Organising My Blogger Desk With Viking

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Having a place to work at home has been very important during lockdown. As a blogger I really do need that quiet area to work. And a place to store everything that I need for my blogging. I like to know that everything is close to hand and ordered. So this is how I have been organising my blogger desk with Viking.

*Ad – gifted – Viking kindly gifted me some products from their Desktop Essentials Collection for this post – for more details see my disclosure policy

Organising My Blogger Desk With Viking



Viking Direct have been supplying the best office supplies to companies around the world since 1960. They kindly asked if I would like to choose some products from their desktop essentials range that I would use as a blogger to organise my work space. And so I chose the following products that really appealed to me. And I know that I will get a lot of use out of all these when organising my desk and blog.

It is so useful as a blogger to have a definite ‘space’ to work from. Working on a laptop on my knee in front of the TV is never going to cut it for me. Keeping all my essentials in one place means that I am far more productive, and procrastinate less. It also means that there is a definite demarcation between my ‘working life’ as a blogger, and my home life.

Sadly lockdown has definitely had a bit of an effect on my blogging mojo. With the whole family constantly in the house, it has been very difficult to really get down to the serious writing and blog planning that I was doing before the pandemic really started to affect our country. But I am hoping that these new items and my new desk set up will be the impetus I need to get back into some serious writing.

So what did I choose? And why?


Pukka Pads – Project Books: – from £7.19 for a pack of 3


Pukka Pad A5 Project Books


Are you even a blogger if you don’t like notebooks? Most bloggers and writers that I know have a real fondness for notebooks of all persuasions. (And probably have far too many!)

But recently I have moved on to project books, as they have proper dividers within them. This for me is such a bonus, as I can have different sections of plans for my blogs within one book. One divider may be all about ideas and rough sketches for my blog. Another may be about my social media ideas. The final section will probably be my to-do lists.

These A5 sized pads have 3 dividers, which can be placed anywhere in the notebook. Each divider has a handy wallet section. And each of the 200 pages is perforated for easy removal.

Finally, they are a great size for my handbag. So I always have one on the go for if I get inspiration when out and about.


The Exacompta System Drawer Maxi: – £41.99


Exacompta System Drawer Maxi


As soon as I saw this set of drawers I knew it was exactly the right item to help me be more organised. With 3 drawers for documents and paper, and 3 drawers for smaller items, it is perfect to hold all my little bits and bobs, like paperclips, sellotape and other small accessories.

Not only that, but these drawers appeal to my ecofriendliness too, as they are made from recycled plastics. And ultimately, the colours are so cheerful that it makes me smile as soon as I sit down at my desk.


CEP Pencil Holder: – from £2.99


CEP pencil holder


Again, in keeping with the colourful scheme of my desk, I chose this bright pink pen pot. I have so many pens (and am always losing them) so it is handy to have a place to put them.

This pen pot has two compartments to keep pens upright. And it actually comes in a range of different colours to match your own colour scheme.


Post-It Index Flags: – from £4.79


Post-It index tabs


Also staying with the bright colours, I chose these Post-It tabs. They are so useful in conjunction with the project books and any other books I may be reading, to keep a tab on important information or useful titbits. How many times have you read an important bit that you need to bookmark, only to lose it again? Well, you’ll never do that again with these colour-coded and easily repositioned strips.


Post-It Notes – Super Sticky Large Notes In Rio: – from £10.49 for a pack of 3


Post-It Notes - large super sticky in Rio


And finally, I ordered some large super sticky Post-It notes. Again, I love the bright colours of these. They really do stick well , and don’t continually fall off, unlike some of the cheaper counterparts you may find on the high street.

Furthermore they have ruled lines, and are a great size for sticking in my notebooks and project books as an place for an extra to-do list. They are one of my blogging must-haves, and these will last me for AGES!


And so bringing it all together, I now have a fabulously organised work-at-home space. Where I can hopefully be far more productive.

My organised blogger desk

What would you choose?

*Disclosure – Again – this is a collaborative post with Viking. All items were gifted for this review, but all opinions are my own.

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Organising My Blogger Desk - Working from home can be hard. Make it easier with some brilliant new organising desk accessories. I love to have a space for all my blogging essentials. Viking kindly sent me some essentials to review. See what I thought. #bloggerideas #bloggerdesk #deskaccessories #ad


4 Replies to “Organising My Blogger Desk With Viking”

    1. Jo Boyne says:

      The drawers are gorgeous aren’t they? Certainly brightens up my work desk.

  1. Jenny in Neverland says:

    I love Viking – they have a such great range of products. I’m getting a garden office soon so I’m definitely going to have to invest in some desk supplies and this has definitely given me some ideas, so thank you!

    1. Jo Boyne says:

      Gosh! A Garden office sounds AMAZING! Glad I’ve sparked some ideas.


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