessories such as sewing feet.

The 30 Drawer Organiser Storage from VonHaus -

This year, they very kindly agreed to gifting me some bigger drawers to help me organize a much larger space this time. I was sent the 15 drawer trolley in white, and the Pink Ombre 10 Drawer Trolley

VonHaus 15 drawer trolley in white and the pink ombre 10 drawer trolley

The drawers did require a small amount of simple home self assembly, but I was soon ready to tackle my space and get organizing sewing supplies. Von Haus have a huge number of items to help you declutter. I actually bought a third item from their large range. And I also bought several other storage and organizing ideas to help, so on with my guide to organizing sewing room supplies!

Organizing Fabric

Fabric is a huge part of any sewing enthusiast’s life. And like a lot of sewists and seamstresses I do have plenty. One of the things you do need to remember is that fabric can fade in full sunlight, and can also be affected by damp and moths. So it is best to store fabric and organize sewing fabric in a dark, dry and moth protected space. 


When it comes to organizing my smaller pieces of fabric, I found these drawers from Von Haus were perfect. This set has 15 drawers, and so make organizing some of the smaller fabric scraps and speciality fabric that I use a breeze! It is perfect when it comes to organize sewing projects, as I can keep the pattern and cut out fabric in separate drawers. And I will come back to the perfect use for the large drawers in this set.

Von Haus White 15 Drawer Trolley -


Looking to store fabric out of sight and keep your sewing room looking decluttered? An ottoman is also a great functional idea for storing your fabric. I have two in my sewing room/dining room and one in my attic room. And all have larger pieces of fabric stored within. Some of the fabrics in there have been placed inside vacuum bags to further protect against mould and moths. 


Storing fabric on shelving is also a great fabric storage idea. And there are lots of different shelving units to consider. Any shelves will do, but I actually shopped at IKEA for their BILLY shelves. These come in lots of sizes to suit your room, and boxes to fit inside each shelves are available. My shelves never get full sun, so the facing portions of my fabric should not fade. However in my case these fabrics do tend to be in use a lot. 

Shelving for fabric


Finally, I also bought quite a few boxes from IKEA for stacking and sorting out my upcycling fabric, towelling, Christmas fabrics and finished projects. It was lovely to sort through all my clothes to upcycle and get them into one space.

My IKEA storage boxes

Boxes are really useful as they can be stacked, easily moved, clearly marked and are easy to install. Most of all they are relatively cheap too!


Organizing Sewing Patterns

Organising sewing patterns can become a bit of a headache if you have quite a few, or if they are PDF patterns. I had a whole lot of printed paper patterns. So I had a real sort out and considered realistically which ones I could remove. Some of these I will donate, some I will sell. I still had lots though, so I needed a good way to organize and store them.


Again the white 15 Drawer Trolley from Von Haus was a brilliant solution! I discovered that the large white drawers are the perfect size for filing the majority of my printed sewing patterns. Whilst the smaller flat drawers to the right were also brilliant for organizing and storing my larger PDF patterns. 

Storing my patterns in the Von Haus Drawers


Any other PDF patterns that I rarely use have been stored away in these paper file holders that I purchased at IKEA. 

IKEA files for storage

How To Organize Other Sewing Tools

When it comes to other small tools such as scissors, rotary cutters and other sewing notions, again I used a couple of great storage ideas so that I could see and find what I need almost instantly as I may need it.

Peg Boards

Peg boards are a great way to display and organize sewing notions. I hang my scissors and various other notions on mine. You can also find other organizational elements that attach to peg boards, like shelves and pockets, that may help you to organize your notions and display your cute sewing supplies even better. 

My Peg Board

My wooden pegboard is a perfect sewing supplies organizer and it is from Block, but Von Haus do sell metallic versions, and you can also find a selection at IKEA or on Etsy.

Smaller Drawer Sets

I have already mentioned the 30 mini drawer set from Von Haus that I was gifted a few years ago. This is a brilliant way to organise your smaller notions, ribbons, bobbins and bias tapes. 

All that can be organised in the drawers

But I realised I needed more space, so I bought another Von Haus set of drawers. This time with 44 drawers!

44 Drawer Von Haus Drawers

And so now I have different drawers for organizing sewing machine needles, thread spools, buttons and bobbins. It is a great place if you are wondering how to organize zippers. There are drawers for hooks and eyes and other sewing notions. I also bought a sewing drawer organizer for storing labels and my Kamsnaps. You could also tackle box for sewing supplies.


Storing Sewing Threads 

Another large storage headache when it comes to organizing a sewing room can come if you like having a lot different coloured sewing threads. But it needn’t be a issue. I have purchased some wooden thread and bobbin holders, and they fastened to my pegboard to make a wonderful rainbow display.

Rainbow Bobbin Display


Specialised Cabinetry

You could get a large cabinet when thinking how to organise a sewing room. It is possible to get specialised cabinets or sewing table to help with organizing your fabric, sewing machine and all your sewing notions. These always look amazing, but you do need to have the space and room to set these up. However, they may also be really useful in a smaller sewing space, as they keep everything together in one place and clutter free. This one is from Amazon.

My mum has a sewing machine within a small cabinet. The top flips open to reveal a lift out sewing machine and drawers. The space is quite small and not large enough for everything you might need. However, it looks far neater and just like a standard piece of furniture when it is not in use, which could be a large advantage. The best place to finds something like this if you were wishing to purchase one is on second hand websites, eBay, Gumtree, local thrift stores or estate sales.

You could also use a standard file cabinet to store various sewing supplies and fabric. Use the hanging files to wind and store bolts of fabric, and the pockets to organize other sewing notions. 

Even Though I Was Focussing On Organizing Sewing Supplies I Also Needed To Organize Craft Supplies

My sewing space is also used as a blogging space and a craft space, so I also needed some help decluttering and organising this area too!

My craft and Cricut areas tidied

Once again, Von Haus helped. The Pink Ombre 10 Drawer Trolley is a brilliant place to put all my blogging books, my paints, Cricut fabrics and papers. And by decluttering my sewing corner I freed up a trolley that I had originally bought 5 years ago from IKEA to be the perfect place to store my Cricut vinyls, HTVRONT heat press and pressing mat.


How Does This Room Now Make Me Feel?

Before I started, working and being in this space made me feel embarrassed and overwhelmed.

Whilst I was sorting out and organizing sewing supplies and craft items I did feel quite overwhelmed by the task at hand at times. So don’t be discouraged if you feel this way too. I think it was pretty normal for me, and considering how much sewing organization there was to sort out, it was quite a feat to get it finished. The whole taking apart the room and putting it back together took about 3 days. 

But now it is all done, I feel so much better about the view of my newly decluttered and organised space. Working in there feels so much easier as I know where everything is. Everywhere is clear, everything is clearly in its own appointed space and to hand. I guess it is time for a before and after!

Before and after of my sewing space

It is definitely going to make me feel much better working in this room, and will also make it much easier now that I can see the whole table surface without clutter!


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  1. Moya Ward says:

    Hi I’m just about to tackle my sewing bits and bobs so your article was very handy : I am going to use old kitchen free standing plastic drawers ; and I’m hoping that large hanging shoe bags I’ve bought with plastic boxes to put fiddly bits in dolls eyes bears noses etc will work I only have a small space under the stair with the Christmas decorations mixed in and dread looking for my bits and pieces it’s dry frustrating when you know you’ve got some elastic somewhere but where hope my ideas might be of some use I’m hoping to be a really organised sewer that’s my plan thanks for your sharing love ❤️ Moy

    1. Jo Boyne says:

      Thank you for your comment, and good luck with the organising!

    1. Jo Boyne says:

      Hi Francine. There is a before and after picture near the end.


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